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C46 – Skill Synthesis

In the silent mountain ridge, Lo Ya was lying on the back of the Sickle Insect, carefully observing her surroundings as they continued their journey.

As far as she could see, yellow grasses covered the whole area and the trees in the distance hid behind the shadows of nightfall.

The soul fire of the dead had become unusually obvious, perhaps, it was because the sky had become dark.

A few had flames, but they were so weak that even if they were at level 10, they would not be able to resist attacks from the Insect Girl.

The search missions were easier as the blue light served as guide and wherever they saw it, they moved towards.

Occasionally, they would leave the mountains and go to the wilderness nearby to hunt groups of creatures that were forced into hiding by the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

Not until after a certain moment after the Undead insect completed a new upgrade, did Lo Ya make up her mind to allow it deal with a level 1 bone beast.

“Did you see that It’s a rat-like creature.

Go and kill it!”

Lo Ya pointed at the target a few meters away and the skeleton walked over step after step.

At about 30 meters, the rat skeleton creature immediately transformed into a ferocious beast and rushed over.

The two bone creatures, one tall and big, the other small and short, collided with a loud bang.

The Undead Insect kicked the other party’s head; black smoke so thick that it could choke the opponent was released from his foot.

But the dark energy was useless against a fellow undead.

The fight between the two turned into a clash of fists.

At first, one could see the skills of the other, eventually, it turned into wrestling.

There was no clear display of its ability anymore.

Insect Girl, present at the scene, was quite stunned.

Few minutes later, the human-shaped Undead Insect finally stomped on his enemy’s head and picked up the fire seed.


Another burst of flames erupted, just immediately, his bones began to evolve again.

However, this time, the changes in the Undead Insect were quite intricate.

A thicker black mist oozed from the two flames in its eye sockets, and evenly filled its bones.

A powerful energy surged from its body.

Human Undead Insect has broken through to the Black Iron Level.

[Comprehended Skill: Dark Silk.]

[Dark Silk Thread: Spits out a thread formed through dark energy and attaches it to the opponent’s body.

With this thread the aura of death is slowly released, causing slight damage.] Whenever this skill is used, the mind of the target will be disturbed.]

It had made a breakthrough and also mastered a skill.

Whether this skill was considered good or not, being able to master a magical skill was a feat deserving of celebration.

After all, Lo Ya had experienced great difficulty in comprehending a similar ability in real life.

Other than flipping the cards and opening chests, Lo Ya really could not find any other way to learn a skill.

At the moment, the humanoid undead Insect who had attained the Black Iron Level still lacked in the ability to fight.

Whenever it faced magic beasts or magical creatures, it was almost certain that it would be defeated.

The dark threads were similar to auxiliary skills, and they could affect the mental state of the target.

Although this ability seemed quite good, it was of no use to individuals who lacked the ability to attack.

“Lo Ya, haven’t we already covered a lot of grounds”

There were already specks of starlight in the night sky.

This time, three crescent moons could be seen hanging in the sky.

The largest was white, about twice the size of the moon.

The other two were much smaller, one red and the other blue, looking mysterious.

Maybe the gravity has canceled each other out.

Everyone’s bodies seemed much lighter today.

Lo Ya brought Lo Xin up to a towering tree that was on the ground.

This tree had an astonishing height of 100 meters.

Its branches and leaves were lush and could hold up to six or seven adult Insect Girls.

Slowly climbing up, one could see the faint rays of blue light at a distance.

A large number of undead creatures wandered aimlessly on the withered yellowish ground.

In some cases, wild animals would accidentally enter this place and get into a conflict with the undead creatures.

Of course, the consequence of the battle would likely be the death of the wild animals.

Being located halfway up the mountain, their line of sight covered the sea in the distance across the narrow valley.

The sea under the night sky was covered in a fog.

Meanwhile, a low muffling sound could be heard from the other side of the distant mountain.

It came from a large waterfall that surrounded the whole world.

“I only need one more fragment to get the Skeleton Summoning skill”

Lo Ya greatly looked forward to getting this ability.

Thinking about it, while fighting with others, she would suddenly summon a skeleton to help her attack or block an attack.

At the same time, it would help her divert the enemy’s attention.

This should greatly increase her chances of winning.

Lo Ya hoped that the summoned skeleton would be very strong.

This way, it would be equivalent to having a highly valuable fighter.

“Lo Ya, there is a sea ahead.

Do you want us to continue moving forward through the night” Lo Xin yawned and looked up at the moon in the sky, she seemed to be tired.

“There is no need to continue.

Everyone should rest.

Assign a few of the Sickle Insect to take turns keeping vigil nearby.”

They were already far enough from the hound territory.

At that time, they had not encountered any dangerous enemies.

They also hadn’t had time to relax

After this, Lo Ya actually led a group of Sickle Insects to climb deeper into the mountain.

Hence, Lo Xin became worried, “Won’t you get some rest”

“I am going to take a look at the waterfall.” Lo Ya smiled said with a smile.

Lo Xin did not try to dissuade her and only watched her figure disappear into the night from afar.

The mountain range had very prominent characteristics; the deeper one went, the stronger the undead creatures would be.

To the current Insect Girl, any of the soul fires that were darker or skeleton beasts with higher ranking could cause fatal danger.

Therefore, when necessary, Lo Ya would regard the Sickle Insect as an abandoned weapon and buy herself some time to escape.

Along the way, they did not encounter any skeleton beasts.

After advancing for about half an hour, the rumbling sound in their ears became very loud.

They could see many waterfalls.

The waters fell from the top of the cliff and smashed into the deep puddle between the lush grass and soil; there were streams everywhere.

Lo Ya slowly climbed to the edge of the land.

Before her eyes, was seawater about a hundred meters wide.

It poured down from the edge and fell into the endless underground.

In the distance, thick fog filled the air.

Under the moonlight, it was faint purple in color.

Many miles away, an indomitable human figure could be seen.

“Last time, I think this was where I fell from, and then died shortly after.”

The Undead Insect by the side seemed to have discovered something.

It walked to the side of a cliff and knocked on it.

Immediately, a part of the wall collapsed, and a rat skeleton beast that was a few centimeters tall fell out.

Skeleton beast, lV1, undead race.

The Undead Insect took the initiative to attach the newly obtained dark silk threads to the head of the opponent.

Consequently, the life points of the skeleton beast began to gradually decrease.

It seemed dizzy, as though it had lost control of his body.

Following that, the Undead Insect used its hard fist to fiercely knock twice; like a porcelain vase that had received a heavy blow, the bone mouse instantly shattered on the ground.

Grabbing the dim soul fire, it swallowed it in one mouthful and then picked the item that burst from the ground and handed it over to Lo Ya.

The skeleton opened its mouth in anticipation.

“Yes, you finally got it”

At that instant, Lo Ya realized that it was a skill fragment of the skeleton summoning, She reached out and took the piece.

Immediately, the synthesis panel popped out before her eyes.

These fragments gathered together in midair and formed a brand with a skeleton on it.

Then, it merged into Lo Ya’s mind.

[Skeleton Summoning Fragment (10 / 10), gathered.]

[Received Level 1 skill: Skeleton Summoning.]

[Skeleton Summoning: Can summon a Black Iron Level (highest level 5) creature to fight for it (permanent).

Cancel at any time.

Cooling time is 24 hours.] Only one skeleton is allowed at a time.]


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