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C5 – Newborn Insect Girl

There was no fog enveloping the forest, and the colorful flowers grew in small patches under the towering trees.

The melodious chirping of birds could be heard in the forest.

The fresh air was filled with light fragrance, refreshing one’s mind and spirit.

The peaceful scenery looked very beautiful.

Little Insect Girl climbed along the rough patches of the tree branches all the way to the edge of a tall tree.

But after thinking for a while, she felt that it was not safe, so she changed direction and climbed towards a rock not far away.

One might wonder what she was doing, she was going to use split.

In reality, it was just separating the end of the tail which would grow into a new insect.

“Here it is.”

She really couldn’t think of any other better place.

Seeing so many tiny black insects crawling around in front of her, she decided to make a nest nearby.

There was a tree branch next to her in the middle.

She crawled over and opened her mouth, tearing open a hole in the middle of the branch bit by bit.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too hard.

Slowly, a deep hole that could accommodate a few of her was made.

The tree branch was very clean from the inside.

She was completely isolated from the world after she grasped a wooden column and stuffed it in the hole.

“Good job, now let’s begin to split”

The component was installed on her tail, almost becoming one with it.

Followed by a strange itching, a part of her tail slowly fell off.

Then, like a incomplete insect, it was jumping around, minding its own business, without caring about anything else.


Little Insect Girl spat out only one sentence when she gazed at the wiggling thing.

This kind of thing can’t be entertained by the eyes more than once.

A trace of light pierced through the small opening.

After the split tail played for a while, it was unknown if it was tired or not, but it quietly stayed frozen at the corner.

In fact, there was actually nothing to do anything next.

All she could do now was wait for it to grow up.

“I should go and eat something.”

Her stomach began to grumble again.

She opened the opening of the tree branch and again stuffed the column into it.

After making sure the area was safe, Little Insect Girl began to wiggle towards the group of tiny insects in the distance.

Her current size was much bigger than before.

Those small black insects that were less than one-tenth of her height would be devoured with her single bite.

“Prepare to die, pitiful insects.”

When she approached the target, Little Insect Girl grabbed a certain beetle and stuffed it into her mouth.

Crack, crack

Sure enough, everything tasted better these days.

Aware that they had encountered a strong enemy, the other insects immediately scattered.

With Insect Girl’s speed, it was impossible for her to catch up to them.

However, that bite just now gave her four evolution points, as well as the black shell’s components.

So, it was not a fruitless endeavor.

However, considering the dangers, she did not dare to stay too far away from her home (tree branch).

There were too many species in the forest.

Little insects like her were definitely the prey of many strong creatures, and she stood at the bottom of the complex food chain.

Thus, being cautious and careful was especially important.

“Speaking of which, what about the white insect’s compatriots from before”

She didn’t see them at all, it was as if they had disappeared.

She approached close to a patch of charred soil.

Little Insect Girl moved along the soft ground and climbed up to the top of a certain fallen leaf.

In the distance, a huge mollusk that looked like a mountain range was slowly crawling.

The gray-blue carapace on its back was encompassed with many shiny objects.

However, no one knew what they were.

Little Insect Girl was so scared that she quickly turned around and changed her trajectory.

“Was that thing just now a snail If it was, the current me wouldn’t be his opponent at all.”

This was not the main point.

That snail’s entire body was secreting viscous liquid.

It was unknown how many desperate little insects were stuck on it.

If she got close, her fate would also be the same as those pitiful things.

“Why is this happening”

‘Forget it, forget it.

It is still too dangerous to stay away from the nest.

It is better to stay there and wait for food to grace itself voluntarily.’

Little Insect Girl hurriedly returned to the nest, closed the wooden door invented by herself, and huddled together with the split tail.

She continued to observe it, but found that it did not move.

“It can’t be dead, right”

She hurriedly ran over to touch it, but who knew that the tail would swing and hit her face.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

She was actually slapped by her own split tail’s tail.

Little Insect Girl covered her face in grievance and decided to stay away from this little **.

She quietly observed from not far away.

In the following days, Little Insect Girl quietly stayed in the small tree branch.

Because the tree branch itself was shielded by the giant rock, it was very rare for large animals to step on it.

She would often run out, hunt and kill small insects that passed by, and secretly bring them back to the nest.

Sometimes, she would also use skills to kill the threatening ants, then hide inside the tree branch to devour them.

To many insects, Insect Girl was more threatening than their natural enemies because she knew how to use her trump cards well.

After staying here for about five or six days, cracks appeared on the split tail that trembled from time to time.

Then, a very small new life crawled out from inside.

It was about one-tenth of Little Insect Girl’s height and looked somewhat similar to her.

As soon as it was born, it crawled around in a daze, as if it was filled with curiosity about everything.

“Aww, should I give her a name”

Suddenly thinking of herself who did not have a name, she felt a bit depressed.

She actually forgot the name of her previous life.

“How about I name myself Lo Ya My name is Lo Ya… The little fellow’s name is Lo Xin.”

“Perfect, it’s decided then.”

The little fellow wriggled to the side of Lo Ya, drooling as it rubbed against her.

“What a small fellow.”

The upper half of her body was indeed human.

She had black hair and a silly look.

Judging from her age, she was obviously a little loli.

But the lower half of her body… was of a white insect!


Won’t it be good if the tail is changed to legs

I really hate insects, especially the psychotic mollusks.


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