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C43 – What happened to the Hound Clan

The number of Spiked Insect groups that continued to gather outside the camp increased.

They stood outside the tall wooden fence, one could already see many black shadows.

At first, the Sickle Insects were still able take turns to rest.

But as the Spiked Insects increased in number, the frequency of the battles also gradually increased.

A squad of just 20 members was no longer completely sufficient.

Sometimes, there would be as many as 100 insects joining the fight.

In order to reduce their losses, Lo Ya often added the support of a few squads.

She was like a general commanding the activities on the battlefield.

She tried to use a flank attack, outflank from behind, and other methods, which gave the Spiked Insect a lot of trouble.

“Lo Ya, look! There are a lot of Spiked Insects approaching over there.”

As Lo Xin who was standing on the fence said those words, Lo Ya was brought back from her thoughts.

At that moment, hundreds of meters away, there were groups of Spiked Insesct.

They were no longer a group of a dozen or twenty, but a large number of them had gathered together and attacked the two Sickle Insect teams that were fighting.

“Lo Xin, send out all the Sickle Insects under your command.”


Every Insect Girl had a certain number of Sickle Insects under their authority, and the least among them was Team 1.

They were mainly responsible for protecting the camp or coming as backup during dangerous battles.

Lo Xin, had the most command, with a total of eight teams under her, a total of 160 insects.

When they gathered together to launch an attack, it was like a magnificent army, like a strong tide that could move mountains and seas.

However, Lo Ya also knew that the risk was still too great to take, if this few number of them had to fight with the Gaeta Insects.

“Lo Lo, prepare the young Insect Girls and gather all the larvae alongside.

If things get out of hand, our only option will be to retreat to the northern beach.”

After Lo Ya finished speaking, she took with her 3 teams of Sickle Insects to the forest and hid in a pile of grass.

Not long after, dozens of Spiked Insect passed by the area.

Lo Ya did not say anything and immediately ordered all the insects to attack.

60 Sickle Insects quickly appeared from the haystacks in two directions, from the west and south, and flew towards their enemies.

The Spiked Insect didn’t even have time to react and lost more than 10 of their members in a single charge.

Both sides engaged in an intense battle.

The Spiked Insects obviously didn’t realize the importance of food to the Insect Girl Clan.

All they did was eat, they never moved the bodies of their dead companions on the battlefield.

That way, the corpses of both parties were actually consumed by the Insect Girl Clan.

Lo Ya and the other adult Insect Girls usually took the initiative to attack for their own benefit.

Under the protection of a few Sickle Insect squads, they went to the battlefield to give support to their kind.

The Wind Blade and the Dark Melting could basically kill an enemy in one strike, and if there was a spiritual power in the items that dropped, it could instantly replenish the exhausted magic used.

Consequently, the losses from the battle on both sides were completely on the high .

After the battle went on for half an hour, the hundreds of Spiked Insects that were on the losing side retreated in a grandiose manner.

Lo Ya watched as a large patch of small black dots disappear from her line of sight.

She let out a light sigh of relief.

“Were you able to push them back” Lo Xin asked.

“It seems so.”

Actually Lo Ya wasn’t sure of what to do next.

Even if she escaped into the mountains, there was no guarantee that the Gaeta Insect Swarm would not chase after her.

While she was worrying about this, a Little Insect Girl wriggled to her side, and bit the insect leg in her hand and then looked up at her.

“Uh, what’s wrong”

Lo Ya was just about to carry her when a Sickle Insect suddenly ran in from the outside the camp and sat by the side with its legs bent.

It was when she connected with her spirit that she realized that, that Sickle Insect was only playing with Little Insect Girl just now.

In terms of intelligence, the Sickle Insects were much lower than cats and dogs but they were indeed Insect Girls’ best companions.

They contributed selflessly and swore to protect them with their lives.

This was also the definition of their existence as cannon fodders.

“Lo Ya, the enemy has sent new insects.”

Lo Xin’s head suddenly popped out from behind the window, her tone clearly carried a trace of anxiety.

Lo Ya turned her head and frowned, “Are they enough to send in new units”

Obviously, the Spiked Insects were not good enough, so they were about to send even more powerful creatures.

But Lo Xin shook her head and said, “I think they are here to negotiate.”

“A truce”

She followed her to the other side of the wooden fence, they saw a large group of Spiked Insects surrounding a strange Insect that looked like an inverted calabash with four legs.

Calabash insect, lV6, magic Beast.

“Minions, surrender, or else, you all will die.”

The intermittent messages were transmitted into Lo Ya’s mind.

It could only be said that they were worthy of being the source of the spiritual power’s sensing device.

Their control over the mind was more than a level higher than Insect Girl’s.

“Turns out they are here to persuade us to surrender.”

Lo Ya slowly moved in front of the other party, she took a similar amount of Sickle Insects along with her.

“I accept… We surrender.”

“Very good, you’ve made a smart…”


Before it could finish saying everything it wanted to, a Wind Blade had already sliced through the body of the calabash-like creature.

At the same time, all the Sickle Insects unleashed their power simultaneously, and launched attacks at the Spiked Insects.

Then a wave of clash of blood and flesh, sickles, and spikes followed, all the enemies were killed.

“They actually came to ask us to surrender.

Could it be that they no longer have the confidence to defeat us” Lo Ya could not stop thinking about it

Killing the Calabash Insect simply meant they were completely breaking off relations with the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

But under such circumstances, the enemy did not appear again.

The Undead Insect took advantage of this time to give birth to 10 young babies that were yet to mature.

Compared to the Spiked Insects, they were not fast, but their damage was high.

They were more suitable for some defensive battles.

After waiting for about half a day, the Gaeta Insect Swarm finally made a comeback.

This time, it wasn’t only the Spiked Insects and Calabash Insects, there were also many high-level insects that were obviously larger in size, and were above level 6.

Facing the mountain range behind the Insect Girl Clan, these enemies seemed to be somewhat afraid, and did not initiate any attack for a long time.

Just as Lo Ya was anxiously preparing to retreat, an extremely tall large beetle with an strange appearance walked out from the center of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

The other party made a specific link with Lo Ya’s spirit and sent a message to her, “What happened to the Hound Clan”


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