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C63 – A Terrifying Attic

“Uh.” When faced with the female teammate’s request, the male swordsman hesitated for a few seconds before slowly putting down his weapon.

“Go ahead.

I’ll only give you a few minutes.”

“This is a legendary story about this attic.” Lo Ya said, deliberately lowering her voice.

A sense of mystery evolved in the atmosphere when combined with the aura of the gloomy setting.

The few of them perked up and listened attentively.

They were all focused on one thing: the hidden mission.

They had never encountered such a thing before.

After completing a mission, the wild monster actually began to tell a story about the mission location.

According to the usual process, there was a high chance that some special hidden mission had appeared.

As a result, the few people who were thinking about completing the mission earlier were all looking forward to it.

“This is a ‘bang-bang’ story.

It happened on one night many years ago.” Lo Ya took a deep breath, and her eyes fell on the side table and the hallway door directly opposite the table.

“Bang, bang, bang”

Just as the girl was about to ask, Lo Ya impatiently said, “Don’t interrupt.

Listen to me.”

The girl didn’t reply.

“At that time, this building was rented out to someone else.” Lo Ya said gloomily.

“Wait, that’s not right.

Isn’t this the alchemy attic of the Master Horror” The male swordsman frowned.

“No, it’s not like that.

Listen to me.

I know the things here better than you.” Lo Ya pointed at the ground under her feet solemnly, “At that time, this was indeed a house rented out to guests.”

“Alright, please continue.” The male swordsman suddenly felt that this mission was more complicated than he had imagined, and there might be clues that he did not expect to appear.

“A long time ago, a male guest came here.

His name was Xiao Ming.

On the day he moved in, an old lady told him that this house was unacceptable because a woman once committed suicide by jumping off the building.

Every night since then, there would be a dull and strange banging sound, and the residents who heard this sound continued to jump from the building to die in this place.

So she told him that if he wanted to stay here, he needed to prepare to face danger.”

“Xiao Ming panicked and asked the old lady how to ensure his safety because he had nowhere to go and must live here.

The old lady told him that if you have to live, then when you hear the banging sounds… Hide somewhere higher, such as the top of the cabinet.

Don’t hide under the bed, or you’ll end up like the previous tenants, who were killed by a ghost.”

“Xiao Ming remembered the old man’s words and stayed there that day.

In the middle of the night, he was really scared and hid under the blanket, unable to sleep for a long time.

Until late at night, there was a banging sound outside the door.

Bang! Bang, bang, bang, bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

“Can you not keep banging” the girl said as she gulped down.

To be honest, the house itself was a bit creepy, especially since it was raining heavily outside.

As the entire window was drenched with water and an electric light flashed from time to time, only the shadows outside could be seen.

Under the influence of the atmosphere, even the bang in Lo Ya’s mouth had a hypnotic effect.

Lo Ya coughed and continued, “Xiao Ming understood the situation was indeed the same as the old lady said, and the house was haunted.

He was scared, so he climbed to the top of the highest cabinet in the house, as instructed by the old lady.

However, after he hid, the sound became closer and louder, as if something was approaching him.

He was really scared, so under the influence of fear, he couldn’t help hiding under the bed, which he thought was safe.”

“And then”

Perhaps, it was because of the atmosphere, they all had their appetites whetted up, and their backs felt cold.

“Xiao Ming, who was hiding under the bed, was blocked by a cloth next to the bed, so he couldn’t see the things outside unless he lifted the sheets.

This gave Xiao Ming a sense of security.

But the banging sounds seemed to grow even more muffled, making it difficult for him to sleep.

At this moment, he still didn’t understand why the old lady had him hide in a high place.

The top of the cabinet was clearly more obvious.

More importantly, why did the previous tenants die…”

“The more he thought about it, the more terrified he became.

He always felt that something was looking at him.

At a certain moment, he finally plucked up his courage and lowered his head.

He looked in the direction where the sound came from under the sheets.

Then he looked through the slit under the door, and he saw a head that kept hitting the ground with its head down.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… “


The audience fell into a deep silence.

Ghost stories were only effective when one listened to them in certain atmospheres.

It could be seen that the present environment they were in was highly compatible with this point.

“Is this…Is there really such a thing The girl with the upside-down head is the one who jumped off the building” The girl with the staff was truly frightened.

She vigilantly glanced at the balcony door, worried that a banging head would appear outside.

“Yes, what’s more terrifying is that ever since then, this place has left behind a curse.

It’s rumored that the people who came here…”

[Mission “Stay Alive” has been completed.]

[Reward obtained: 100 Ballard Copper Coins, God Blessing Weapon: Bronze Spear]

[Would you like to return immediately]

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Don’t stop, hurry up and tell me, what happened to the people here” The man felt that the clue to the hidden mission was inching closer.

Lo Ya narrowed her eyes.

“The scary thing is that if the people who come here encounter a half-length human insect and the other party suddenly disappears, they will be targeted by ghosts…”

As she said that, she chose to return.


Lo Ya’s body disappeared into thin air under their eyes.

In the next moment, she stood at the tunnel that led to the water door.

[Beginner Mission Completed.]

[For every item you bring out of this world, you will need to pay 100 Ballard Copper Coins or 1 Ballard Silver Coin.]

[The next time you enter, your official adventure will begin.]

“It ended just like that”

Calculated according to this time, the next time will be a year later.

Just when Lo Ya was about to be disappointed, an important reminder arrived.

[The entrance to Origin Space can be transported (consumption of 100 evolution points per day).

After 10 days, the entrance will be placed in the inventory and can be used anywhere.]

“Huh, transport”

‘If the transfer is successful, does it mean that the church is no longer accessible’

Regardless of it, Luo Ya spent 100 points without saying a word.

She exchanged the rewarded Bronze Spear with Ballard copper coins and then left the tunnel.

[Blessing Weapon: Bronze Spear]

[Strength: 2]

[Special Effects Activated: Penetrative effect (Increase attack range), regenerative spiritual power]

[Available time: 10/10]

[Occupation: Warrior]

[Proficiency level: F]

[Note: A weapon blessed by Magic Goddess from Origin Space.

It can be used to obtain hidden power by activating it.

If the number of uses is 0, the weapon will be damaged.

The special effect is only effective when the number of uses is consumed.]

The damage was less than that of the bronze axe, but it had a special effect that could restore spiritual power.

The effect of this weapon was extraordinary in the current situation, where the drop rate of spiritual power potions was low and its value was high.

More importantly, its size matched that of an adult Insect Girl.


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