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C280 – Found the Elves

Lo Ya lifted her tail and the little thing hung in the air.

It stared at each other… No, it was the little thing staring at each other.


Lo Ya immediately carried her up and used her big mouth (to little Little Insect Girl).

She kissed the other party’s face.

“Oh, oh.” The little guy waved his hands and stuck out his tongue at Lo Ya with all his might.

“Oh, this little guy usually eats bugs.”

To Insect Girl, as long as it is a living creature, it is most likely edible.

Hence, when they were playing on the ground, they would not let go of a bug when they occasionally saw it.

They would catch it along the way.

When Little Insect Girl was just born, she was very small, so most of the creatures she met were bigger than them.

At that time, the little cubs were very happy.

As long as they caught a bug, they could eat a few meals.

After growing up, food would lean towards large beasts and plants.

Ordinary little insects could only be treated as dessert.

Occasionally, they would catch one and chew it.

It was very delicious.

After playing with the little insects for a while, they actually felt that there was a black shadow enveloping them.

Lo Ya raised her head in shock.

A skirt… skirt

When she looked up again, she found that Crystal Dragon God’s older sister was looking down at her with a smile on her face.

“It’s about time.” She said.

“More or less” Lo Ya cautiously shrank her neck.

However, the other party opened his palm and placed a strange dice in front of Lo Ya.

“You are the creatures that I have chosen.

You must win this game.” The Dragon God girl picked Lo Ya up and rubbed her face.

“Uh…” Lo Ya was confused.

But the Dragon God did not seem to be prepared to explain anything.

After rubbing Lo Ya enough, he changed to Little Insect Girl and started to rub her.

It was probably a rare occasion and he must have some fun.

From the other party’s attitude, it seemed that he had broken through to the Epic stage, led the swarm to the capital of the empire, and all kinds of invading demonic beasts were not worth paying attention to.

That’s right, he was a god.

Although there was a task for Lo Ya to attack the Empire, perhaps it was just a casual sentence

There seemed to be a fundamental difference between a god and any creature.

After playing with Little Insect Girl and the rest, Crystal Dragon God suddenly transformed into a terrifying giant dragon covered in gemstones and flew towards the direction of World’s End.

That wings that were a thousand meters long really gave Lo Ya a fright.

“It really is a dragon.

This is too big.”

Sutton: 10 meters

Crystal Dragon God: 1000 meters.

Lo Ya felt that there was no need to compare anymore.

Only the Epic life form she saw back then could be bigger than this.

But in terms of the essence of life, there was still a huge difference.

Lo Ya picked up the die on the ground.

She tried to throw it down and found that it was still 1 point facing upwards.

And if one looked closely, they would find that the die was always one centimeter away from the ground.

Lo Ya tried to press it down and found that this thing could not touch the ground at all.

It was as if there was a strange force field surrounding it, isolating all objects.

“Oh right, she said she won the game.

What is the meaning of this”

Lo Ya could not help but think of the Origin Space that she had not been to for a long time.

At this time, she tried to sense and found that the connection between the space had been cut off.

The second landing site to attack the empire had already been opened up.

It was much easier to fight than Normandy.

Staying in the territory, she could not feel the tension of the war at all.

Around the Holy City, the resistance of the empire was getting stronger and stronger.

The total number of insects was still small.

Facing resistance, they had no choice but to quickly retreat.

The pressure of this battle was too great, and when they retreated, a portion of the corpses could not be taken away or eaten, so they could only be left to the enemy.

And humans seemed to have discovered the secret of the Insect Girl Clan’s urgent need for food.

Lo Lee and Lo Yu rushed to Fresnel Forest to get rid of the extraordinary demonic beasts over there.

As for Lo Ya, she was addicted to her degenerate life and everyday, she would kiss and hug Little Insect Girl and raise her head high.

Just like that, the time unknowingly dragged on to November.

During this period, Lo Ya sent 1.4 million bugs to the Empire’s territory.

Of which, 350 thousand landed on the Eastern Continent and 1.05 million respectively supported the north and southwest front line.

The southwest line, which fought the most smoothly, had always been focused on consuming the Empire’s army and was not in a hurry to take down the Holy City.

The east line was difficult to resist, mainly because the scale of the army was relatively small, and it was very difficult to deal with all the armies in the Eastern Continent with 350 thousand troops.

The northern front could only be said to be slowly advancing, and it was already close to the region of the Holy City.

In the direction of Fresnel Forest, Lo Ya also used the vast majority of the insects.

With the help of a few adult Little Insect Girl, she launched a general attack.

In less than two months, she killed more than 20 Transcending Mortality Devil Beast Lord.

Then, a few days ago, the bug swarm entered the elves’ territory.

The three elves vigilantly watched the rapidly flying Sickle Insect from below.

The current insects were even a bit stronger than an adult tiger.

Due to the recent evolution, their basic abilities had reached 75 points.

This meant that they only needed to make two more small changes, or a large increase.

Then he would reach the Space Level.

And this was only the weakest of the main insects.

In fact, monsters like Black Wolf Beast and Wind God Winged Insect had already broken through to the Space Level a long time ago.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were hostile to the empire’s technological and advanced behemoths, they really wouldn’t be able to figure out what kind of creature could be hostile to the current Insect Girl Clan.

After all, even if it was a Gold Level, if it was thrown to an ordinary country, it could be considered a powerful expert.

As for the Insect Girl Clan, their army of a few million had all reached the Diamond Level level.

Because Lo Ya discovered elves, the two teams of bugs that entered the enemy’s territory stopped advancing.

Now, even if the subordinates of an ordinary king of magic beasts were to gather together, there would still be more than ten of them.

So when 20 monsters of this level stayed in the elf territory, it would be very difficult for them to defeat a Sickle Insect.

The pressure was enough to make any living creature feel fear.

The two Elves’ eyes were very nervous.

Their small wings flapped, one was surrounded by blue light, and the other was red light.

Compared to elves, they were more like fairies.

But in this world, they were indeed called elves.

The Insect Girl Clan had already asked Lo Wen to come over so that the first contact between the two species could be carried out.

Their goal was to surrender.

It was rare to encounter a species that was similar in size to the Insect Girl Clan, and it was a very beautiful species.

Lo Ya expressed that she did not mind taking the initiative to understand this race.

Both parties confronted each other for a while.

The blue elf left the tree and seemed to have returned to report the situation.

Their strengths were all over level 30.

The Magic elements in their bodies were very dense.

They should have been affected by the aura of the Star Abyss.

Not long after, more elves flew over.

“It’s these monsters.

They really came.” The blue elf desperately emphasized its terror.

In particular, the huge dragon Liang had been killed by more than ten Sickle Insect at the same time.

This was a dragon that was over 20 meters in length, and its weight was astonishing.

The insect could actually coordinate with it in close combat and obtain zero casualties.


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