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C277 – You Are the Third One

Shi Hua’s appearance had increased the strength of the extraordinary Little Insect Girl by several times.

Of course, it was limited to level 50 individuals.

Those below the Extraordinary level could not experience the benefits of Shi Hua.

They could only share a portion of the attributes given by the swarm.

Originally, these little cuties were stronger than many extraordinary magical beasts.

Now, they could totally let go of their hands and feet and find magical beasts to fight everywhere.

They could also beat those extraordinary magic beasts until they were half-dead and bring them home to help Little Insect Girl level.

Lo Ya felt that this method was very good.

If the young ones could reach the Super Common Class and Shi Shi Hua, how powerful would they be

“Oh, thinking about it this way, it has been a long time since I played with the little ones.”

Although they had only been apart for a few weeks, when she thought of the silly and obedient babies at home, Lo Ya could not hold it in anymore.

Now that she had a high-end Strength, she could bring two little cuties to deal with the Empire’s powerhouses.

“En, coming and going might take quite a few days.

I will go to the battlefield to deal with a group of enemies first.”

Although Shi Hua had become a historical figure, it was also very dangerous to rampage on the battlefield without caring about his own safety.

Lo Ya decided to approach the battlefield in a hidden state.

First, let the swarm lock onto the location of the target, then approach the target from underground.

Or rather, she would just hide on the bug’s body.

Anyway, the enemy would not be able to see a Small like her.

Lo Ya thought about it and did it.

She jumped onto the back of a certain Sickle Insect and started to run towards the front line.

Two hours later, at the front line.

“Sir Commander, did you come back victorious again”

The adjutant didn’t even dare to raise his head as he looked at the murderous man with cold eyes.

This was because the other party was an extraordinary expert and the commander of a general legion.

Although the various legion titles had been merged, it did not mean that the other party’s dignity would disappear.

“The enemy doesn’t have an expert.

It looks like they are just a bunch of insignificant insects.”

It was unknown whether his tone was filled with contempt or lamentation.

In the past few days, many of the super class commanders of the empire had personally gone to the frontlines and used their own strength to test the bug horde, killing tens of thousands of the main force bugs.

However, the enemy did not have any effective response.

They could only escape in a sorry state or use a tactic like splitting up to minimize their losses.

“I can see that the enemy has lost their strength.

There are not many powerful bugs behind them.

They are all similar, just like this.”

After kicking away the Sickle Insect’s corpse, the commander’s determined face looked out the window without a care.

This corpse was used for research.

Although the Empire had done this kind of thing many times during this period of time, the type of civilization was different.

The technology tree had not been perfected, so it was impossible to decipher the secrets of the biological civilization.

Furthermore, the Insect Girl Clan could not be considered a normal biological civilization.

Because normal creatures did not have the mysterious evolution tree nor the editor.

It was even more impossible for an individual to evolve from individual to present in just a short year.

En, all of this originated from Lo Ya’s first editing, or perhaps it was the first time she had given birth to a tail.

“I will help you get rid of a batch of more dangerous artillery and flying dragons.

Next, it will be up to you.

In terms of scale, we will only be bigger than them, and the quality of our weapons will not be bad.

We will not lose again.”

“Understood!” The adjutant nodded.

But at this moment, the commander suddenly frowned and vigilantly looked towards the southwest.


A bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky.

It was as thick as a house and could be said to be insane.

His reaction was very quick.

He immediately summoned all the defensive Magic that he could use and even used Dou Qi.

“He’s also the legendary battle mage”

Normally, only those with extremely high talent would be able to train both the Magic and Dou Technique to the limit at the same time.

Clearly, this man in front of him had done it.

Of course, it was also possible that the person that the goddess had blessed a while ago was him.

It just so happened that the Magic’s ability, which did not belong to the super class, had been raised.

After the lightning struck, the commander had already knelt on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.


The adjutant beside him was protected by the Magic and was standing further away.

Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.

However, he was very shocked.

Who could actually summon such a bolt of lightning to beat up a super class commander to such an extent

As they were talking, a Sickle Insect crawled out from the ground, and on its back sat a cute Little Insect Girl.

In order to increase her speed, Lo Ya specially used the Magic to control the earth.

One had to admit that the current Strength was very useful.

It only took two hours to easily get close to the enemy’s front line.

The commander himself also looked at Lo Ya in shock.

“The enemy’s upper echelons.”

He immediately knew this.

He had been wondering if the upper echelons of the Insect Girl Clan were also terrifying high level magic beasts.

Now, it seemed that it was very likely.

Furthermore, from the appearance of the upper half of the human body, it seemed like an even more difficult Magical Creature to deal with.

The Magical Creature was a group of creatures with a more complex intelligence and civilization system.

It had more intelligence than magic beasts.

It had more Magic than wild beasts.

In theory, humans should belong to the Magical Creature species after mastering the Magic.

However, they could not admit this point.

“I am here to solve the problem.” Lo Ya said.

“What is your identity, Insect Girl That’s right… Your race is called the Insect Girl Clan.

In other words, a Small like you is the true ruler of this race.”

“Of course.” Lo Ya wagged her tail, “But it is not right to say that you are the ruler.

Every worm is a part of the Insect Girl Clan.

If we are the head, then ordinary worms are the limbs.

It is hard to tell which one is more important.”

“It’s really scary.”

The commander had experienced that kind of close combat method.

If it was not an Extraordinary, but an ordinary soldier, he might also be afraid.

“Looks like the Empire’s defeat wasn’t a coincidence.

You indeed have shocking potential.”

As he said this, Lo Ya could not help but ask a question that was buried in her heart.

“Why did Magic Goddess not help you”

Just like how Crystal Dragon God did not help Insect Girl, it was actually very inconceivable.

Lo Ya felt that if she was a god, she would not be able to resist and not interfere in the matters of ordinary creatures.

But these gods had sat in her position for so long and did not care about the situation of the continent.

How strong were they

Were they restricted by something

It was like this planet was hidden in the void, confusing how many people.

“Why would gods care about mortals Those are not things you and I can guess.”

“Alright!” Lo Ya was speechless.

The other party probably really did not know and was not speaking blindly.

“You will be the third Extraordinary I killed along the way.”

“What do you mean” The commander’s expression changed.

“That means, two have already died”

A icicle flew out of Lo Ya’s hand and charged towards the target.

Don’t underestimate this thing.

It had the strength of a Fifth Grade Magic.


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