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C42 – Lo Ya’s Dream

[Congratulations, flipping to 4 stars Racial Ability Card: Fire Elemental Control]

[Fire Elemental Control Level 1: Basic Fire Magic, highest Level 3, able to adapt to higher temperatures, able to actively gather fire energy in areas that are close to any fire source, slightly increasing the combat strength of fire magic.]

“Wow, another Elemental Control ability.”

To Insect Girl, elemental Control was merely an assist to using the resultant magic.

Even if she did not obtain it, it would not have been of much difference.

But to most creatures, elemental control was a mandatory lesson to learn before obtaining magic.

It could be said that if one was unable to learn how to control elements, they would never be able to learn real magic.

After obtaining fire elemental control, they still did not have fire magic in the meantime.

However, for the Insect Girls, it had also strengthened their adaptability to hot environments.

Besides the card she flipped, Lo Ya also picked up two leaf balls from the ground, three units of common currency, as well as a small amount of healing medicine.

In addition, she also found a new thing, something she had never seen before.

Lucky card: A card with any possibility, good luck.

“What is this, could it be…”

She pressed the use button on the card.

The card began to spin, and then just like drawing cards in a game, it began to emit a dazzling golden light.


[Racial Base Strength 1]

“Phew, I think I got something good.”

It was a pity that this power did not give the Sickle Insects and Undead Insects any bonus points.

It was obvious that only Insect Girls were considered as members of the race based on the recognition of the card.

After the fight ended, Lo Ya temporarily returned to the territory.

Within this period of time, there were two waves of Spiked Insect vanguards that arrived, and they were all perfectly harvested by the Sickle Insects led by Insect Girls.

As a result, the amount of food reserved in a wooden house within the territory increased.

Night fell, and Insect Girls started a three shifts system to watch guard.

At that moment, the frequency of battles was not very high.

So, Lo Ya was also able to sleep peacefully each time she rested.

She climbed into the pile of Little Insect Girls and hugged a baby beside her.

She yawned and fell asleep in a cute manner.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, look.

This staircase leads to heaven.”

In the white void, an Insect Girl held Lo Ya’s hand and excitedly pointed to the top of the staircase.

The white staircase extended far beyond their eyes could see from the foot at the endless distance, it continued up to the seemingly endless white light.

The surrounding was quiet and there were no other colors.

“We’ve already walked for so long.” Lo Ya said looking emotional.

“I know.

If we want to get to heaven, then we have to overcome the crisis of the insects.

It is important that you take these olive branches.” The voice of her companion sounded illusory.

Lo Ya took the branches from the other party and immediately her arms dropped.

“Ah, they are so heavy.

What is this”

“They are sins, Lo Ya’s sins.

If we can’t carry them to heaven, you will fall into hell.”

Lo Ya’s hand shook and the branch fell off to the ground.

As it fell, the staircase under her feet actually began to breakaway slowly, as if it was going to fall into an endless abyss.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, quickly pick it up.

You will go to hell if you don’t.”

“I know, I know, I know.”

She hurriedly lowered her head to pick up the branches under her feet.

Suddenly, her companion beside her shouted again, “Don’t look down.

If you do, you will see hell.”

“What!” Lo Ya quickly closed her eyes.

In a panic, she picked up the branches, they were so heavy that she almost could not even lift them.

Lo Ya looked up again and opened her eyes.

She started to walk upwards while panting.

How far was heaven

She did not know.

This staircase seemed to extend into the distance that she could not even see.

There was no way she could make it to the end.

It was getting heavier and heavier.

“If they are too heavy for you, I can help you with some.

It’s fine.”

“Then help me with these.”

She took out half of it and handed it to the other party.

However, Lo Ya noticed that the number of branches in her hand did not reduce.

She felt that it was a bit weird, but it did not seem to be a problem.

“Lo Ya Lo Ya, if you they are too heavy, I can still help you with more.

It’s totally fine.

“Then help me with this other one.”

She took out another one and handed it to the other person.

However, Lo Ya still noticed that the branches in her hand still did not decrease.

She felt that it was a little strange, but it did not seem to bother her.

“Lo Ya, if they are too heavy, then give me a few more.

“Okay, okay.” Lo Ya gave the other party a few more, but she still had many branches in her hands.

Again, she felt that it was a little strange, but she did not care.

It felt very normal to let others take care of it, since it was just a sin.

Lo Ya continued to walk up.

“Hey, can I ask you, when we get to heaven, will that be the end of life” Along the way, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Yeah, but you have to come along with your sins.”

“If this is all there is to life, then what’s the point”

“It’s meaningful.

When you get to heaven, you will understand that it’s meaningful.”

In the distance, there was a blood red door that was translucent and could barely be seen.

However, when Lo Ya looked carefully, she couldn’t see the door anymore, it had disappeared.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, if they’re still too heavy, I will help you with some.

It’s alright.

“Okay, thank you.

Here you go.”

She took out three pieces and put them into the hands of the other one.

It was then that she realized that her companion was already holding a large pile in her hands.

“Are they not too heavy”

“They are, you gave them to me.

Sharing them with someone else, only increases the number of your sins.”


Lo Ya realized that she could no longer count the olive branches in her hands.

She also felt that her body wasn’t strong enough to handle it and she couldn’t move at all.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, if your sins are too many, you will go to hell.

You have to be careful.”

The stairs began to go down.

The blood red door in the distance, that had reappeared but was not clear was gradually vanishing.

Then there was something terrifying approaching under her feet.

‘Can’t look down, can’t look down!’ her mind was structure.

The olive branch jounced uncontrollably and slapped Lo Ya on the face.

“This is your punishment, Lo Ya.

You have committed too many crimes.”

Pah! Pah! Pah!

“My face hurts.

No, I don’t want to go to hell.



Lo Ya was suddenly jolted awake.

She found an Insect’s tail swinging back and forth, continuously hitting her face.

Upon taking a closer look, she discovered that this Little Insect Girl was having a cute dream.

She was laughing foolishly while waving her hands.

Her tail was also rolling back and forth.


She really envied the little one.

Why would she have such nightmares like herself

Lo Ya wiped away the cold sweat on her face and crawled out of the house.

She slowly climbed onto a collapsed tree.

Countless bright stars were suspended in the vast night sky, they were ancient and mysterious.

A halo the size of the moon was carved in the sky by a satellite, shining a bright silver light.

If one looked carefully, one could see another red miniature star not far away.

Lo Ya felt how unimportant she was.

The breeze blew past and two bright little bugs landed on her tail.

Several flat arthropods crawled on the ground.

They lived in their own world, and knew nothing about the impending disaster outside the “Horizon”


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