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C265 – After Mergence

“That was close.

I almost got my neck cut.”

They were only a few dozen centimeters taller than the big bug, which showed how terrifying their size was.

After the attack, Mille did not dare to relax for even a second.

He immediately raised his shield.

Almost at the same time, the other sickle on the other side hit the shield.

Under the strengthening of Dou Qi, the shield still made a strange creaking sound.

The large shield that was wrapped in a layer of thin iron sheet came from a distance and actually cracked open a small hole.

The tip of the sickle penetrated through and was stuck on the top.

Mille also took a few steps back in the shocking Strength and fell into the trench.

“Light Blade Slash!”

The captain who was at the back exploded with energy waves.

His entire body shot out, slashing out a glaring light blade.

With a poof, the Sickle Insect was cut into two.

“I’m shocked, captain, you’re a Diamond Level”

The light blade just now was not something an ordinary expert could release.

He didn’t expect his captain to be hiding something like this.

“Don’t slack off.

Continue fighting.

You guys cover me with your guns.”

Another two Sickle Insect rushed forward in succession.

The captain continuously brandished his weapons and easily killed them.

But at the same time, a grenade landed beside the captain’s feet.


His body flew out and fell into the trench.

There were some injuries on his body, but at least he managed to endure it.

Some of the soldiers picked up the explosives on the ground and threw them out with their hands.

These bombs exploded as soon as they touched the ground, forcing the nearby Sickle Insect to retreat.

The two sides began to fire at each other within a hundred meters of each other.

Thanks to the machine guns of the empire, these Sickle Insect were killed in the blink of an eye.

When the attack stopped, the captain put down his weapon and panted as he turned around and said, “Calculating the losses.”

A few minutes later, the deputy captain reported, “Another seven people were lost.

There are still 19 left.

One of them is seriously injured.”

“Damn it.”

The two waves of attack from the swarm were not considered strong, whether it was in terms of numbers or terrain, they were in an advantageous position, but they still lost so many people.

Looking at the remaining ten insects retreating in the distance, the captain frowned.

He had no idea what to do next.

“Captain, why don’t we ask for help or bring our weapons to the highlands behind us.

Otherwise, we won’t be able to defend at all.” The comrades anxiously reminded him.

“Okay, the missile squad, take care of the cover.

The others, start moving the items.”

The captain took out his communication paper and wrote a few words on it before tearing it apart.

This was the Empire’s new technology.

Using this method, the information he wanted to convey would be directly displayed on the other piece of paper.

Half a minute later, a few words appeared on the other piece of paper: Permission.

“It has agreed.

Everyone, speed up.”

In reality, the soldiers had already completely lifted up their backpacks.

With a “run,” all the soldiers moved their legs.

Even the six people in the bunker carried ammunition boxes and machine guns and rushed out.

Although everyone’s Strength was very strong and had a certain realm, there were too many things on the scene, so it was impossible to transport all of them away.

They carried more than 20,000 bullets, five boxes of 500 cannonballs, and other guns, and then rushed back with all their might.

After about five minutes, the swarm of insects waited until the three teams that had rushed over from the back and launched another assault.

In the end, they found that they were not stopped.

They quickly took control of this place and began to organize an attack on the mountain that was even further away.

“The terrain of the mountains ahead is complicated.

Let the Corrosive Shooting Bugs go into battle.”

Because it was a dense rainforest, most of the creatures hidden inside were very difficult to discover, so Lo Ya gave the order to the troops at the front line.

Brain Insect No.

4 carried out all of this very well.

He began to mobilize 100 Corrosive Shooting Insects and distributed them to different Sickle Insect divisions.

The average number was really small, but as long as it was used on the edge of the blade, it would be a huge help to the entire front line.

When Mille retreated to the other defense team’s mountain, he felt much more relaxed.

It couldn’t be helped, the mountain that was originally only left with 19 people suddenly turned into 49 people, and the machine gun also changed from 3 to 6.

The number of crystal explosive launchers doubled, and also became 6 doors.

This was equivalent to doubling the firepower and suppression ability.

“Do you have a lot of ammunition here” The captain recalled the previous consumption and couldn’t help but ask the captain of Squad 8.

“At least 200,000 rounds.

There are 20 boxes of cannonballs.

They were all replenished in time at the rear.

Squad 36 will soon be replenished here as well.”

“No wonder there are so many of them.”

The bullets were mainly focused on the machine gun, but even if it was a machine gun, it would not continue to shoot.

20 boxes of ammunition were equivalent to 2000 rounds, plus the 5 boxes that were transported over, it was equivalent to 2500 rounds.

It was really not an ordinary amount, as long as they did not keep firing, it would definitely be enough.

“Oh right, are the enemies you faced before really that fierce In less than a few minutes, half of your men died” The soldier of Squad 8 beside Mille asked him in a low voice.

“Yes, even if they were close, they would need a lot of guns to die.

If your limbs are broken, you can still continue to fight.

The cannon’s effect isn’t too good either.

Previously, the first wave charged 10, the second wave 20 to 30.

Even so, we were all drawn into close combat, and it was all because of the Diamond Level captain.”

“Your captain is a Diamond Level”


Mille’s words did not make the comrades of the other teams happy.

Instead, they felt even more pressured.


A team’s firepower could not be blocked, and they still needed to fight in close combat.

As expected, this battle was as difficult as the information from the higher-ups.

This time, they were indeed facing a force that was strong enough to fight against the Empire.

“When did such a terrifying group of magical beasts appear”

No one could answer this question.

At this moment, the swarm had already begun to approach their defensive position.

This wave of charging was unexpectedly dense.

At least five squads of Sickle Insect rushed up from the mountainside of the dense forest.

The dense forest blocked their vision very well, so the six machine guns had no choice but to continuously fire.

In order to suppress the enemy’s charge.

The six launchers dropped dense artillery shells, and explosions rang out at the waist of the mountain.

The Insect Girl Clan also relied on their superior range to fire grenades.

Those were two Bullet Insect that were distributed from the artillery corps.

This war forced Lo Ya to distribute some independent artillery troops to different Sickle Insect regiments to provide firepower support.

Otherwise, they would definitely suffer more losses in the battle.

The situation in front of them proved the effect of this method.

They only relied on two cannons.

It often made the soldiers of the Empire unable to raise their heads.

Especially when the explosions happened one after another, they continued to raise their heads and shoot.

This meant that they were very likely to be killed by the stray bullets.


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