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C59 – Counterattack

Luya was touched by the Insect Girl Clan’s trust in her, and she decided to help this lovely race overcome the crisis.

Indeed, Lo Ya and the little Insect Girls were very cute.

The reason she was afraid of the tails at first was simply due to humans’ natural dislike towards insects.

If she suppressed that point, nothing was so scary anymore.

The pitch-black cave became their last territory, and the Sickle Insects guarded the territory behind them with their lives.

The entrance of the cave only allowed a human-sized creature to pass through, so the insects could easily isolate the enemy from the outside.

Skeletons, Undead Insects, and Sickle Insects alternately clung to form a strong shield wall, constantly welcoming the impact of other creatures.

The hard-winged flying insects were the craziest of them all, attacking with aggression.

This kind of combat power was not particularly strong.

But the number of creatures was surprisingly large, and they were incredibly aggressive.

Therefore, when the Sickle Insects faced their suicide attacks, the losses were quite tragic.

After a night, both sides were filled with piles of corpses.

Lo Ya counted the survival data, and she found that there were only around 30 Sickle Insects left that could fight properly.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones who suffered significant losses; the enemies also suffered a lot of losses, with corpses all over the valley.

Most of the food could not be brought inside the cave due to safety issues, so the poor little bugs fell into a state of hunger.

“Just bear with it, everyone.

Just put up with it for one day.

The little bugs will grow up.”

Lo Ya used natural healing in the dark cave, and every insect saw her serious expression through the green light.

Luya, who was sitting by the side, took out some dry food and took a bite.

After thinking for a while, she gave the food to the Sickle Insect beside her.

“God, I have to help these kind devil monsters.”

Lo Ya’s natural healing magic made her feel a little special.

The dense forest aura seemed to be similar to a certain type of magic of the elves.

But the Nature Goddess that the elves believed in was in a distant forest temple, and it was impossible to give divine power to low-level insects.

What was even more terrifying was that the growth rate of the baby Sickle Insects was terrifyingly fast.

It had only been a day since they were born, yet their body size had actually increased by dozens of times.

In addition to the power of nature, Lo Ya couldn’t figure out what was causing them to grow at such an extraordinary rate.

The last dozens of insects tried their hardest to avoid being suffocated by the other creatures.

Halfway through, the Sickle Insects that had not fully grown up were forced to take a risk.

They rushed out of the cave in an immature state, bringing a large amount of food back into the cave.

During the process of bringing the food back, ten insects died, but correspondingly, they received enough nutrients for growth.

Right in front of Luya’s eyes, these guys continued to grow wildly, and they eventually grew to the size of a normal Sickle Insect on the next day.

680 newborn Sickle Insects joined the front.

“Are you guys going to break out of the encirclement” As a human, Luya had completely relied on dry food to support herself in the dark cave until now.

This kind of oppressive environment made her more and more frightened.

However, she didn’t dare to blame Lo Ya because the only reason she was still alive was due to the Insect Girl Clan’s help.

“I think the clan already has the strength to completely wipe out these enemies outside.”

Within a few days, the number of Sickle Insects skyrocketed, and the number of Undead Insects had also surpassed 30.

They were simply waiting for Lo Ya to give the order to launch a counterattack.

“There are too many other creatures outside the cave.

If we rush out directly, it will be too dangerous.

But why not use my magic I can provide a shield for you guys.” Luya had finally regained her mental power, and she suddenly remembered that, as a mage, she could help them with her magic.

Lo Ya nodded in response and prepared to let the summoned skeleton with relatively high defensive power rush to the front line.

Then, she used the shield to withstand the monster’s attack and lead the insect swarm out of the cave.

“Protection shield.” Luya released a light blue shield towards the summoned skeleton.

After the light flashed, she took half a step back in alarm.

“Undead… Undead”

“That’s right.”

Lo Ya’s answer was very simple.

