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C32 – A crashed Spaceship

It was hard to tell if he was telling the truth or not from his facial expression alone.

Luckily, Lo Ya’s spirit communication ability could sense the emotions of others and detect when they lie.

Elder Bu Fu did not seem to be lying, so Lo Ya decided to follow him to the Winged Dragon’s nest to take a look.

If the strange things he talked about were treasures, then they may be useful in the future.

She asked the Insect Girls and Goblins to wait there, and the two of them moved to the place where the stone Winged Dragon took off.

“Look, I found a hole.”

The elder pointed at a corner of the dense forest.

There was a deep hole there, that could easily be overlooked.

Obviously, it was the nest of the stone Winged Dragon.

“The stone Winged Dragon is a special creature.

They always have a way to find precious equipment and magic tools forgotten by humans.

If we are lucky, we may be able to get one or two magic scrolls.”

It wasn’t certain if it was because he was overly looking forward to it, but Elder Bu Fu’s green skin turned red from excitement.

He never thought that he would be able to see a nest that was left behind by a stone Winged Dragon with his own eyes.

However, Lo Ya did not have high expectations.

Even if there were any valuable things, the Winged Dragon would have probably taken them for itself.

What it meant was that, stuffs that were left behind would basically be worthless items.

Both of them entered a dark cave, and a deep passageway appeared in front of them.

Lo Ya wriggled to the inner wall of the tunnel and found that there were some metallic objects piled up on the ground.

She squatted down and picked them up, they were actually somewhat heavy.


She was not sure.

However, as they continued to walk deeper, the tunnel suddenly expanded, and a huge object stood before them.

It was possibly more than a hundred meters in length.

It was completely black, and its streamlined outer shell was extremely exquisite.

One of the gaps was broken, revealing a large number of complicated circuits.

“A spaceship”

That word popped up in Lo Ya’s head, and she was a slightly surprised in her heart.

“What is this exactly” Elder Bu Fu was also stunned.

With his common sense, it was naturally impossible for him to recognize what was in front of him.

Following the gap in the spaceship, a hall that looked a lot like a control room came into view.

The interior was dark, they had to solely rely on the faint light that came from outside to identify the items inside.

Metal, all metal.

When Lo Ya came to the edge of the console and reached out to touch it, she suddenly heard a sound similar to the start of a machine.

A weak red light flashed from some instruments.


Startled, she took half a step back.

A series of intermittent sounds followed.

The sound was very strange, obviously not from a human, and the tone was somewhat sharp.

Lo Ya tried to connect to it through spirit communication but in the end, she didn’t have to because, she actually understood it directly.

“This report is to the ground control center.

We have already explored this planet.

There’s confirmation that there is an extremely special type of supernatural power existing within the local life forms that exist here.

In order to facilitate our research, we will capture some of them.

There has been interferences with the communication equipment due to unknown reasons, For now, we can only record the voice report into the device and will have to make a full report when we return.”

“Damn it, these bastards are too strong.

Today a monster discovered the landing area of the spaceship, we had no choice but to engage, but in the end, a hole was blasted into the spaceship”

… “Communication facilities are yet to return to normal conditions, life on this planet functions with an unknown technology.

We will repair the ship and abort the related exploration”

“The power system of the ship has developed a problem.

We are also running out of ammunition and food, at this point it’s difficult to say if we will be able to make it back.

If any explorer from Mother Star finds this spaceship in the future and hears this recording, please be careful.

“With 22 surviving members, the spaceship has initiated the forced message transmission to seek help from the Mother Star fleet.

After today, we will not be able to record any more messages.

That was the end of the message.

Lo Ya knew that what she heard was only a sound and it didn’t have any display.

She did not know what happened to the creatures inside.

As for the exploration ship which was suspected to be an alien technology, it had encountered a huge problem, so it could no longer return to space.

As for what exactly it encountered…

“Roar ~ ~ ~”

Just as Lo Ya was about to go check out the other areas of the ship, a beast roar suddenly sounded from outside.

“What the heck.”

It was the stone Winged Dragon.

It had returned.

“Quickly hide!”

The shadow blocked the light.

Lo Ya and the elder Goblin quickly hid behind an instrument.

Shortly after, they saw a monster that was more than ten meters tall slowly crawling into the cave.

It laid quietly in an open area just outside the spaceship and closed its eyes.

Lo Ya took a deep breath and tapped on Elder Bu Fu’s arm, signalling him to walk out.

Stone Winged Dragon, Level 28, magic Beast, Silver Level.

A monster that was silver rated, was more than ten levels higher than Lo Ya, who was a Black Iron monster.

If they continued to stay, they might be discovered.

Both of them had to carefully lean into the wall, and slowly left the cave.

Ten minutes later, they had moved out safely.

“Phew, that was a close one.”

Elder Bu Fu recalled the scene earlier with lingering fear.

At the same time, he felt something was not right in his heart.

Why did this stone Winged Dragon return shortly after it left

“Don’t bother yourself with that for now.

Prepare so that we can leave this place.”

Their objective was to defeat the Hound Clan.

When they returned to the place where their tribes gathered, the Sickle Insects made some strange creaking sounds.

A few Little Insect Girls happily wriggled to Lo Ya’s side and rubbed her tail.

“Are we really going to start a full-scale war with the Hound Clan” When the female elder of the Goblins realized what Lo Ya’s plan was, she asked with a bitter expression.

“Yes, but before we proceed with that, we still need to strategize.”

The corpses of the hunting dogs had already been shared among them.

Lo Ya had also obtained the canine tooth components from them.

When she opened the treasure chest, she obtained unknown 2 book of species strength.

In addition, there were three bottles of beginner healing medicine, one bottle of beginner spiritual power recovery medicine, and one shockingly powerful leaf ball.

However, that was obviously not enough.

The strength of the hound was much stronger than the Goblins at their peak.

So before they could launch the attack, they needed to increase the number of people and tools.

“Get ready, we’re leaving .”

Holding the “Green Hat” Little Insect Girl’s hand, Lo Ya was ready to take the team to a nearby area to hunt.

The little cutie wrapped around Lo Ya’s tail and laid her face on it with a dispirited look, “Eat meat.”

“Uh, are you hungry” Lo Ya thought for a while and stretched out her finger, “2 3 equals what Tell me the answer and I will catch monsters for you to eat.”

The cute little girl wrinkled her nose and stretched out her finger to count for a while.

Until Lo Ya got tired of waiting.

Then she whispered, “5.”

“What is the answer to 3 2” Lo Ya asked again.

“Oh -” She was stunned, possibly because she had hoped Lo Ya wouldn’t ask her another one.

She continued to bend her fingers.

After a long time, the tension of getting the correct answer built up, it made her eyes gradually turn red… and then she cried out loud.

“You idiot.”


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