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C28 – Hunting in the Night

“But they…” The female elder looked at Insect Girls but did not dare to say no.

For the sake of safety, both parties decided to head southwest to the Hound Clan territory the next morning.

This night was going to be a hunting fest for the Sickle Insects.

Their activity area was mainly near the Goblin’s camp.

Once they found any targets they could kill, they would quickly attack without hesitation.

The first catch of the night was a giant white rabbit that was half a meter long.

On the surface, the rabbit looked harmless.

However, when three Sickle Insects sneaked an attack on it, the rabbit immediately curled up and actually turned into a round ball and charged back at them.

It was a shocking impact, and the Sickle Insect that was charging at the front was hit and sent flying several meters away before it fell on a rock.

The other Sickle Insects continued to attack regardless.

They waved their weapons and fiercely stabbed into the big rabbit’s body.

Perhaps because it felt pain, the rabbit quickly changed back from its defense state.

It opened its mouth and two hot fireballs darted out.

Magic: Fireball.

Bang! Bang!

Following the flash of the flames, one of them exploded on the ground, while the other one hit the right limb of one of the Sickle Insects.

But very quickly, the other two jumped onto its body and launched a ruthless attack on its head.

Pcht! Pcht! 

In less than 30 seconds, the rabbit fell on the ground.

The beserk Sickle Insects rushed forward and scrambled for the flesh of the rabbit.

Less than an hour later, a few of the insects returned to the camp with three new larvae.

“Take this medicine and give it to your injured companion.”

Lo Ya took out a bottle of beginner healing medicine and threw it to the Sickle Insect.

She then went to the edge of the camp’s wooden wall to get a better view of the battles from atop the wall.

Their scarlet eyes flickered.

One by one, their nimble scythe blades silently moved through the thick grasses, consistently searching for a challenger.

Around midnight, two strange creatures appeared before them.

Husky Mouse, Level 4, magic Beast.


In their Spiritual Link state, Lo Ya was able to see the target in front of her through the shared vision.

The creature was about the same size as Insect Girl.

It had a rat’s tail and a burly looking head.

It was dark and already midnight, the two rats overlapped and stuck out their tongues, doing some indescribable things to each other.

‘Mate… mating’

Lo Ya suddenly had a wired expression on her face.

All of a sudden, they were surrounded by a group of strange creatures with blood-red eyes.

The big creature that was lying on the back of its mate was dumbstruck at the realization.

It raised its head vigilantly and then had an expression that said, “I’m screwed.”

“Squeak! Squeak!”

The Sickle Insects were not in the mood to watch the “erotic show.” Without a word, they jumped forward and fiercely stabbed at the poor rats.

After about a minute, there were only two corpses left on the spot.

Lo Ya felt really sorry for those two fellows.

Mostly because they were magic beasts and they died under the sickle before they could even use their magic.

Unlike the rabbit from before, the bronze treasure chest that the rats dropped actually contained a useful skill.

[Natural healing Level 1: Natural Level-1 Magic guides the power of the forest and the earth to heal injuries and recover 15 life points (In forest terrains, the effects will double).]

“Not bad.”

Although it was not a skill for the entire race, it could at least save lives at critical moments.

Halfway through the night, Elder Bu Fu walked out of his tent and saw Lo Ya who was about to go to rest.

His face flashed with traces of surprise.

“You’re up so late.

Won’t you get some sleep”

“I will.” Lo Ya nodded her head, ” Was just hunting, obtaining food and familiarizing myself with the environment.”

It was a simple answer.

Of course, she could not tell him the real reason why she was awake.

The Sickle Insect’s reproductive ability was too terrifying.

Although Elder Bu Fu had personally witnessed the scene where a larva was spat out, he probably had no idea that a larva only needed just about an hour to be made.

“You should go back and rest.

I’m also sleepy.”

Lo Ya yawned and ordered the Sickle Insects to retreat and enter a state of rest using her mind.

The harvest of the night was quite something.

The Sickle Insects ate more than ten wild beasts in total and gave birth to 20 larvae cumulatively.

On returning to the tent, Lo Ya felt a strong sense of satisfaction when she saw a couple of lively insect larvae and the cute Insect Girls sleeping soundly in their middle.

She was obviously alone not long ago, but now there were already so many Little Insect Girls accompanying her.

Unlike humans, Insect Girls did not have a rigid hierarchy.

With their population increased, the question of who gave birth to who and who was whose daughter became completely insignificant.

In any case, they didn’t care about such things at all.

If this kind of situation was applicable to humans, it would definitely be unimaginable.

Let’s just say… their reproduction was indeed quite unique.

Once the larva cracked open, it became an offspring.

She lay beside Lo Xin and closed her eyes.

A few seconds later, a soft larva fell on her face.


Lo Ya threw the tail to the side and turned her body, forcing herself to sleep.

The next day…

When they woke up early in the morning, the Insect Girls were already surrounded by 20 small Sickle Insects.

They had not grown up yet, so the little insects did not have any combat strength at the moment.

The current situation was more or less a little awkward.

Most of the Goblins were either old, weak, sick or disabled, while Insect Girl and her kind had a bunch of tail-like larvae and a bunch of newly-born Insects that could not fight.

The amount of strength they had collectively was sadly small.

For the sake of the safety of everyone, Lo Ya had no choice but to advise them to move at a slow pace.

Meanwhile, the expansion of the Gaeta Insect Swarm would not be too fast.

Perhaps, when both sides finally encountered each other, the 20 Sickle Insect would have already grown up.

At that time, they would definitely have enough strength to deal with stronger enemies.

Race information

[Species: Insect Girls]

[Current Brain Level: 2]

[Description: Insect Girls are relatively primitive magical creatures.

Their intelligence and survival skills are not advanced.

They are few in number and weak in competition.

They only have the most basic combat strength and ability to deal with crisis.]

Species: 16 (7 adults, 2 underaged, 7 tails)

Sickle Insect: 28 (8 adult, 20 unripe)

[Evaluation: Low]

[Light of evolution (Species)] : This species has a racial awareness.

She is the lighthouse that selects the path of evolution.]

[Race Skills: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, earth Elemental Control Level 1, Wind Blade Level 1 , Dark Melting Level 1, Frost Add-on Level 1, physical Reflex Level 2]

Insect Girl Level: Lo Xin (5), Lo Lo (3), Lo Yu (3), Lo Lee (2), luo Jing (2), Lo Wen (2), 2 unnamed (0)

Sickle Insect: 8 Mature 20 Immature

Normal Insect Girl (Level 1 data): HP 40 / 40, strength 1.8, spirit 4.1, magic 1.2, agility 0.6, vitality 0.8

Normal Insect Girl leveled up: Strength 1, spirit 1, magic 1, agility 1.5, vitality 1.1


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