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C64 – Little Fish that can’t be eaten

Lo Ya appeared from the water door, and Luya, who was sitting by the side, patted her butt and got up.

When she saw the mini weapon in Lo Ya’s hand, her expression changed to astonishment.

But for a young Insect Girl, this equipment was still a bit too big.

“Is that so useful It’s too small for humans.” Luya was speechless.

“This is for adult Insect Girls, which means that I can easily use this weapon in a few months.”

“But you want me to take this out.

I don’t know what the priestess would think of me.”

Lo Ya rolled her eyes, wriggled to Luya’s feet, and handed the gun to the other party.


“Ah, you are so small.”

Picking up the bronze gun, Luya chuckled and rubbed Lo Ya’s head with her fingers.

Touching the head of an Insect Girl! What a legendary move… no, this was a dying wish.

“Heyy, if you touch me again, I will bite you.” Lo Ya pretended to be fierce.

“Alright, alright, don’t be angry.”

Luya chuckled as she shoved her into her chest again.

She then left the door of the prayer room, holding her weapon.

Outside the door, the priestess looked doubtfully at the miniaturized weapon in Luya’s hand, wondering what had happened inside.

A few minutes later, they arrived outside the church.

Lo Ya stretched out her head and looked up at Luya.

“I think the journey to the human world is about over.

I will give you the two Sickle Insects as promised, and I will bring the other insects back to the forest.”

“Don’t you want to continue watching I remember that you really want to understand the human world”

“I’m not going to continue.”

Lo Ya had no intention of leaving her territory for a long time in the first place.

In the territory, there were a bunch of dumb bugs that had been left alone.

If she continued to leave in this way for a long time, a problem would inevitably arise.

It was enough for her to make money now that she had gained access to Origin Space.

So Lo Ya was ready to go back and guide the Sickle Insects to expand so that the deadly threat of the Gaeta Insect Swarm could be dealt with as soon as possible.

“Oh, do you still have that piece of paper you used for communication last time If you want more Sickle Insects in the future, you can trade with me.

As long as you tell me, I will bring the Sickle Insects to the edge of the forest.”

“Alright.” When Luya heard this, she immediately took out a few blue and red matching communication papers and handed over the red part.

The price of five silver coins could be said to be too low.

Earning a single silver coin was very difficult for low-level civilian professionals.

However, if someone grew wealthy, they would be able to hire over a hundred of them all at once.

‘If only the entire rebel army hires Sickle Insects one day… hehe…’ Lo Ya’s heart swelled with delight just thinking about it.

“Ahem, then send me back to the edge of the forest.”

Far from the church, in some deserted towns, the whole atmosphere was filled with desolation, and Lo Ya could feel the chaos of the human world.

The war had a major impact on this kingdom.

Many people did not have clothes to cover their bodies, and the wealth of the nobles far outweighed that of the commoners.

Strictly speaking, professionals were already considered to be rather noble people.

They had powers that ordinary people did not possess, so they could work for the nobles or the army and fight for their own remuneration.

However, the entire society was utterly unequal, with the number of poor people far outnumbering the number of wealthy and influential people.

As a result, the vast majority of individuals were forced to suffer at the bottom of society, with little possibility of improvement.

“Recently, there are few people going to the forest to hunt, mainly because the guild does not buy the fur of wild beasts.”

Returning to the edge of the forest, Luya put Lo Ya, who was on her chest, on the ground.

And a few Sickle Insects that had been hiding in the forest ran out.

“Is that so In the future, if you need it, you can buy fur from me at half price.

Then you can sell it to the shop and profit from the price difference.”

“Thank you so much.” Luya felt that this little thing was really her benefactor.

Well, more like a noble insect…

After half a day, Lo Ya returned to the territory.

She saw a scene in which the atmosphere was loaded with sloth, and the scene itself could be the definition of laziness.

Lo Bing was lying on a small pile of soil, wagging her tail.

From time to time, she would stick out her tongue and lick the ground.

When Lo Ya got closer to take a look, she found that there was a small termite nest below.

“Is it tasty”

“Yes, yes.” Lo Bing nodded her head repeatedly.

“Let me take a bite too.”

Lo Ya wriggled over and reached out her hand to grab one and stuff it into her mouth.

Sure enough, it was sweet.

“Ah, it feels natural to eat small bugs now.”

If it was in her previous life, she would definitely dislike it for being dirty.

However, ancient people ate raw insects as well.

Even in the twenty-first century, some groups of humans had the habit of eating termites raw.

To be more exaggerated, there were also roasted mosquito cakes, which were mosquitoes eaten raw.

In short, there were all kinds of wonders in the world.

She remembered that there were people in a certain area who kept maggots as pets.

Every year, they’d hold a maggot race.

The owner put his beloved maggots on the track to cheer for them, while the maggots would try to wriggle to the finish line.

People even had the habit of putting maggots in their mouths to breathe (to keep warm, or what).

In the documentary, the interviewer also tried to breathe for the maggots, and then accidentally swallowed it into their stomachs.

“Well, a long memory.”

Lo Ya shook her head and poked Lo Bing’s tail.

“Go” The little one raised her head in confusion.

“It’s fine.”

Lo Ya felt so happy.

These were all her own kind.

They were living beings, and they actually existed.

They were also so silly that they made people want to protect them.

A few tens of meters away, two newly born, unnamed Little Insect Gils crawled around idly.

Occasionally, they would open their mouths and bite a few leaves to eat.

Lo Xin, who saw this scene, also ran over and took a bite, and then her eyes lit up.

“These bastards still remember that they are omnivores” Lo Ya could not bear to vomit.

Eating meat every day was likely to shorten one’s life, and it was also easy to get cancer.

‘It would be great if I could learn to eat leaves.’

As she was thinking, another voice rang in her ears.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, there have been many Sickle Insects.” Lo Lo, who had crawled out of the grass, was all covered with small tails that were jumping around.

She looked like she was having a lot of fun, even though she was already an adult Insect Girl.

But she still had the mentality of a child.

Lo Ya’s heart moved, suddenly remembering the kitten fishing toy she had received previously, and immediately took the things out.

“Lo Lo, let’s play this with everyone.”

How could Insect Girls not have toys Lo Ya opened the solar charging board and placed it under the sun, only to find that the electricity inside was full.

“Wow, what is this” Lo Lo wriggled to the side.

“Kitten fishing, it’s a very fun toy.

I’ll teach you how to play.”

After some manipulation, the disk began to rotate, and the fish’s mouths on top began to open and close.

Lo Ya put the fishing line into the mouth of a long fish, and when the fish’s mouth closed, she whizzed up.


“Wow, I caught a fish.

Can I eat it now Awoo ~” Lo Lo did not say anything else.

She grabbed the fish and threw it into her mouth, and chewed.

“Shit!” Lo Ya yelled dumbfoundedly.

“Ah, it’s not delicious.

It tastes weird.” Lo Lo pouted her mouth as if she was not very satisfied.

“This is plastic, little idiot.

It’s not for eating.

It’s not good for your health,” Lo Ya quickly said.

“Is that so”

A few minutes later, Lo Lo, who had learned how to use the toy, started to play by herself.

Not long later, even more, Little Insect Girls came over.

Lo Ya breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to find a quiet place to sleep first.

Half an hour later, she got up and came to the front of the kitten fishing again.

Then, she found that the little fish had already been divided and eaten by a bunch of Insect Girls.

“You can’t eat it.

Lo Ya said this is plastic.” Lo Lo emphasized after she finished eating.


But it was all gone.


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