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C283 – The Battlefield in Holy City

Blinding, terrifying, destructive!

It had indeed displayed the most insane Strength in the world.

The expansion of nuclear fusion was the star.

The star could evolve into the most terrifying disaster in the universe – the Gamma Ray Explosion, and it could also evolve into a terrifying celestial body – a black hole.

Of course, it depended on the size of the star.

Perhaps it could be understood that the equivalent weight was everything.

The Empire used a genuine nuclear weapon that did not contain any Magic elements.

It could produce a large amount of contamination from the Triple Bullet.

It was also the most primitive kind of hydrogen bomb that even the people of Earth were afraid of.

“Phew, looks like the Empire understands this type of weapon.

Otherwise, it would not have been placed on the territory of other countries.”

Lo Ya was also shocked.

However, the number of casualties among the insects was not too high.

On the one hand, the insects were scattered, and on the other hand, they had evolved to have strong resistance, which allowed them to survive in relatively harsh environments.

In the end, fifty thousand insects died, mainly due to the radiation and shock waves.

The number of equivalent weight thrown might be several million tons.

Of course, Lo Ya did not know how powerful the hydrogen bomb that the enemy threw was.

She controlled a Sickle Insect and began to run towards the center of the explosion.

“It’s really ruthless.

No wonder the Air Force flew here without caring about anything.

So that’s the purpose.”

Lo Ya looked at the crater in the center and felt the remaining temperature and radiation.

She did not know how to vomit.

A toy that could keep the people of Earth in peace and avoid World War III.

If she did not see it with her own eyes, it would be hard to imagine how terrifying it was.

“It’s a pity that the Empire does not have the ability to attack the world.” Lo Ya was not worried at all that nuclear weapons would hurt her.

Unless their numbers were so large that they could kill all the insects scattered across millions of square kilometers of land, Insect Girl Clan would always be able to take the initiative in the war.

The night after the bomb was fired, the Empire sent a diplomat to Insect Girl Clan, trying to persuade them to surrender and get killed.

The next day, they sent another diplomat, the same result.

They finally knew that the deterrence of nuclear weapons was ineffective.

The swarm was not afraid of pollution and loss, and the bugs that had stayed in the radioactive environment had even brought the pollution to the frontlines, causing the human soldiers to suffer greatly.

On the 5th of November of the Empire of Insect Girl Calendar, the Emperor personally made a speech to the people of the country, preparing to organize the final resistance war.

He intended to mobilize all the people in the country’s Strength to drive the insects out of the empire’s territory.

On the 10th of November, the Insect Girl Clan took down the heavy military town in the middle north of the empire.

The northern defense line was lost, and the troops were headed straight for the capital.

On the 12th, the 700,000 swarm in the north was close to the north of the Holy City, which had a relatively weak defense.

On the 13th day, the main force of the Insect Girl Clan started to attack the Holy City.

On the land within 500 kilometers, including the Bullet Insect… 10,000 cannons were fired at the same time.

The main force of three million insects launched a general attack and started a decisive battle with the Empire’s defensive troops.

Because of the 3000 Wind God Winged Insect’s air force’s support, the attack was too crazy and fierce.

Hence, the Empire Army only lasted for less than seven days before retreating to the Holy City.

From the 20th day onwards, the Insect Girl Clan launched a three-day long bombardment on the two cities inside and outside the Holy City (not daring to attack the Imperial City).

They threw in more than five hundred thousand cannonballs and used four million Explosive Beetle to launch a surprise attack on the ground.

In the sky, 2000 Wind God Winged Insect completely destroyed all the hidden air bases and factories in the Empire.

They threw out at least 500,000 Explosive Beetle to carry out a carpet bombing on the guarding area.

On the 24th day, the bug army was reorganized and divided into 10 legion corps.

Each legion corps had 300,000 main bugs.

The 1st and 2nd legion corps were the first to break into the city from the southwest and southeast.

Lo Ya made a preliminary judgment.

There were five million civilians defending the outskirts of the Holy City, and more than two million defending troops were a huge threat.

In order to eliminate the threat, Lo Ya used all her strength to produce Explosive Beetle and let the bug swarm bombard the enemy’s defense line day and night.

But even so, he could feel the difficulty of this battle through the loss of the Sickle Insect and the Undead Insect.

She deliberately attached herself to a Sickle Insect and prepared to experience the situation of the battlefield at a close distance.

In the outer region of the Holy City, southeast, 1st legion, 2nd legion 1st legion 1st division attack zone.

The Sickle Insect’s attacks were usually accompanied by large amounts of Undead Insect, while the small beetle bore the role of a grenade.

The Empire produced a large number of launchers, which made them far exceed the bug swarm in terms of firepower of the mortars.

Yes, in terms of close range support, the Empire was far stronger than the Insect Girl Clan.

However, Lo Ya had also used the Explosive Beetle to make up for this deficiency.

At this time, the Sickle Insect that she possessed was following the captain carefully as it crawled on the ruins.

Unlike Little Insect Girl, its senses were very sharp and its movements were very agile.

Lo Ya felt that if she had possessed it for a long time, she would not be used to her slow tail.

After climbing over a house and just as she was about to pop her head out, a seven-story building in the distance began to emit continuous flames.

It was the machine gun soldiers of the Empire.

With the advantage of height and perspective, along with the surrounding rifles and the snipers that had just appeared, the enemy controlled this street firmly.

The first order given by Brain Insect No.

9 was the Explosive Beetle Assault.

This kind of bug was small, and even machine guns would not be able to hit it easily.

They carefully approached the enemy from the surrounding houses, and then took advantage of the fact that they did not use combat power to launch a surprise attack.

Usually, they would be able to obtain a fatal blow.

But this time, the surrounding defense was too tight.

After two waves of 10 Explosive Beetle were lost, Brain Insect No.

9 changed his strategy and began to mobilize the nearest Launcher Insect to provide support.

Unfortunately, the Launcher Insect in this area had been moved to the 33 attacking areas in the west, which were higher priority and harder to take down.

Hence, they needed to wait 15 minutes before they could receive firepower support.

Therefore, these 15 minutes became the Insect Girl Clan’s defensive battle.

The 774th team in the direction of the Empire’s defense always tried to launch a counterattack.

In just 5 minutes, the two waves of counterattack caused the swarm to lose four teams.

Lo Ya felt that the bug that she controlled could not last too long under such attacks.

At this moment, she was lying behind a bunker in ruins.

Only a little bit of her head was exposed as she barely observed the building opposite.

The Sickle Insect’s eyesight was very good.

It had already noticed the target’s head, but unfortunately, they did not have very accurate marksmanship.

The Sickle Insect at the side squeaked twice at it.

It walked back and forth like a crab.

Lo Ya blinked her eyes but did not understand what it meant.

Once the Spiritual Link was connected, it instantly understood that it was telling it to carefully approach the target from the building next to it.

Under normal circumstances, there was no need for such troublesome communications.

Lo Ya only blocked the Sickle Insect’s communication ability when she was sharing it, and she forgot to link it.

That was why the captain had no choice but to use a funny action to remind her.

After saying a few bad words, she controlled the Sickle Insect to slowly move behind the bunker.

However, at this moment, the enemy launched a counterattack once again.


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