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C48 – Human Professionals

The speed with which they advanced during the day was much faster than when it was night.

At about 8:9 am, the main force of the Insect Girl Clan left the northernmost area of the mountain range and moved towards the dense forest.

The terrain continued in ups and downs.

Many predators were hidden behind the tall trees and in the grass.

However, no matter how confident a creature was, it would hesitate for a moment when it saw a large group of ferocious Sickle Insect.

Usually, it would hide to the side with a complicated feeling.

The five Sickle Insect, who were the vanguard of the scouting team, slowly walked on the tall slope.

Being on a higher ground, their field of vision was relatively wide.

When they climbed over two irregular rocks, they suddenly stopped in their tracks.

A battle was taking place in the distance.

The sharp insect eyes identified the two sides of the battle.

On one side were three humans, and on the other side was an agile humanoid creature.

Through mental communication, Lo Ya received the reported of this discovery from the back.

She immediately shared the vision of a Sickle Insect and ordered the other party to slowly approach the battlefield.

Detection was used to obtain a series of information about a target.

Combat Mage, lV7, Black Iron Level, human female.

Shield Warrior, lV12, Bronze Level, human male.

Archer, level 6, Black Iron Level, human male.

Werewolf, lV 16, Bronze Level, magical creature.


Lo Ya immediately signaled the Sickle Insect to hide in the nearby grass, and then used its red eyes to observe the battlefield.

“Roar ~”

The werewolf let out a ferocious roar, and his already strong right arm suddenly expanded several times, turning into a terrifying giant claw, then it slapped towards the level 12 shield-bearer in front of him.

Clang – –

A dull sound rang out, and the werewolf’s giant arm was bounced back by the amplified rebounding force.

He moved his entire body half a step back.

In a moment of desperation, he spat out an air cannon from his mouth and aimed it at the shield-bearer’s head.


The shield-bearer took half a step back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Damn it, I almost bit off my tongue.” He took a deep breath and shouted towards the tree behind him, “Luya, magic shield.”

The girl with long brown hair, who was half-squatting on the tree trunk, chanted a spell.

Then a translucent red wall of light appeared in front of the werewolf, preventing it from making any further attack.

Whoosh ~

The other man who was hiding in the distance shot an arrow made of bronze at the target, but he deflected it with his palm.

The werewolf was infuriated by the continuous attacks.

It fired another Air Cannon from its mouth, but it was completely absorbed by the wall of light the girl had just released.

“Flaming Backstab” The girl took out a sharp dagger from her waist, ran a few steps along the tree trunk, before she jumped onto another tree behind the werewolf and quickly fell from the tree.

Buzz ~ ~

A blazing flame appeared on the dagger, and the cold edge of the blade was accurately aimed at the neck of the target.

However, before it hit the target, it suddenly reacted and blocked the attack with the giant claw.

Ci –

Blood splattered!

Luya nimbly somersaulted a few times in the air and flashed to about seven or eight meters away.

Then she took a light breath.

“Bordeaux, if you really can’t handle it, then give up.

This werewolf has a very tough skin.” The archer squatting on the tree lightly slid down from the tree trunk and stood on a pile of protruding gray stones.

From the start of the battle until that very moment, it seemed like they had the upper hand, but in reality, they didn’t cause any actual damage to the werewolf.

“If we give up now, all the efforts we’ve put in so far will be in vain.

Let’s try again.” The Shield Warrior roared and charged at the werewolf.

Of course, he did not do this to actually attack the werewolf.

He only did it to distract the werewolf so that Luya, who was behind him, could have a chance to attack.

Sure enough, the collision had an effect.

The werewolf had to reluctantly roll to the side and focused on dealing with the shield soldier’s attack, but ignored the sneak attack from the brown-haired girl.

She took out another dagger was from the side of the black leather armor she wore.

Using both hands and with all her might, she quickly approached the werewolf from behind, aiming for the left side, and stabbed it three times in a row.

As soon as she got a hit, she quickly escaped.

The werewolf turned around and fired an air cannon, but the girl flexibly avoided it.

“What a strong feeling.”

Lo Ya, who saw this scene with her own eyes, was very shocked in her heart.

Up until that moment, all their battles had always been long-range spellcasting and close range electric shock.

There had never been a scenario of agility and dodging.

With their tails, even if they had the wind element, they would not be able to escape.

They were very slow compared to humans.

So, if they weren’t sitting on the back of a Sickle Insect when facing an archer or a long-range magic attack, every Insect Girl will would most likely have to face the attack head on.

If You wanted to know what if feels like to wiggle a tail then:

‘You could wrap yourself in a blanket and tighten it completely.

Then, fold yourself and try to move forward… That’s pretty much it.’ Of course, Insect Girl’s control over her body was much easier than wrapping herself in a blanket.

After all, she was an insect.

But this was enough to explain Lo Ya’s helplessness and envy for not having a pair of legs.

Glancing at the legs transfiguration card in the item bar, Lo Ya motioned with her hand and the entire group instantly stopped.

They looked for a secluded spots in groups of three to five.

The battle location was only six to seven hundred meters away from where they were.

If the enemy ran in their direction, they would probably detect the Insect Girl Clan very quickly.

The battle in the distance continued.

The werewolf suddenly unleashed his power, and his body began to expand.

Horrifying blood vessels appeared on his skin, and his eyes gradually turned scarlet.

His body expanded from two meters to three meters.

“Roar!” As he roared, a message appeared over his head.

[Werewolf entered berserk mode.]

[Berserk mode: All attributes x1.2.

After 30 minutes, enters a weakened state (All attributes x0.8, lasts for 3 days)]


After he completely entered the berserk state, the werewolf quickly jumped up and rushed towards the Shield Warrior at an increased speed.

He threw a punch at the shield warrior.

With a dull thud, the hard shield caved in by half an inch.

The wood under the copper skin cracked and burst.

“This is bad, this guy can actually go berserk! Everyone, quickly retreat!” The shield warrior raised his sword and slashed at the werewolf, but the werewolf easily dodged it.

After two exchanges, an air cannon directly sent him flying more than ten meters away.

Seeing that the battle was getting closer to them, Lo Ya immediately stretched out her hand and shouted to everyone, “Everybody should stay calm, especially Little Insect Girls, make sure they don’t make a sound.”

Although they could kill enemies with higher cultivation levels as a group, the price they would have to pay was very high.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there was no other way, Lo Ya never wanted to have any conflict with any opponent who was above the Bronze Level.

At this moment, captain Bo Fu, who was hiding behind the group, had also been watching the battle in the distance.

He immediately walked up and said in a low voice.

“Since they are humans, maybe I can try to negotiate with them”

“You” Lo Ya looked at him in surprise.

“My elders have had the experience of talking to humans and history has that Goblins had made a deals with humans in the past.

If I meet them as your emissary and talk to them, I might be able to get them to become friends.

“What’s the use of having a friendly relationship with humans” Lo Xin, who was beside her, licked her fingers, looking gluttonous.


Lo Ya knocked on her head with a chestnut.

“Better not have your eyes on those creatures.

If you ever consider them as food in the future, I will beat you up.”

What kind of joke was that Such terrifying upright creature, if they provoked a powerful one among them, all the Insect Girls would just have to look forward to their extermination

Lo Xin pouted with grievance and obediently nodded her head.


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