Luya suppressed her nerves and turned to face the dead insects walking in front of her.

She realized that she had underestimated the strangeness of the Insect Girl Clan.

Lo Ya saw that it was difficult for Luya to accept the undead.

Perhaps as described in some fantasy novels, there was a force similar to the Holy Church in this world, cruelly attacking all the undead.

But she saw no use in it.

Luya, after all, could only obediently cooperate with the Insect Girl Clan’s plan to survive.

“Protection shield.”

Lo Ya’s exploration skill eventually spotted the precise details about the skill on the second shield.

[Protective Shield: A Second Grade conventional spell.

Creates a blue light shield of light that floats in front of the target.

It can withstand 1-2 First Grade physical damage.

The shield can be maintained for two hours without being attacked (weakening over time).]

It could be considered a pretty good skill because, after all, it could be maintained for quite a long time.

Luya had previously mentioned that the protective shield was the most valuable and difficult to learn of all the magic she had mastered.

After four consecutive protective shields, the spiritual power was used up.

Lo Ya took out a bottle of inferior quality spiritual power recovery potion from her inventory and threw it to her Luya.

“Spiritual power potion, drink it.”

“Spiritual power recovery potion… Wait, is this to restore magic power” Luya was taken aback for a moment, followed by her expression becoming extremely surprised.

“Is there any problem” Lo Ya cast her a suspicious glance.

“Did you get this from humans Isn’t it a pity to just use it like that” Luya took a deep breath, “The value and effect of this spiritual power potion are far greater than the healing potion, and its price is at least 10 times that of the healing potion.”

“Oh” Lo Ya was deep in thought and immediately put away the inferior quality spiritual power potion.

Then she added, “Since you say so, I will not give it to you in the future.”

Luya broke out laughing at her reaction, “Pffft!”

Lo Ya felt that the four skeletons and the undead Insects with protective shields were actually already enough.

As she thought that, all the Sickle Insects in the cave got up at the same time and entered a state of preparation for battle.

By the time dawn arrived, the enemy’s creatures seemed to assume that the insect girls had lost the threat and had given up fighting, so they all retreated back to the coast.

Only the Hard-winged Flying Bugs and the monkeys remained outside.

Lo Ya woke up all of Little Insect Girls, only to find that one little thing was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up.


Unlike the last time, the response did not return.

“Oh, you still didn’t respond even after I mentioned meat”

The little guy looked very lazy, so Lo Ya grabbed her tail and dragged her all the way to the entrance of the cave.

Later on, she found it troublesome and directly hugged it.

The little cutie opened her sleepy eyes, and her expression showed a trace of confusion.

Her little tail curled up and shrank into a small ball in front of her belly, like a big bubble gum that Lo Ya had eaten when she was young.

“You are really stupid and cute.” Lo Yo could never dislike this kind of cute little girl.

Although she often had the idea of beating them up, she simply couldn’t do it.

“Forget it.

I’ll let you sleep on the Sickle Insect’s back.”

In the end, she just decided that it was best not to put the little Insect Girl in such a big battle.

The battle began to regain momentum once again.

The four skeletons that had received a shield buff rushed out of the cave, scaring a few animals not far away and forcing them to take a few steps back.

But in the next moment, the beasts and monsters started to attack back.

But they soon discovered that the swarms that rushed out this time were somewhat different because there were too numerous.

A steady stream of insects kept running out of the small hole.

Among them, there were a few adult Insect Girls, and as soon as they came out, they spat acid at the monkeys nearby, making them bleed.

Luya, who followed the Undead Insects, immediately closed her eyes under the stimulation of the strong light.

After a short recovery, she waved her dagger and charged towards the nearest insects.

The big counterattack started.

The wave of Wind and Water spread out.

This wave caught the creatures surrounding the cave off guard.

The front line of the ‘enemy army’ had already been totally smashed by the time the Sickle Insects that rushed out of the cave reached over a hundred.

