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C272 – Huge Losses

“Sir, I don’t know what you think about the current situation.

Not long ago, our country was preparing to conquer the world and destroy our enemies, but in the blink of an eye, it became someone else’s target.”

Two men were walking around the outskirts of the city.

If these two didn’t say anything, then very few people would know that they were the real big shots in the upper echelons of the empire.

Archbishop of the capital district: Dopey.

The Empire’s Chief Inspector: Prannos.

The two of them, who possessed extraordinary strength and were dozens of years apart, were like good friends who had been talking about the country for many years.

The focus of their discussion was naturally the Empire.

However, even though they had reached the Super Class, they did not expect that a small spider lying a few meters away would be a spy from the Insect Girl Clan.

“Your Excellency, I know what you are worried about.

Because we are facing a group of terrifying magic beasts that we have never encountered before, with unknown origins.

The ordinary people in the Empire do not know of this fact, but everyone standing in this position knows it clearly.

I have also suggested to the Emperor to use the chain bomb, But he doesn’t agree with me.”

“Chain bombs are too dangerous and uncontrollable, if we use them recklessly, I’m afraid there will be irreversible consequences.” Prannos looked worried.

“Anyway, I will also apply to His Majesty.

As a last resort… You must use the chain bomb.”

In July, the fall of several cities had caused a huge reaction from the Empire.

The Heaven’s Wrath Army, Frost Dew Army, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Garrison Corps, a total of 900,000 people entered the battlefield to cooperate with the current main force to chase the bug swarm out of the Empire’s territory.

Of which, the 400,000 people from the Heaven’s Wrath Army and Frost Dew were the 2nd out of the 15 regular legions of the Empire, and the three Garrison Legions originally belonged to the local security forces.

They did not belong to the regular army, and now they had the same weapon as the frontline forces.

It was to defend against the invasion of foreign enemies.

In addition, the supporters of the major cities spontaneously picked up their weapons.

And… Along with the main force arriving at the frontlines, they vowed to drive Empire of Insect Girl out of their homeland.

The situation of this war had reached its climax.

Accompanied by the investment of nearly two million troops from the Empire, the swarm felt an unprecedented pressure.

Lo Ya knew that if the total military consumption was too much, causing the new insects in the battlefield area to not make up for the loss of troops, then this war would become more difficult.

After so long of war, the scale of the loss of the swarm had already reached five hundred thousand, and more than three hundred thousand of them were low-cost Undead Insect.

Although the Undead Insect died quickly, it did indeed bring a lot of firepower suppression to the enemy.

In the battle between the two sides, they relied on the Undead Insect’s manpower of two firearms and insects to barely maintain a similar firing rate with the enemy.

The Empire’s side attempted to increase the firing speed and load capacity of the current rifles.

From the small number of experimental weapons that appeared at the front lines, it could be seen.

They were already researching a type of rifle with 20 magazines.

There were still many problems with the new rifles.

For example, the design was too complicated.

It was easy to be stuck in the shell, but once they succeeded in their research… Then the pressure on the swarm would be even greater.

It wasn’t that the bugs hadn’t evolved, but their improvement was all in their basic attributes.

And the small increase in attribute points wouldn’t be of much help to the current war mode.

But there was one thing that made Lo Ya happy.

Many long-distance bullets hit the outer shell of the Sickle Insect, and they all jumped.

Unlike in the past, when they were stuck in flesh and blood, they would cause the so-called slow death.

This meant that the outer shell had already formed an effect similar to a bulletproof vest.

Along with the Empire’s reinforcements heading south, the Insect Girl Clan’s 350 thousand troops arrived.

About 100 thousand of these bugs immediately entered the battlefield, filling up the 3rd legion corps.

The remaining 250 thousand preyed on food in areas close to the battlefield, eating all kinds of trees and grass, and began to reproduce in large numbers.

Because the food quality was not as high as the Fresnel Forest’s, they needed a lot of food.

It also caused the reproduction rate to slow down.

Fortunately, the corpses left on the battlefield could be quickly digested.

It was considered to have sped up a bit.

So far, the main swarm at the front line had a rate of 15,000 insects per day.

The consumption was around 10,000 per day.

As they gradually focused on reproducing, the number of insects would increase faster and faster.

However, the increasingly intense battle situation would inevitably lead to an increase in the consumption rate.

Hence, Lo Ya began to focus on breeding low-level Undead Insect.

She wanted them to play a better role as cannon fodder.

The small beetle army was also continuously supplying them.

Their participation caused the loss of the main insect swarm to slow down by another level.

Moreover, they greatly delayed the speed of some of the enemy armies, and brought along a considerable amount of consumption.

In comparison, Lo Ya’s native insect swarm increased at a much faster rate.

Currently, she could add an additional 50 thousand main insect swarm every day.

If she focused on the reproduction of other insects, then the speed might be slightly slower.

However, he could at least ensure that he could produce more than 40,000 bugs per day.

This meant that besides the Great Forest War, there would be an increase of 1.2-1.5 million insects per month.

Their enemies were the Devil Beast Lord and a small number of Magical Creature forces, but none of them had as many enemies as the Insect Girl Clan.

Therefore, they were always restrained when resisting the invasion.

In addition, the Insect Girl Clan was still attacking the border of the forest, trying to form a circle around the continent.

Then, they would slowly expand towards the center.

As a result, they had not offended too many Beyond Grade Lords.

The few Little Insect Girl had also killed quite a number of Extraordinaires in the forest, and their levels rose rapidly.

Moreover, the young Little Insect Girl also became powerful because of their occasional leveling up.

To the Insect Girl Clan, the longer the war dragged on, then the stronger their own side would be.

Until August, the Empire had not been able to effectively stop the invasion of the swarm.

Lo Ya had to transport two batches of insect swarms to the frontlines every month, which was about the same as 700,000 insects per month.

After the number was sufficient, she saw that the insect swarms on the battlefield of the Empire had reached a very high level of reproductive ability, so it was reduced to once per month.

By September, one million square kilometers of land on the Empire’s mainland had already been annexed.

The Empire had invested more than five million people into the main force of the army.

After two months of war, they had lost more than 1.2 million people.

The reason why there was such a huge loss was because the Insect Girl Clan had launched attacks at almost all times at the same time.

There was no war without a break, but the Insect Girl Clan had successfully allowed an attack to last for nearly three months.

Although the Empire believed that the loss of the insect swarm was higher, more than 4 million, In reality, most of them were the low-cost early stage Undead Insect cannon fodder.

Their cost was converted to the current Sickle Insect.

Less than 500 thousand.

In addition to the loss of the Sickle Insect army at the front line, Lo Ya’s side had lost over 1.6 million Sickle Insect costs.

It was slightly higher than the Empire’s, but they had recovered over a million in three months, so the actual losses in this war were less than two hundred thousand.


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