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C58 – An Unplanned Battle

After she exited the editor, Lo Ya began to link her mind and counted the remaining Sickle Insects.

There were a total of 82.

Correspondingly, the number of newborn sickle and worm tails had reached an astonishing 710, all on the eve of hatching.

These tails would be born one after another in about half a day, turning into small Sickle Insects that were less than 5 centimeters high.

Then, through eating, they would become powerful adults in a short two days.

The real question now was how to survive these two days of waiting.

After the arrival of the Insect Girl Clan, they had already formed a great feud with the surrounding creatures.

Lo Ya found that two groups of creatures that had been driven out of the territory had united.

They were circling around the territory from time to time, seeming to be thinking about attacking the Insect Girl Clan.

However, the little Insect Girls had no sense of crisis at all, and sometimes they would crawl to the side of the insect swarm to observe other creatures.

But they did not know that it was very dangerous to do so.

For safety, Lo Ya gathered all of Insect Girls and the tails in the center of the territory.

Among 82 Sickle Insects, 60 were scattered in the north of the territory to guard against other creatures at all times.

22 were scattered in the west, south, and east, guarding against unexpected dangers.

After everything was done, the entire swarm entered the recuperation mode.

Only the Sickle Insects guarding the surrounding area remained vigilant.

“It should be about time.”

Lo Ya sighed hopelessly as her mood was not in good condition due to her constant pondering.

Initially, she intended to swallow the surrounding enemies step by step.

But she had not expected the situation to turn out this way.

Looking up at the little Insect Girls who were playing foolishly in the distance, the sudden urge to beat them up rushed back to her heart.

The anger engulfed her heart, bit by bit.

They had no sense of recognizing the crisis at all.

They just had cute faces, but their brains were occupied with nothing except eating and playing.

When Lo Ya looked around, she noticed a little Insect Girl standing next to the stone.

This little Insect Girl was silently looking at her friends playing in the distance, without saying a word.

Only she would know what she was thinking in her head.

“Aren’t you going to play with them” Lo Ya asked in a low voice.

“No, I can’t play together.” The little guy said softly, then lowered her head in silence.

“What’s wrong”

The little guy hesitated for a few seconds and looked up.

“Lo Ya, do you think we did the right thing”


Luo Ya’s eyes narrowed, and she felt a sense of absurdity in her heart.

A few seconds later, she frowned and asked, “Speaking of which, your name was given by me, Chiang Ya, right After you were born, you were very quiet, unlike the other little Insect Girls.”

Lo Ya did not know what to say.

The Insect Girl’s mind developed very quickly in the early stage.

In the first two weeks of their birth, they could go from ignorance to being able to understand people’s speech.

The main reason was that the brains of the Insect Girls were in a period of intense information stimulation during that period.

They could quickly accept anything they heard or saw, and their memory was even higher than that of human beings in their childhood.

But soon, Insect Girls, whose brains were “filled up,” stopped improving.

Their intelligence was only equivalent to that of two or three years old babies.

Even the smartest Lo Xin could not exceed the limit of six years old children.

Her intelligence was not good, and her EQ was even worse.

She lacked the basic understanding of most mistakes.

Chiang Ya naturally could not be too smart.

“They must have done something wrong.” The little Insect Girl muttered to herself, her eyes constantly sweeping over the other cheerful Insect Girls.

Perhaps because she couldn’t figure out what the “something wrong” was, she yawned lazily in the end.

She then climbed into the gap between the two gray stones next to her.

With a flip of her belly, she fell asleep.

Lo Ya wriggled to the side and poked her small face.

It was indeed Chiang Ya, that’s right!

That cute little thing back then did not have much of a change even now.

After all, it had only been a few days, but Lo Ya herself had changed from an adult Insect Girl to a Small about the same size as her.


When the time came when the night fell, a group of monkey-like beasts started to harass the territory of the Insect Girl Clan.

From time to time, they would throw stones, wood, and other things over.

If Lo Ya did not come back, the little Insect Girls would most likely scream and rush over with their thoughts full with nothing but turning the monkeys into food.

When the number of Sickle Insects became insufficient, they would be forced to face the groups of animals pitifully.

Of course, now that Lo Ya was here, she would not let that happen.

She took the initiative to send the Undead Insects and skeletons to the front line, rushing up against the attacks of the monkeys.

For half an hour, there was a wave of hunting and killing.

However, more and more wild beasts continued to attack, forcing Lo Ya to wake up the adult Insect Girls.

They launched a wave of magic and acid bombardment, which temporarily deterred the enemies.

By the second day, the number of Sickle Insects that were alive had decreased to 60.

Countless small Sickle Insects hatched and crawled around Lo Ya, constantly eating the food they had hunted in the previous two days.

Lo Ya’s body shape allowed two hands to hold a newborn baby Sickle Insect.

She carefully raised the newborn up to her eyes.

The little creature swung its tentacles in front of its head, appearing perfectly harmless.

In the next half-day, the attacks of the wild beasts became more frequent.

The monkeys seemed to have noticed the exhaustion of the Insect Girl Clan and became even more unscrupulous.

Lo Ya found such creatures really annoying.

She remembered when she went on a trip to a scenic spot in her previous life, she bought a bag of cucumbers and peaches and prepared to feed the monkeys.

In the end, an old monkey among them snatched all the things from her hands.

That caused her to lose her patience, and while the staff at the scenic spot were not paying attention, she rushed up and kicked the old monkey’s ass.

The monkeys they were facing now clearly deserved more beating.

But the Insect Girls could not afford to waste any more energy.

Lo Ya felt that if this continued, they would not be able to last until the Sickle Insects grew up.

So she let the swarm transport all of the tails and cubs to a cave two kilometers away for one afternoon.

The cave was not big, but it was spacious and safe inside.

Unexpectedly, just after the move, a group of gray wolves launched a real attack.

The monkeys took advantage of the situation and launched a wave of attacks at the retreating Sickle Insects.

The battlefield turned into a meat grinder.

Lo Ya led the Insect Girls to fight and retreat.

Her heart was filled with dread as she passed by the corpses along the way.

Luya, who was watched by the six Sickle Insects, took the initiative to help a few times and killed three relatively powerful creatures.

Looking at the miserable scene of being surrounded, the human girl was speechless.

With trembling voice, she asked, “What did you do exactly Why are there so many enemies”

Lo Ya gave her a sidelong glance and added quietly, “Do you want to know why It’s because I accepted you.”


“The devil monsters have been slaughtered by humans for a long time.

So seeing you within my tribe, those guys think that we have betrayed them.

Many pitiful devil monsters had no intention of being hostile to humans.

But they were forced to the edge of the forest by the professionals.

They even lost their loved ones, so they are filled with hatred.” She sighed slightly and went on, “For us, it is enough if we can live a simple life.

But humans have never given us a chance.”

Luya was deeply shocked by these words and was immediately ashamed.

She thought of the current kingdom.

It was filled with crimes everywhere, and even her relatives had died under the oppression of the nobles.

It would be a lie to claim that humans are better than monsters.

Humans were filled with envy and hatred, even against one another.

They were the ones who felt the most disgust and cold towards people.

“I’m sorry, i…”

Luya found that she was unable to refute Lo Ya’s words, and the guilt in her heart increased.

A trace of slyness flashed across Lo Ya’s eyes, and she said, “It’s fine.

I believe that there are also good people among humans.”


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