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C36 – The Fall of the Hound Clan

The message was delivered to the captain.

After that, a total of 70 hounds gathered under his command, and slowly moved towards the direction of the Insect Girl Clan.

Although he was very confident, the captain was also very cautious.

While moving forward, he didn’t forget to send out hunting dogs to scout the way, paying attention to any possible leads at all times.

In order not to be discovered, the Insect Girls all withdrew their heads back and hid their bodies behind the leaves, and kept every trace of them away from the hunting dogs.

“Lo Ya, those monsters are here.

What do you say we do next” Lo Xin asked uneasily.

Lo Ya thought for a while and said in a low voice, “As soon as I give the order, use the Wind Blade, all of you!”

Actually Lo Ya wanted to ask them to use the Dark Melting, but considering their past two encounters, she changed her mind and decided to go with the Wind Blade first.

“Sometimes as an Insect, one needs to be smarter.

If I had asked them to use the Dark Melting, these little cuties would probably have ended up nervous.” Lo Ya was really helpless.

The hound team had already arrived at the rocky valley area.

Actually, the terrain here was not particularly high.

Many of them were made up of grey rocks that were similar to fake mountains, and broken stones were everywhere.

There was a small amount of soil that had piled up over some period of time.

Dark green plants were sparsely scattered on the ground and danced with the wind.

“Any signs of the target” The captain asked the scouting hound.

“No, I suspect that the two insects have escaped to a stack of rocks still in front.

I suggest we send two teams forward to search the area.”

Their vigilance was very high.

They wouldn’t let their main combat team get into the dangerous areas, and everything they did was done in teams.

Lo Ya, who was lying behind the rocks on the hill and was blocked by a sapling in front of her, secretly nodded her head and observed the ten hounds approaching her way.

“There are so many of them.”

Lo Ya had already decided to trap both squads within that area and weaken the Hound Clan’s strength in advance.

“Listen up everyone.

Once I give the order, use the Wind Blade.”

“3, 2, 1… Now!”

Whiz, whiz, whiz…

A pile of Wind Blades were shot down from the sky.

A few dogs caught off guard were cut in the head and body on the spot, and blood sprayed out from their mouths.

Amidst the cries of ambush, the remaining dogs all raised their heads, and fixed their gazes on Insect Girls above them.


Lo Ya originally hoped that they would all use the Dark Melting instead.

“What just happened”

The plan to sneak an attack with the lava failed, and because the Wind Blade’s launch distance was from more than 20 meters away, its power was weakened.

It only killed two of the hounds.

This wave of attack did not achieve the desired effect.

Lo Ya was forced to mobilize more than 30 Sickle Insects that were hidden on both sides and they jumped out from the back of the mountain.

Compared to before, the Insect Girls were much more reliable this time.

After using the Wind Blade, a few splashes of Dark Melting were immediately released and merged into the ground.

“Ah, Lo Ya is so stupid.

It was obviously better if she had asked us to use the Dark Melting first, and we would have been able to successfully launch a sneak attack.

Instead, she asked us to use the Wind Blade.” Lo Xin pouted.

“You’re right, that was a stupid choice of weapon.” Lo Yu quickly nodded her head.

Lo Ya almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was lost for words.

In the future, the little ones would have to decide for themselves whatever they wanted to do.

After deploying the Dark Melting, the second round of Wind Blade was reloaded.

The Sickle Insects attacked from all directions, catching the dogs who were suddenly attacked unprepared.

However, their first reaction was not to fight, but to retreat.

“Quickly, go to the captain and ask for backup.”

There was no chance.

There were too many Sickle Insects around them.

At this moment, the combat strength of these monsters had been enhanced by small amounts of attributes, so it had increased to a certain extent.

In addition, the monsters that Lo Ya sent out were all elites that had reached level 3 and above.

Their average attributes were close to 5 points, which made the dogs suffer.

Then, under the horrified gaze of the captain who was right behind them, a few hounds were stabbed by sickles one after another and were pulled to the back of the rocks.

“Attention everyone, charge forward and kill them.”

The captain gritted his teeth and gave the order to the remaining fifty hounds.

As the group of mad dogs rushed forward, Lo Ya immediately felt the pressure increase.

She ordered the Insect Girls to release their skills without holding back while she secretly moved the Sickle Insects behind the dogs to fully surround the battlefield, so as to block their escape route.

When they were close to 20 meters away, Insect Girls’ Wind Blade shot out one after another.

“Double Wind Shield.”

“Single Wind Shield.”

A few air current walls appeared in front of the hunting dogs.

Because of the defensive wind, at least half of the Wind Blades was severely weakened.

The attack turned out ineffective.

The only thing that they could rely on now was the flowing lava.

“Leaf ball.”

Lo Ya took out a grenade and threw it into the pack of dogs.


After the loud explosion, four hounds were killed on the spot.

The others were more or less injured by the shrapnel, and they seemed to be in so much pain.

“Take them down.” The captain roared furiously.


Another leaf ball was released.


“Spread out! Spread out!” The hound squad leader changed his order.

The explosive was so powerful, it was simply a killing weapon.

Without any previous experience dealing with grenades, these hounds were too flustered.

As they spread out, the effectiveness of the grenades became much weaker.

But each shot still managed to kill a few, and was also able to cause some serious damages.

Over a hundred Sickle Insects charged forward, and their viscous black venom had already reached the hounds’ legs, revealing its terrifying effect.

Some of the hounds deployed wind blades to counterattack, but they relied mostly on the rock to block the attack, so their attack was not very effective.

The battle quickly turned into a melee.

The sickles versus the sharp claws, the swarm of Insects against the pack of hounds.

The Insect Girl’s current spiritual power was enough for them to release several skills.

When they used the Dark Melting 30 to 40 times together and felt that their energy levels were low, Lo Ya took out some low-quality spiritual power recovery medicine and replenished them.

With the 50 Sickle Insects charging from behind, the hunting dogs in the middle of the fight felt despair.

They didn’t even understand what was going on.

Lo Ya frowned as she watched the Sickle Insects being torn apart by the wind blades and sharp claws.

Unfortunately, for the sake of winning the battle, she had no choice but to make the sacrifice.

The battle continued for more than ten minutes before all the hounds finally fell.

Nearly half of the Sickle Insects had died.

More than 80 of them, who were fortunate enough to be alive, were all injured.

“Eat all the flesh and blood and prepare to heal and reproduce.”

Corpses could not be wasted.

They would give rise to new individuals in the future.

Lo Ya brought the other Insect Girls to the battlefield and quickly consumed the food.

The battle turned out much easier than expected.

It was all thanks to Leaf Ball, a powerful weapon.


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