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C263 – As What Mille Saw

Empire Forest 6th Legion, 2nd Battalion, 7th Squad.

Mille held onto a gun that he was not familiar with and carefully laid down in the forest.

This was a high ground.

Because of the characteristics of the new weapons, everyone no longer needed to rush to the frontlines with their own weapons.

Correspondingly, they had a greater reliance on the terrain.

A small ball called the crystal explosive bomb could produce a shocking explosion when thrown out.

These were precious weapons used in close combat.

If they really could not block the opponent and let them rush in front of them, then the sword and shield that they carried with them would have the final effect.

In order to improve the transportation, the Empire had specially built a lot of Magic and steam powered vehicles.

They helped the soldiers transport equipment and cannons, and of course, they also included a lot of bullets used on the battlefield.

“I heard that the Seventh Legion has been fighting with the swarm for a long time.

If they can’t hold it, then… I’m afraid our situation isn’t too good.” As his comrade spoke, he raised his head.

At this moment, two airships flew across the sky.

They flew quickly towards the southeast.

Not long after the cruisers left, two smaller Wind God Winged Insect appeared in the distance.

Then, the two sides began to exchange fire.

The soldiers looked up at the sky nervously.

The air forces from the two forces each used their strongest killing move.

In their line of sight, the airship’s speed was obviously slow, but the firepower was very fierce.

Not only were there machine guns attacking from both sides, but there were also two small cannon barrels at the bottom.

Because the caliber of the cannons was smaller, the firing speed was much faster than the large cannons.

During the battle, countless bullets and small cannonballs were constantly locked onto the opposite side, trying to kill the enemy at the fastest speed.

However, in comparison, the performance of the two flying insects with a wingspan of 10 meters was not weak either.

Because they were more flexible, they often turned to the blind spots of the airship and shot with venom bullets from their mouths.

Occasionally, their huge bodies would collide with the airship, making the other party abnormally unstable.

The battle continued for more than a minute before the airship rotated agilely in the air.

It poured its ammunition onto the Wind God Winged Insect wings.

The giant monster was a little unstable after being hit by a few rounds.

Thus, taking advantage of this opportunity, the two planes shot at the flying bug’s head, successfully killing it.

“Oh!” The Sixth Army soldiers who were watching the battle cheered.

“Goddess above, these weak enemies are indeed no match for us.”

“The Empire’s undying!”

The battle was going crazy.

In the distance, new Wind God Winged Insect came to help, but the battle here was also coming to an end.

In a one on one situation, the little bug was obviously not a match.

Although it was very agile, the firing angle of the Empire’s artillery was too wide.

Moreover, there were many of them, so it was very difficult to dodge.

Even if Lo Ya let the Brain Insect take over command, she could not resist at all.

In the end, this bug was also shot down.

Along with it, there was also a small amount of Explosive Beetle.

These bugs would land in the enemy territory, and if they were lucky, they could cause harm to the people on the ground.

The airship circled around for a short while, but did not continue fighting.

Instead, it left the battlefield.

Clearly, it was injured and did not want to fight with more Wind God Winged Insect.

“That is only the first-generation airship.

It seems like the enemy’s air force is only so-so.” Mille smiled in disdain.

“What do you mean it’s only so-so The enemy is just one, and we have produced an airship for a long time.

There are at least five pilots inside.

If they can’t even beat two flying dragons… There’s no need to fight this war.” The captain corrected Mille’s words.

“I think so too.”

Mille nodded and continued to observe the slope in front of him.

If the enemy wanted to attack the mountain that their small team was guarding, they had to rush past a 600m long 30-degree slope.

The current situation was really different from the past.

A few decades ago, this small battlefield could accommodate tens of thousands of people fighting.

Now, everyone was so scattered.

They only needed a few dozen people in a small team to block the enemy on the other side.

This was all thanks to the progress of their skills.

Just as Mille was deep in thought, a whistling sound suddenly came from the sky.

In just a split second, the surrounding land exploded with continuous rumbles.

The rockets of Insect Girl Clan were very terrifying.

Although their range was not as far as the cannons at the furthest range, they were still terrifying.

In fact, the Empire’s army did not have more than 150mm howitzer because it was inconvenient to transport them.

The rocket’s speed was also worth it for you to not be able to dodge it when you found it falling.

Usually, you could only find a safe hole.

Praying that the explosion would not land on you.

Now, the number of cannonballs produced by Insect Girl Clan had increased by a lot, but for the long term war, Lo Ya still tried to conserve the firepower of the Launcher Insect.

Therefore, every time they bombarded, it represented a relatively important battle intent.

Or perhaps… He had discovered the enemy’s defensive position.

The previous aerial battle had not been in vain.

The scene from the corner of Wind God Winged Insect’s eye was transmitted to Brain Insect No.4.

Finally, he quickly found a part of the Sixth Legion’s defensive position and guided the cannon fire at the same time.

He acted as a cover for the insects’ attack.

Yes, during the aerial battle, the swarm had already started moving towards the Sixth Legion.

All the orders of the Insect Girl Clan were to be carried out immediately.

There would not be a situation where human beings would be able to transmit up and down, and it would take up a lot of time.

“Damn it, what a powerful cannon fire.

Are those insects’ evolution so terrifying Whatever we have, they will have!”

Mille heard the captain’s voice.

He felt that this mountain was not the place to be taken care of, or perhaps it was better for everyone to be on guard.

There were two blockhouses in the relatively scattered terrain, and the trench was very deep.

They were connected in all directions, and it was very difficult to cause high damage to the people inside with these explosive weapons.

The Insect Girl Clan did not have a powerful armor-piercing bullet that could penetrate thick concrete and steel plates, so they would not use it under such meaningless bombardment.

Indeed, as Mille predicted, the rocket only landed six or seven times before stopping.

Only the explosions from the other battles in the distance were still ongoing.

“Captain, is there another high ground in front of us” He turned around and asked anxiously.

The captain nodded: “Yes, the high ground of Squad 12 and Squad 13, the enemy must break through that place, or take a detour from further away to attack us.”

“That’s not possible.

The highlands are a good place for firepower to cross.

Wouldn’t it be suicide to go around there”

As the two of them were talking, a different explosion occurred three kilometers away.

This was the grenade attack that Bullet Insect used.

The longest range of 2.5 kilometers could allow them to shoot farther away, and curved shooting could also attack some hidden spots behind some bunkers from top to bottom.

Gunshots and artillery sounds interweaved, and the air forces of both sides began to fight for air control.

Insect Girl seemed to want to use quantity to suppress the quality.


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