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C275 – Victory


There was no pity on the battlefield, and there was no room for hesitation.

No matter how nervous he was, he needed to stabilize himself and quickly and efficiently enter the battle.

If he had the time to be careless, or if he was late by half a beat, the person who would have died might have been him.

A cannonball hit the ground nearby.

Bohr saw that all the grass on the hillside had disappeared.

The soil flew up, and there was only a deep pit left on the ground.

The gunner adjusted the direction of the cannonball, and after the vehicle was paused, he immediately counterattacked.

It was not as fast as computer games.

After the cannonball left the hole, it took a few seconds before he saw an explosion near the target in the distance.

“Those damn bugs, you can fire while running.”

Bohr felt more and more shocked as he watched, but that was the reality.

The Empire’s tanks were unable to accurately fire as they advanced, so every time they fired, they had to stop on the spot before they could quickly adjust their shooting angle and attack.

This was enough to create a gap between the two sides in terms of combat strength.

Furthermore, the bug swarm would fire at the same time every time, so it was very difficult for the Empire’s tanks to deal with them if one of them missed the other.

“Forward, there are bugs aiming at us.”

The soldiers on the side were fighting with the Sickle Insect that was rushing over from afar, while the soldiers on the vehicles were paying attention to the tall grass 1.8 kilometers away.

No one expected that there would be a disguised Launcher Insect hidden inside.

It was only when it fired and hit an ally war chariot that everyone noticed.

The ammunition was loaded, and the members in the chariot were flustered.


This shot was extremely fast.

It had already been fired before the insect on the opposite side had loaded the ammunition.

Unfortunately, the attack missed.

The other side also fired two shots.

One of the shots landed more than ten centimeters away from the vehicle.

The shocking explosion of the Strength caused the people in the vehicle to shake on the spot.

“Damn it, let’s see if we’ve been hit.”

“No, report, no! The tracks have been injured a little, it can still be opened.”

“Fortunately, it pierced through the other side!”

The loading will not stop.

At this time, the tank is too lazy to even drive and only wants to get rid of the threat in the distance.


The target was hit.

Although it only hit a corner, the Launcher Insect still rolled a few times in the impact.

The two cannons that were in a hurry also missed and hit an open space a hundred meters away.

“Great, another one.”

Knowing that the thing wasn’t dead, the soldiers in the vehicle had no choice but to continue aiming.

At this time, the vehicle began to move.

Many of the allies were killed.

If one counted carefully, it seemed that even fewer Launcher Insect had died.

These bugs often hid behind the slope when they were being targeted, causing the Tanker soldiers to lose their targets.

When they were fully loaded, they would suddenly appear from somewhere and fire cannonballs.

After shooting, regardless of whether they hit the target or not, they would immediately hide again.

Although their running speed was not as fast as the tank, they were really flexible.

He could go back to the left and right, unlike a tank, turning a corner or rotating a turret would take a while.

This natural disparity made the Launcher Insect, which had a smaller number, produce an astonishing result.

The Empire’s airship seemed to be planning to attack the Launcher Insect on the ground, but they were quickly surrounded by more than 600 Wind God Winged Insect.

Under the circumstances of fighting less, the airship troops with insufficient numbers were temporarily no match for the Insect Girl Clan.

Therefore, they could not count on air support.

The soldiers on the chariot were not sure if they were lucky or not, but they managed to hold on for half a day in the tank battle and were not hit.

Seeing the chariots of their allies explode one after another, they finally got the order to retreat from their superiors.

Once the main force retreated, the swarm began to attack.

The captain and the gunner, who were at a loss, noticed that the entire force was retreating to the city area.

Only a few people stayed where they were to cover the retreat.

It was not until the car drove to the back to replenish the crystals that he could not help but ask, “What’s going on Why are they retreating”

“The enemy has broken through the west side.

Two of the tanks have been wiped out.” The logistics officer who had stored the crystals glanced at him with an expression that said, Don’t you know that you’re the person involved

The two tanks had been completely wiped out.

This meant that at least 200 of them had fallen on the battlefield.

Looking at the few vehicles that were being repaired, he knew that this war was really difficult.

In the direction of the front line, there was still the rumbling sound of cannon fire.

It was unknown how many soldiers were fighting there.

Behind them was the great Holy City.

If the enemy broke through, then the empire could be said to have fallen.

“You pinch me for a bit.” The captain said to Bohr, the gunner.


“Give it a pinch.”

And so, the gunner pinched him.

“It’s not a dream.”

It was really strange, or rather, it wasn’t real.

The empire in his memories had always been undefeatable.

How could he enter the battlefield in the blink of an eye and lose in the blink of an eye

“Don’t think too much.

When there really is no other way, the goddess will still help us.” The logistics team leader shook his head.

It was unknown if his tone was a sigh or something.

In the sky, they could occasionally see their own airship team rushing towards the frontlines.

However, according to the officials, the Empire had never seized control of the air.

The number of airships was clearly increasing, but it was useless.

The number of enemies was also increasing.

“How do you think those bugs are born faster than our assembly line”

The logistics officers glanced at him again.

“Maybe they are also an assembly line.”

A tank battle that lasted for seven hours had established the victory of the bug horde A legion corps.

Although the bug horde was small in number, they relied on their superior firepower to destroy 260 enemy tanks.

There were no longer any powerful tanks blocking their path.

Of course, Insect Girl Clan also lost 120 Launcher Insect in this battle.

But it didn’t matter.

As long as they worked hard for four days, they would be able to make up for this.

Almost on the same day, the B legion corps that went straight for the city encountered the enemy’s Tanke legion.

At the start, the Insect Girl Clan army was caught off guard and retreated 30 kilometers.

After that, they gathered 10 Launcher Insect divisions, a total of 300 Launcher Insect.

Under the cover of 20,000 Sickle Insect and 50,000 Undead Insect, they finally blocked the enemy’s 120 tanks.

And… Through their counterattack, they destroyed 70 of them.

In the tank battle on the east line, the Empire performed well.

The main reason was that many of the more than 100 tanks gathered here were the first batch of professional drivers.

Their driving skills were extremely high.

Thus, in the big battle between the two sides, they displayed a higher accuracy advantage.

The two sides fought for a day, almost maintaining a 1: 1 ratio of casualties.

Lo Ya was actually not very satisfied with the outcome of the battle.

This was because the cost of a tank was not high, but her Launcher Insect was very expensive.

Each Launcher Insect was a professional artillery and war chariot, an unimaginably powerful existence.

“Send out 500 charging bugs tomorrow, all the way to the enemy’s hinterland.”

Lo Ya decided to send out the real tanks.

In order to increase the lethality of the tanks, the Rushing Insects would ride on the Venom Jet Insects and part of the Undead Insect on the backs of these Rushing Insects.


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