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C41 – The Arrival of the Spiked Insect

Three days later, when the first Undead Insect stood before Lo Ya, it felt as though she had seen a warrior from hell.

The head was covered with a thick black shell, and most parts of its body were majorly bones.

There was a faint black mist all over it’s body, and wherever it passed, it left behind a strange cold feeling.

“It has such a powerful aura.

I think I’ll wait for it to mature before utilizing it.”

Lo Ya nodded her head in satisfaction and laid in the middle of a group of Little Insect Girls and looked at the sky with a happy face.

The grass gave off a nice fragrance and there were many cute little creatures crawling around Lo Ya.

Every now and then, they would cling to her body and foolishly lick her fingers or slept with their mouths open.

“Now, it’s time we plan on how to deal with the Gaeta Insect Swarm.”

Lo Ya turned her head and looked at a juvenile Insect Girl who was even smaller than herself.

In the end, the other party opened her little mouth nibbled at her nose.


They all clustered around her and were shivering.

“It feels quite cold.”

Lo Ya only realized that she had become one of the little ones after they rubbed themselves against her body.

The vanguard of the Gaeta Insect Swarm had already showed up, but it was surprising that those insects retreated quickly shortly after they got close to the mountain range.

It seemed that they were facing some unknown enemies on the other side..

In front, there were a number of Spiked Insects, but behind them, were also a large number of strange looking Insects, that were between level 1 to level 10.

The battle did not last long, and it was the Gaeta Insect Swarm that won with their advantage in numbers.

As more and more of their kind appeared near the territory of the Insect Girl Clan, Lo Ya had no choice but to consider launching an attack.

“These past three days, the number of adult Sickle Insects have increased by 200.

But most of the animals caught during hunting had to be stored as reserve food for emergencies.

So, we have only been able to reproduce less than 50 newborn larvae.

If possible, I’m hoping we use every strength we have to wipe out the vanguard forces of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.” Lo Ya, whose appearance was like that of child, faced the few Insect girls.

Her childish voice carried the orders from the main consciousness.

The adult Insect Girls looked at each other in dismay, as if they did not understand her plan.

“Do we really have to do this The Gaeta Insect Swarm is very powerful.”

“We don’t have any other choice.

Behind us is the end of the world, to the north is also the boundless sea.

At the end of the sea is still the earth’s waterfall.

That leaves us with only one option, and that is to use all the forces we have to turn the powerful Spiked Insects into our own food.

The problem they were facing right now was very serious.

The Spiked Insects was only the vanguards of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

Although there were a lot of them, they were still not way beyond their strength.

After them, groups of high-level insects would follow, and they were likely to be a difficult as the hunting dogs or even more.

The Insect Girl Clan roughly understood why the Hound Clan used the mountain behind them as their escape route, because the road that led to the Earth Waterfall was not a dead end.

It was because there was a strong aura of death in it, that made most creatures dread going too deep into it.

Hiding inside the mountain could greatly help keep enemies away.

Of course, the actual situation might have been more complicated, because she found a statue that looked like a skeleton in one of the houses of the Hound Tribe.

They worshiped the Undead humans as their deities, and may have even formed a religion.

If the Hound Clan really became worshipers of the undead, then it may explain why they had escaped into the valley.

“Lo Ya, there are small groups of Spiked Insect in our territory now.

There have been a few fights between them and the Sickle Insects.

They have lost a few of their companions, but they came back with a lot of food.” Lo Xin placed a piece of meat in front of her and Lo Ya immediately took a bite and it tasted like some chocolate.

“This is really the meat of a Spiked Insect.

I have missed it so much.”

The battle had to continue.

Although there were a lot of Sickle Insects, the coming battle was obviously an exaggerated war of attrition.

Therefore, during the battle, they had to maintain rapid reproduction to be able to make up for their own losses.

“Everyone, we will command the sickle Insects in small teams to fight.

The enemies aren’t many right now, so there’s no need for us to directly send out large troops to fight them.

The most important thing right now is to gather enough food for emergencies, then make up for lost members and slowly consume the Gaeta Insect Swarm as they come in their numbers.

“Well, typical of Lo Ya.” Lo Xin praised.

Fighting and decision-making, if their main consciousness wasn’t there to control these things, the Insect Girls and the rest wouldn’t know what to do.

Perhaps when they encountered danger, they would either scatter or attack in a messy fashion.

Lo Ya had long thought of what the future held based on the information provided by the Goblins.

They obviously had very few options at this time.

Whether it was the territory of the Devil Beast Lord or the sea of many monsters, they needed more strength to be able to meet with them.

Lo Ya took 20 Sickle Insects with her to the northwest side of the territory.

That was the standard number that made up the small teams they needed to deal with the Spiked Insects.

Although most of the individuals on both sides were just level 1 in terms of average attributes, the Insect Girl Clan’s side was still a notch higher than the other party.

Furthermore, the highest ranking of the Sickle Insects was level 5.

After many battles and training, at least one-third of them had already reached level 2, while a minority of the elites were above level 3.

If they really started a fight… The Insect Girl Clan was still more likely to suppress them.

“I just saw a group of Spiked Insects eating grass.

Are they really omnivores”

Lo Ya saw more than a dozen enemy insects “strolling” in the grass.

Without saying a word, she sent out the Sickle Insects to launch an attack.

Black shadows exaggerated by their number, came out from the tall grass.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Spiked Insects were not paying attention, they quickly jumped up and slashed their sickles to chop down.

“Squeak squeak!”

Different types of insect cries echoed from there.

The Spiked Insects raised their sharp spikes to counterattack.

Both parties engaged in a crazy battle in that small area.

Lo Ya did not attack head-on hoping to be protected by the three Sickle Insects.

As an Insect Girl, she naturally had to attack from a hidden location.

Then came the Wind Blades as they launched one after another.

A few Spiked Insects were sliced in half and became dead souls under the sharp blades.

“Now that my current level has become higher, my lethality has really increased by so much.”

Lo Ya’s current rating was at the Black Iron level.

It shouldn’t be difficult to face those low-level monsters, and was even easier to kill them in one move.

The efficiency of this battle was very high.

Soon, the Spiked Insect were unable to withstand the attack any longer and were prepared to retreat.

However, the Sickle Insects had long arranged their tactics and had already formed an isolation, completely blocking every escape route of these pitiful Insects.

In just a few short minutes, what was left were only a pile of enemy corpses left on the ground.

The Sickle Insect transport team that was waiting not far away quickly came up and transported half of the food back to the territory.

The remaining half of the food was shared on the spot.

Lo Ya went forward and took the meat from a certain Sickle Insect, then opened her small mouth to quickly take a bite.

She heard the sound of evolution points increasing, then finally followed by the prompt that she had not heard for a long time.

[You have received a chance to draw cards once.]


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