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C44 – Evolution of the Undead

“Hound Clan, they…”

“Burp.” Before Lo Ya could finish her sentence, Lo Yu, who was beside her, burped and rubbed her belly.

Then, she said with a sigh, “Once you mention the Hound Clan, I get hungry.”

The big beetle looked on quietly,

Lo Ya was speechless.

After an awkward moment, Lo Ya continued, “Actually… The Hound Clan went to the mountains.”

“Enough, stop talking.

I don’t believe you.”

The big beetle’s face did not show any anger or other emotions.

After a short silence, it transmitted another message, “Let us… stop invading each other.”

“What” Lo Ya was stunned for a moment.

“You… us, we don’t invade each other.” The big beetle repeated again.

Lo Ya was surprised.

She never thought that their opponents would make such a request.

Could it be that the seemingly powerful Gaeta Insect Swarm only showed strength on the outside but was weak on the inside Could it be that they encountered some other difficulties that made them to suddenly become unwilling to start a war with Insect Girl’s family

“I think that’s good.

I’m not interested anymore either.”

There was no need to think about it; such a request was best accepted.

Currently, the Insect Girl Clan couldn’t afford the damages of the war.

If possible, she really wanted to buy more time for the race to develop.

“If you don’t wand us to invade each other, then that’s fine.

But you all have to leave our territory.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

After the peace talk, the Gaeta Insect Swarm began to retreat right before Insect Girl and the others.

That scene made Lo Ya very surprised.

She did not expect that they truly intended to stop the war.

What secret plans did these bugs have in their heads

“Lo Ya, I drove them away.

Aren’t you going to give me a hug” Lo Yu revealed a look of anticipation and actually asked Lo Ya to give her credit.

“Okay, uh… Wait.

That’s not right.

How does this matter actually have anything to do with you” Lo Ya revealed a dumbfounded expression, “How are you the one who drove them away”

” It doesn’t matter.

I just want to play with Lo… hmm, no… take a squeeze of Lo Ya.

After saying that, Lo Yu hugged Lo Ya, who was still like a baby, and gently rubbed her.

“Ahhhhh, Your chest… I’m suffocated… damn it.”

Half an hour later, other than the Team 1 of Sickle Insects, the rest of Insect Girls, Sickle Insects, Undead Insects and Goblins gathered in the open space in the middle of the camp.

Hundreds of insects of various sizes stood densely in front of Lo Ya.

Each of them was full of energy.

“The Gaeta Insect Swarm has temporarily stopped attacking, but there’s no guarantee that they will keep to the agreement.

So, in the meantime, I will take Insect Girls and two-thirds of the adult Sickle Insects to the shore in the north.

The rest of you will continue to stay in this camp and form small teams to hunt and develop.

This order was after Lo Ya made careful considerations.

For her, with the astonishing reproduction speed of the Sickle Insects, they were easily expendable.

Leaving them behind here wouldn’t be much trouble.

Even if they were attacked by the Gaeta Insect Swarm again, they could rely on good tactics and their ability to reproduce at great speed to stall the attack for a period of time.

As long as she could protect the core, she could still make a comeback after some time.

“After the previous battle, our Insect Girl Clan still has 400 adult Sickle Insects.

I will go ahead and leave 100 of them here, as well as all the young ones that are yet to mature.

I’ll take the rest with me.”

After she made her decision, the main group set off almost immediately.

They headed north along the edge of the mountain range.

Lo Ya sat on the back of a Sickle Insect and moved closer to the front of the group.

However, for some reason, the further they went, the thicker the strange aura in the mountain became.

After a certain amount of time went by…

[Dark attribute fluctuation detected.

Due to the influence of the humanoid Undead Insect, there is an automatic immunity to the effect.]

Lo Ya was slightly stunned.

As they continued going forward, they soon ran into an undead creature that looked somewhat unstable and had light blue flames floating in its eye sockets.

Judging from the shape of its bones, it was a reptile with the appearance of a dog.

The dense dark aura it exuded was even more intense than that of the Undead Knight they had met in the past.

If the Undead Knight protecting the girl was considered to have had the aura of a human, then the creatures in front of them were completely dark creatures.

Low-grade Skeleton Beast.

Level 3, undead race, Black Iron Level.

The information she obtained was different from the information she got from the Undead Knights.

What was even more stunning was that this monster’s strength was actually at the Black Iron Level.

Lo Ya did not dare to get too close to the target, she sent a Sickle Insect to slowly approach it.

When the distance between them was about 30 meters, this low grade skeleton beast suddenly let out a low roar and rushed towards the insect at full speed.

It spat out a mouthful of black smoke and the outer shell of the Sickle Insect began to melt at a visible rate.

The two of them collided very quickly.

In a very swift move, the sharp sickle blade slashed onto the bone.

A weird clanging sound was heard.

Then, a few tiny cracks appeared on the blade.

“Very powerful.”

Lo Ya immediately ordered the Sickle Insect to retreat, but it seemed like it was too late.

The skeleton beast opened its huge mouth and bit down on its sickle that instant, producing a crisp cracking sound.

It broke.

“How terrifying.”

Lo Ya rode the Sickle Insect closer and at the same time, sent a Wind Blade from the distance where she was.

Clash ~

The skeleton beast’s neck was cut off and its lower body lost control and fell to the ground.

The head that was rolling on the ground kept struggling, opening and closing its mouth.

When the life points reclimed to zero and a pile of things burst out, Lo Ya climbed down from the back of the Sickle Insect and wriggled towards the target.

[Skill Fragment Acquired 1 / 10: Skeleton Summoning]

[Beginner spiritual power Recovery Potion Acquired.]

[Discover Undead Fire Seed.]

[Undead Fire Seed: A mysterious tinder that can allow undead creatures to evolve.

Not recommended to be eaten by Living creatures.

Note: The Undead Fire Seed will disappear as time passes.]

Lo Ya grabbed the light blue flame in her hand, and she felt coldness rather than heat.

The flame was suspended a few centimeters above her palm.

It was very big (compared to the current Lo Ya).

“Maybe, the Undead Insect can have it.

Let’s see what happens.”

There was only one adult undead Insect at the moment, so it would be the one to consume the mysterious flame, since it was only one here.

Lo Ya turned her head and looked at the fellow who was standing not far away looking dazed.

She ordered it, “Come and eat it.”

Crack, crack, crack.

The sound of bones rubbing against each other was clear.

The Undead Insect slowly walked over.

It opened its skeleton mouth and took the blue flame.

The entrance…


The Undead Insect’s originally pitch black eyes suddenly emitted a faint fiery light.

The blue light was not very visible, it was very faint.

However, there was a strange energy that spread throughout its body, and very quickly, all of its bones produced a light cracking sound.

[Undead Insect has awakened the soul fire, and has become an Undead Spirit.]

[Obtained special characteristic: Power of Darkness]

[Power of Darkness: Inflicts undead damage during battle (The stronger the Soul Fire, the stronger the effect)]

“I feel like something incredible has happened.”

Lo Ya had clearly felt the increase of the Undead Insect’s power, although the flame had been weakened by some amount.

It was obviously a feasible way to increase one’s strength.


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