The hermit crabs, gray wolves, and other groups retreated one after the other, eventually forming a large escape under the chase of sickle insect groups.

The fact that one turned to bully the weak but was scared of the strong was plainly demonstrated.

Lo Ya found that the number of beasts was no less than a few hundred.

In the end, they did not even have the courage to resist a wave of attacks from a few Sickle Insects.

Their period of tolerance was really too long, and the Insect Girl Clan almost faced the risk of extinction.

Now that they had survived, it was as if they had been reborn from the ashes.

Their overall strength had more than double.

In the dense forest, winged insects were agilely chasing after their opponents.

The insect running at the front flapped its wings and jumped to a height of several meters.

The speed of its body suddenly increased, and it fell on a monkey who was running away.

The sickle fell and pierced through the target’s back.

The monkey that was in pain tried to resist, but a Sickle Insect by the side took a leap, knocked it to the ground, and then cut its neck with a knife.

After killing this monkey, the two Sickle Insects chased after the other beasts without stopping.

As for the corpses left on the ground, those were eaten by the insects chasing from behind.

The Insect Girl Clan continued to counterattack on the day and returned to the territory by the beach.

Unlike a few days ago, Lo Ya was a little bolder this time.

Relying on her quantitative advantage, she began to hunt down the surrounding creatures.

The main targets were several more aggressive species.

Luya, as a combat mage, used flexible combat methods to help Lo Ya deal with a few troublesome opponents.

As a result, the loss of Sickle Insects became considerably lower.

“Looks like they have recovered.”

Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief and followed the Sickle Insect group to the territory that they had occupied a few days ago.

“What are you going to do next” Luya felt that the Insect Girl’s purpose of keeping her by the side was not that simple.

Because with her strength, even if she became a hired thug, it would not have much effect.

But she knew that as long as one less insect died, her existence was meaningful.

Lo Ya did not answer her and started to wildly eat meat with Insect Girls.

Eating raw food was somewhat unacceptable to human beings, not to mention that it included all kinds of soft creatures.

If only Luya didn’t know what they’d been through, just watching them eat would be unbearably uncomfortable.

Luya quietly hid in the distance, feeling that her experiences these days were enough to create a terrifying nightmare.

After working hard eating for a day in the pile of food, Lo Ya finally filled up the 5000 evolution points, illuminating the [Individual Awakening] on the skill tree.

Individual Awakening could allow Insect Girl to walk in a different evolutionary direction.

Its specific effects were temporarily unknown, so Lo Ya could only wait and see.

But she didn’t expect Lo Yu to gain the ability to spit silk the day after the evolution just because she ate a spider.

[Silk Thread Explosion: First Grade Skill.

Spits out a bunch of sticky silk threads to restrain the opponent.

It can also make the threads explode in mid-air, turning into sharp thorns to attack the enemy.]

[Spider Characteristics (Active / Passive): Special Abilities brought about by the Silk Thread explosion can derive a large number of skills related to silk spitting.

The silk thread attacks will give a small damage bonus, and the target will be exempted 10% from the magic defense bonus.]

Not only did the two skills seem to have good effects, but Lo Yu’s appearance had also undergone some slight changes.

For example, a small horn on her forehead and her tail could release threads allowing her to hang herself in the air.

Then Lo Ya saw a scene that made her very speechless.

The little Insect Girl’s head was facing down, and a silk thread was attached to the end of her tail to hang herself in mid-air.

When the thread shook with the wind, Lo Yu’s body also began to sway with the wind.

From a distance, it really looked like a little bug hanging in the silk thread, but this upper body of the bug looked like lolita.

Thus it was not only not disgusting but also extremely cute.

“Lo Ya, I thought of you as soon as I saw the husky,” Lo Yu said.

“En, is that so… Eh No, that’s not right.

Why did you think of me when you saw the husky” Lo Ya felt baffled.

“Well, probably something.”


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