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C30 – Converted into Nourishment for Growth

The leader of hounds remained silent and it made Elder Bo Fu even more uneasy.

He was worried that the situation could turn bad, so he stepped forward and said, “Your Excellency, Leader of the Hounds, I know we have had our differences in the past, by we are now being threatened by a common enemy.

I’m asking you to please, let go of the grudges you hold against us and help us defeat the Gaeta Insect Swarm.”

His voice wasn’t very loud.

It was obvious that he wasn’t confident enough.

“We hounds will never formed an alliance with weaklings.” A hound immediately retorted.

These words made Elder Bo fu feel very embarrassed.

If the Goblin as they used to be were considered weak… Now, it meant they were worth nothing.

Having such an ally was just an additional burden to the hounds.

It wouldn’t be of any benefit to them.

He was even more worried that Insect Girl, who had been all nice would suddenly change her countenance at some point and shove the poor old and weak Goblins to the side.

Lo Ya quietly observed what was happening.

In fact, while all that was going on, she had been trying to make a decision on what to do.

There was no way to ascertain the true strength to the hounds before her.

Just like the Spiked Insects, although they were only at level 1 and had very low combat strength, their numbers were like a tidal wave that terrified almost any species.

“Never mind, you don’t have to agree with us.”

The way the conversation was going, made Lo Ya make up her mind.

She walked forward a few meters and revealed an evil smile.

“Senior Hound, have you really made up your mind not to join usYou are well aware… the Gaeta Insect Swarm have a very terrifying population.”

“Who cares if they are terrifying We will not have anything to do with the enemy.” The hounds were very stubborn.

“Really” Lo Ya narrowed her eyes.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to cooperate… but wouldn’t that be an insult to me”

“What” This sudden change in attitude took the leader of the hounds by surprise and he was stunned for a moment.

“Squeak squeak ~”

All twenty-eight Sickle Insects cried out at the same time.

They raised their sharp blades and began to flap their wings.

There were many of them, and they didn’ t look like they were to be trifled with.

The confidence that the hounds had in their strength was mostly due to their numbers.

Although they were also strong individually, they were undoubtedly afraid being faced by so many ferocious insects.

“What’s the meaning of this” The hound leader really didn’t expect that the Insect Girl Clan would suddenly act in that manner.

He quickly raised his sharp claws, and there was an extremely vigilant expression all over his face.

Lo Ya did not waste any time and signalled with her hand.

Immediately, more than 20 Sickle Insects charged forward.

The reason why she made such a decision was for the development of her tribe.

Most times, when it came to survival, no matter who was concerned; animals or humans, they would appear unusually cruel.

Insect Girl, who was usually foolish, always had a very cute appearance, but when faced with her prey, they never knew how to be soft-hearted.

“This is trouble.”

The sudden attack frightened the hounds.

Seeing the Sickle Insect charging towards them, they were forced to raise their sharp claws, ready for battle.

“Double Wind Shield!”

A shield wall formed only from air currents appeared around them.

Waves of wild wind began to blow around, and it was so wild the Goblins actually could not stand firmly from more than 20 meters away.

Lo Ya opened her mouth and spat out a Wind Blade, it slashed towards the opponent’s shield wall.

Although the strike was very condensed, when it met the force of the vertical Wind Shield, the impact was greatly minimized.

However, a long and narrow wound was cut open on the hound’s chest, and a faint trace of blood flowed out.

“Listen everyone, don’t use the Wind Blade, switch to the Dark Melting.” In an attempt to prevent her companions from wasting their spiritual power, Lo Ya hurriedly shouted to the other Insect Girls beside her.

However… just as she finished speaking.

Whiz, whiz ~

Six Wind Blades flew in the direction of their opponent at the same time.

“Damn it, they never listen to me!” Lo Ya was furious.

“oops! My bad” Lo Xin blinked her eyes and stretched out her arm and a Dark Melting appeared.

At this moment, the hound leader who had deployed a defensive technique still felt a lingering fear.

If it wasn’t for the Wind Shield, that attack just now was strong enough to pierce through his chest.

Seeing that the two Sickle Insect in front of him had already arrived, he waved his hands, and his entire body began to spin on the spot.

“Double cut!”

Buzz! Buzz!

Two cold beams of light shot out from between his claws and extended to about three to four meters in length.

The outer shell of the Sickle Insect that was close to it was shattered on the spot, and it rolled on the ground.

Bright red blood gushed out from the wound like a fountain.

The second Sickle Insect jumped a few meters high and was fortunate to have avoided the cutting light, but it hit the wind shield which was weakening already.

The impact sent it up to three to four meters high.

The other hounds also attacked simultaneously.

The hounds realized that their oppositions were very fast.

Especially with their pairs of wings, which were able to move their bodies up to three or four times faster than a normal speed, making it very difficult to defend against them.

Also their agility and the firm blade which was a sharp weapon, enabled the Sickle Insect to swiftly kill their enemies.

Seven seconds after the clash, the shoulder of a hound was pierced through.

The scythe shaped blade pierced through the body and came out from its abdomen.

Instantly, the blade was pulled out and blood splattered all over the ground.

“Ah!” Another female hound used her claws to cut open a Sickle Insect’s’ chest ‘.

However, before she could rejoice, her neck was bitten, and with a cracking sound, her bones were crushed.

The Goblins who stood on the hillside were almost scared to death.

They had not expected things to turn out this way.

Little Insect Girl, who looked so adorable, turned out to have such an aggressive side to her at that very moment.

What was even worse was that they were at an advantage.

Mostly depending on Insect Girl’s friends, the Sickle Insects, within two minutes, three hounds died  miserably.

Insect Girls took turns to release the Dark Melting as support.

Lo Ya’s sudden earth spikes pierced the hound leader’s thigh, as he was unable to avoid it quickly.

He sent the Sickle Insect that was rushing towards him flying with a claw.

He gritted his teeth and took seven or eight steps back.

He was very stunned in his heart.

“How is it possible that they can control 2 different magics”

It was a difficult feat to achieve.

The reason why magical creatures and other magic beasts were so powerful was because most of them had skills that were peculiar to their race.

The Hound Clan relied on wind magic and combat skills to become the ruler of that territory.

As wind magical creatures, they naturally understood how difficult it was to master two types of magic.

Different attributes usually repelled each other strongly.

To make two magic powers coexist harmoniously within one’s body, was extremely difficulty and beyond imagination.

“Damn it, I hate bugs.”

The hound leader was still thinking about how the other party was able to handle two types of magic, then he suddenly discovered that Little Insect Girl still had the dark attribute liquid in her hands.

At that moment he realized he had greatly underestimated them.

Three types!

It was only then that the words of the Red ladybug resounded in his mind, and he finally understood it.

Not only were they many, but their annihilation strength was also remarkable.

He once again grabbed and broke the limbs of a Sickle Insect, and at the same time, he watched Lo Ya’s hand release a gentle green light.

Then, the broken limb of the Sickle Insect in front of him began to heal at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“Shit, how can we possibly win this fight”

Looking at Lo Ya’s calm gaze, the hound leader’s mood began to turn sodden .

In the next moment, he suddenly felt pain in his feet.

Then, a black viscous liquid spread from his feet, as if it was animate.

“I have failed.” This thought popped up in the mind of the leader of the hounds.

“Now you’ll become nutrients for the Sickle Insects’ nourishment, helpless stupid dogs.” Lo Ya knew that victory was already certain in this battle.


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