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C55 – Lo Ya’s Help

At this moment, Lo Ya was observing the movements of the nearby creatures in the southwest of the new territory.

Although the Gaeta Insect Swarm had occupied part of the coastal area, it was not close to the mountain range.

As a result, many of the expelled creatures gathered in the nearby area.

However, she did not expect to meet Luya, who had just left not long ago after walking in the forest with a group of sickle insects.

Currently, Luya seemed to be in a little trouble.

In the dense forest…

Luya staggered to the side of a tree and leaned against it.

She leaned her head back, panting continuously.

The wound on her hand was scratched by a sharp arrow.

If it was not for her quick reaction, this arrow would be enough to kill her.

“What a terrible thief! He actually put poison on the arrow.”

Her head was feeling a little dizzy at the moment.

Because the arrow only came into contact with her blood for a brief period, the poison would not be too harmful.

She believed she would be able to recover after a little while.

But it would be difficult for her to escape the forest in her current condition.

She suddenly recalled something.

Luya took out the red communication page on her body.

This kind of low-cost communication tool that was used extensively by professionals and mercenaries was now connected to a group of monsters of unknown danger.

“I didn’t expect to use this so early.”

Luya did not go to the academy to learn systematic knowledge.

She had previously learned from some cultured people that the relationship between humans and the devil monsters (magic beasts) was very bad.

Long-term hunting had made many monsters wary of humans.

On the other hand, humans were frequently viewed as food by monsters when they entered the forest.

The last time when she was with her teammates, she was still brave enough to face those hideous-looking insects.

But now that she was alone, she couldn’t help but wonder whether the Sickle Insects who were supposed to be rescuing her would eat her.

Her heart sank with a sense of worry.

The main question was whether or not those insects could truly help her in fending off her enemies.

‘Even if I ask for help, will they be able to come to my location in time’

As her thoughts wandered on this issue, she heard the sound of tree branches clattering from the forest behind her.

A gray arrow flew over from a distance and pierced the side of her feet.

“Little girl, we’ve already seen you.

Don’t even think about escaping.”

A man wearing simple leather armor and a long and thick scar on his neck jumped down from the tree.

He waved his heavy bronze axe twice and walked towards her, one step at a time.

Luya got up in a panic and tried to flee from the side.

But a group of young thieves armed with short swords rushed in from both sides and encircled them.

“Little beauty, it is very dangerous to be alone in the wild.

Even if you are a mage, so what What will a mage be able to do once he loses his magic Isn’t all he has to do is ask for mercy” The scarred man spat out the pit in his mouth and grinned.

Little by little, he approached Luya.

Luya bit her lips, trying to take out the dagger from her waist, but an iron bullet slammed on her.


A wound appeared on her finger.

“Don’t even think about making small movements,” The scarred man said as he raised his huge axe.

Although he was in Bronze Level, he was still wary of certain movements of Luya.

The gap between low levels was not insurmountable.

No one could underestimate a young girl who had mastered magic since a person of Black Iron level could sometimes kill someone of Bronze level.

“Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the royal army” Luya placed her hand on her waist next to the weapon with great difficulty, her voice trembling.

“Royal army Tsk, the royal army is too busy to even take care of themselves.

What Still hoping for their rescue” The scarred man sneered, lifted the tip of his foot, and fiercely kicked Luya’s thin legs.

“Everything is in a mess.

Such things were no longer important to the nobles.

No matter whether it is robbery or murder, no one cares about them anymore.

Maybe those nobles are even more ruthless than us.”

“Why still wasting time talking nonsense with her Just take her away.” The young thief not far away chuckled.

Luya was startled to feel a hand grab her collar without mercy.

At the crucial moment, she yelled a spell and leaped back slightly, creating a fiery flame in front of her eyes.

“Not good, I was careless.”

Luya suddenly dodged, and the thieves around her all took out their weapons.


A dagger clashed with another dagger in a split second.

Luya’s arms went numb as a result of the intense pressure caused by the impact, and she took a cautious step back.

She twisted her body continuously to avoid the approaching flying arrow.

In the end, she made up her mind and tore the communication paper in her hand.

“Little girl, stop resisting.

Your magic is almost used up.” The scarred man’s feet suddenly exploded.

Then the distance between his body and Luya suddenly narrowed, and he kicked her abdomen.

“Puff~” A mouthful of blood spurted out.


Amidst the loud laughter, the other party mercilessly grabbed Luya’s hair and said fiercely, “Looks like I have to teach you some lesson now.”

His fingers approached the girl’s clothes to tear them apart as the words came to an end.

On a tree a hundred meters away, Lo Ya, who had transformed into human legs, put on the leaf skirt and leaf clothes that were simply knitted before.

As her hands supported the tree trunk, she looked down at the scene below.

Six Sickle Insects with an average level of more than 5 rushed out from under her and attacked the thieves.


The dagger slashed across the silver blade, flashing dazzling sparks.

After rolling a while on the ground, Luya got up with difficulty.

She covered the wound on her abdomen and said, “You will regret it.

I know the devil monsters nearby.

They will take revenge for me.”

“Devil monster Haha… this little girl is scared to the point of becoming insane.

Do you really think that we are naive The grey wolves around here will come to rescue you”

Puff ~

Just as he finished speaking, a dull roar suddenly came to his ears.

The voice in the man’s throat suddenly stagnated, and then his body was dragged several meters away by a dark figure.

The sharp blade penetrated his heart completely, and blood spilled out of his chest.

The second, the third…

The scar-faced man also noticed the two beasts that attacked him.

He hurriedly waved his weapon and split open the head of one of them.

But the long and thin insect blade also cut into his shoulder, causing astonishing pain.

“Who said that devil monsters won’t help her”

Lo Ya stood on the tree and let out a clear laugh.

At the same time, she spat out a Wind Blade from her mouth, hitting the scar-faced man’s abdomen.

The other party staggered as a result of the impact, and he then covered his bleeding belly and half-kneeled on the ground.

“This is…”

When he raised his head, the brief word, coupled with a trembling voice that he couldn’t continue, slipped from his throat.

He saw his companions being attacked and killed by the Sickle Insects and a little girl on a tree.

The sight shocked him to his core.

“They come… they come.” Luya’s eyes welled up with tears, which she couldn’t tell if they were tears of joy or excitement.

“Damn it, little girl, what the hell did you do”


Another Sickle Insect attacked him flexibly.

The scar-faced man’s weapon hit the insect’s body, but he miserably rolled a few times on the ground.


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