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C68 – Atakamiya

“Lo Yu! You idiot!!!”

As expected of the IQ of the Insect Girl Clan, one of the dumbest in the whole tribe.

Lo Yu pouted, feeling wronged, “Lo Ya, you are always bullying me.

Lo Lo clearly said that I am very smart.”

“Yes, indeed.” Lo Ya didn’t bother to say anything harsh when she saw the little fellow’s offended countenance.

Among all the stupid Insect Girls, the two dumbest became good friends, and they were hanging out all day long.

Lo Yu, Lo Lo… These two little fellows were always crawling around one after the other.

When they had nothing to do, they would wander around and babble something nonsensical that only the two of them could understand.

“Hey, when can you help share some of the burdens on me”

After careful consideration, the key to solving the problem was to advance to level 3.

Unlike the previous few times, the natural adaptive evolution that could promote the great leap of races was no longer present.

This also meant that the method of directly improving the intelligence of the group through the editor was temporarily shut off.

Lo Ya felt that the necessary conditions might be lacking at present.

“Forget it.

What is the point anyways The strength is still not enough.”

Lo Ya sighed and prepared to continue attacking the seals in the distance.

In fact, there was an optimal solution at the moment, which was to throw the leaf balls over.

But Lo Yu felt that she’d better save the leaf balls to prevent accidents or deal with the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

In the middle of the night, the seal group finally retreated into the sea.

“It’s easier than I thought.”

The battle on the beach ended just like that.

Lo Ya and a group of insects stood on the beach, looking at the endless sea in confusion.

They could see the spectacular world waterfall to the northwest, which went all the way to the farthest edge of their line of sight.

The seawater, which had a purple tinge to it, was the same color as the sky.

When night fell, the sky was filled with stars.

It was breathtaking.

Under this mysterious and quiet night sky, one could feel the vastness and longevity of the night.

Lo Ya really liked this kind of atmosphere.

Just as she was about to step forward to touch the nearby seawater, a group of Sickle Insects from a few kilometers away suddenly sent a Spiritual Link request.

Lo Ya immediately entered the state of sharing vision, and then a shocking scene appeared in front of her eyes.

Floating in the air was a creature with a faint green glow, a pair of small wings, and a mini magic staff.

The creature’s body was about 25 centimeters in length, slightly smaller than that of an adult Insect Girl.

It had a gorgeous hollowed-out armor on its body and a crystal clear green gem pendant on its chest.

“I am Atakamiya.

Please let me see your master.”

That unknown creature was surely talking to the Sickle Insects.

Perhaps it saw the intelligent glint in the Sickle Insects’ eyes and assumed that they could communicate.

However, it was wrong.

Lo Ya was the only intelligent creature here.

“I know that you all have intelligence.

I am entrusted by the Sage to look for allies who are willing to join the frontlines.”

Lo Ya thought for a while and instructed the Sickle Insect to point in the direction of the Insect Girl Clan, gesturing the other party to follow.

“Sure enough, my hunch is right.

You guys are indeed very smart.”

The strange and beautiful female creature sighed with emotion and followed behind the Sickle Insect.

“If the Sickle Insects were smart, then there would be no fools in this world.” Lo Ya muttered to herself.

She decided to allow this fellow to fly over because she saw the information above her head.

Atakamiya, LV0, Elf.

Yes, the elves were different from the beautiful creatures one would have imagined: the size of a human, with pointed ears.

This small creature flying across the sky was the real elf of this world.

Lo Ya believed that the detection technology would not fail her.

Level 0, weaker than expected…

But when the elf appeared in front of her, the level above her head strangely increased to 15.

“Shit! Don’t play with me right now!”

‘Why did the elf have Level 0 in the Sickle Insect’s eyes but Level 15 in mine’

Atakamiya unexpectedly looked at the little Insect Girls, who were happily playing, and the Sickle Insects, which were quietly watching the Insect Girls.

Then, with a puzzled expression, Atakamiya asked, “Are your two races in an alliance”

Lo Ya felt that the elf did not have any ill intentions, so she nodded her head.

“We can actually be considered as one race.”

The elf seemed satisfied and said, “Most of those who have half a human body are intelligent devil monsters.

Sure enough, you can communicate with me.”

“Excuse me, but why do you want to see us” Lo Ya went straight to the point.


I just sense you through Origin Space.

To be honest, it is the first time in so many years that a creature other than humans has entered that space.”

“What” Lo Ya was surprised at the other’s answer.

“Humans have always protected the Origin Space from other races, just because it is the biggest secret of this world.” She landed on the back of a Sickle Insect and said in a friendly manner.

“The entrances to the space in general towns are actually all fake.

The real entrance is in the capital city of the empire.

It is controlled by Magic Goddess herself.”

“Then you are here because…”

“Of course I am here on behalf of the Elf God.”

‘Elf God… sounds like a mighty creature.’

‘God, is there really a god in this world If there is, why would he live on the ground with humans’

“In fact, the one who asks me find you is the Elf God from 200 years ago.”


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