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C61 – DLC Expansion Package(part I)

“Ah, the equipment popped out.”

The floor was covered with glittering items, which seemed to be a lot more than usual.

Lo Ya reached out and picked up the items.

A detailed notification immediately popped up in front of her eyes.

[Received 2 Basic Healing Potions and 1 Basic spiritual power Recovery Potion.]

[Received “Kitten Fishing” and 3 Leaf Balls.]

[Kitten Fishing: Children’s educational toy, dedicated to Lo Ya.]

“Pfft, what the hell is this children’s educational toy I wouldn’t play such a childish thing.”

Lo Ya immediately felt as though her intelligence was being mocked.

But because others could not see the information, she put it back into the Item Space hesitantly.

“It looks quite interesting.

Let’s play next time.”

The Noble Army had retreated.

They might not have the will to fight anymore.

They stopped fighting and fled the area as soon as they realized it was difficult to deal with.

In order to avoid any losses, the Sickle Insects didn’t chase after them.

Perhaps because Lo Ya’s size was too small and she was blocked by the haystack, no one else saw her.

As a result, these people assumed Luya was the only one who attacked the soldiers.

“Dear Miss Mage, thank you for your help.

If it wasn’t for you, my comrades in arms wouldn’t have lasted until now.”

The other party was an ordinary sword-shield soldier with relatively simple equipment and much weaker than the cavalry of the Noble Army.

Luya smiled awkwardly and pointed at Lo Ya, who was on the ground and said, “You do not have to thank me.

It is all because of my little pet.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately fell onto Lo Ya.

“Hello everyone.” Lo Ya blinked and waved at the soldiers.

“Is this a rare devil monster Thank you,” the leader said as he swallowed down his nerves and bowed to Lo Ya.

“Ah, there’s no need to thank me.

It’s all because of my little brothers.

It’s them.” Lo Ya pointed to the Sickle Insects that had gathered around her.

When confronted with such a cute little thing like Lo Ya, the leader felt a little more relaxed for some reason, and a smile appeared on his face.

However, a soldier standing not far away showed a puzzled expression and said, “Recently, the nobles of the kingdom have been encircling and suppressing the rebel soldiers everywhere.

Why are you taking such a big risk to save us”

“It’s very simple.

I want to join the rebel army.” Luya said.

“What” The leader’s expression changed, and then they all revealed a look of joy, “This is really great.”

“I said so, but unfortunately, I still have some personal matters to deal with in the short term.

I’m afraid it will take some time before I can contact you guys.”

“No problem, it’s best if you’re willing to join us.

We’re not those damned nobles, so we won’t force you to do things you don’t want to do.” The leader expressed his generosity.

After a few brief words, the two sides separated.

The rebel army’s forces were relatively scattered in the southern part of the kingdom.

They practically didn’t have their own cities.

They were like guerrillas, harassing the nobles every now and then while constantly recruiting new people to strengthen themselves.

In comparison, the scale of battles between nobles was much larger, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of people, fought mostly for territory and various interests.

Lo Ya and the others continued forward, and there were no more accidents along the way.

About ten minutes later, a town with a unique style appeared in their line of sight.

“Lo Ya, the town has been under martial law recently.

Just in case, I’d better hide you before going in.

After all, your appearance… is a bit unique.”


Hearing Luya’s words, Lo Ya could only helplessly nod her head.

Then Luya reached out and grabbed her, who was on the back of the Sickle Insect, and shook in control.

“Wow, so cute.”

Luya reached out with one hand to grab the little Insect Girl in front of her.

The head above her hand blinked twice, and her face was filled with innocence.

The tail at the bottom swayed from time to time, giving a strange itching sensation.

Luya suddenly thought how lucky she would be if she could raise such a cute little fellow.

“You don’t seem to be very small either.

Where should I keep you There are no pockets on the leather armor, and the purse will not fit.” Luya’s gaze moved around her body and finally fell on the empty chest under the leather armor.

“How about here”

“What” Lo Ya whizzed up her head, her face full of vigilance.

“It doesn’t matter.

Only this place will not be suspected.”

After saying that, Luya directly stuffed Lo Ya into her chest and poked her head on her chest.

“Aiya.” Lo Ya almost did not catch her breath, “What are you doing Why did you hide me here”

The insect’s tail was trembling, and Lo Ya wanted to come out a little bit to breathe out some air.

But the consequences of doing so made Luya’s face turn red.

She stretched out her finger and flicked her, “Don’t move around.

Isn’t this for passing the guard”

“You did it on purpose, right”

Lo Yo was at a loss for words about the situation.

She remembered Luya being afraid of the insects some time ago, but now she just treated her like a pet.

She felt that her fellow had many faces.

After making sure that Lo Ya was hiding, Luya took out an ugly human skin mask and wore it on her face.

She then walked towards the entrance of the town normally.

A few guards stopped her, “I need to check, and take out all the things on her body.”

The so-called inspection was just a formality.

After Luya handed over the things, the soldier nodded.

“Alright, get in.”

Luya let out a sigh of relief.

Just as she took a step forward, the soldier not far away called out, “Hey hey hey, wait a minute.

What is that thing on your chest”

She quickly looked down, and only then did she realize that a part of Lo Ya’s tail was exposed.

It was white and fat, and from time to time, it would shake a few times.

When the other guards heard the sound, they all looked at the corresponding spot.

“Cough cough.” Luya suddenly thought of something and yelled out in anger, “Damn it! Isn’t this the big worm that scared me to death last night Why did it crawl to my chest Ah, it hurts.

She bit me.

As she spoke, Luya stretched out her hand and gestured that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get it out.

Lo Ya became itchy when she felt a sensation on her tail and shook it a few more times.

It gave people a terrifying impression of worms wriggling.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Quickly go in.

Don’t pull the insect in front of us.” The guards immediately waved their hands and showed a look of disgust.

“What kind of person is that”

Entering the town, Luya let out a sigh of relief and pulled the Insect Girl out from her chest.

“Phew, it’s suffocating me.

Where should I go next Oh right! Origin Space, right” Lo Ya asked.



Lo Ya was pressed back again.

“The Church forbids devil monster from entering.”

Lo Ya was speechless.

There were a lot of entrances to the Origin Space because they needed to use divine power to enter.

As a result, only churches in cities and regions where the Holy See was located had the power to open.

Some of the great nobles who had close relations with the Church could also get an entrance.

Everyone only had the right to enter the Origin Space once a year, while those who believed in God had two chances.

Those few people who received the blessing of the Goddess could even enter whenever they wanted, without limitation.

“Does this world really have Gods”

“Yes, almost every big tribe has their own God.

It is said that this world is also created by a God.

Magic Goddess is on the Holy Pillar of the empire, and the other gods live in different places.”

Lo Ya fell into silence.

She still didn’t understand how Gods could exist in this world.

Regardless, if she assumed these Gods were all aliens, it would be understandable.

However, Lo Ya felt that it was not that simple.


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