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C262 – Conquer the Empire’s Territory

In May, there were several naval battles between Insect Girl Clan and the imperial fleet.

The only battleship bug lasted for a long time under the protection of the frigate.

It was only at the end of the month that it was completely sunk.

Correspondingly, the Empire only had one Nicole class battleship left.

What it had to face was a new battleship created by the Insect Girl Clan after integrating all the ordinary Battleship Insect.

Due to Insect Girl recovering her terrifying characteristics while eating, during the naval battle, the Empire had always felt a great deal of pressure.

Unable to sink, inexplicably durable, and their shipbuilding ability was actually not comparable to the other side.

This situation made the Empire’s upper echelons very suspicious.

The Emperor obviously could not invite Magic Goddess to take action on such a small matter, or it could also be that the Gods themselves did not care about the competition between ordinary lives.

Or perhaps, Crystal Dragon God and Magic Goddess had reached an agreement.

In any case, Little Insect Girl’s actions were not blocked by the Gods and Lo Ya’s path of invasion was unimpeded.

In order to prepare for landing, Lo Ya sent out her main combat fleet on June 1st to attack the enemy’s port in the eastern continent.

The Empire’s Nicole Class battleship was forced to fight.

Taking advantage of the fact that the local main warships were unable to provide reinforcements, Lo Ya’s more than 2000 transport ships began to ride the 320 thousand insects to the western part of the Empire.

Of course, this fleet did not choose to directly land in the Empire.

Instead, they attempted to land in the southwest part of the Empire, the Ari Dynasty.

The fleet took a long detour and arrived at the southwest side of the Empire’s continent.

They also launched an attack on May 7th.

First, it was a wave of rockets launched by 300 Launcher Insect at the same time.

The entire port city was washed by close to 10,000 cannonballs.

The light from the explosions almost covered the night sky of the city.

The deafening sound made the terrified civilians completely at a loss.

The relationship between the Yali Dynasty and the Empire was a bit similar to the relationship between America and Mexico in his previous life, but it was comparatively closer.

The Empire’s old technologies would all be sold to this country.

Thus, with the large-scale installation of the new generation of firearms, More than half of the old single-handed magic guns would be sold or gifted to this country.

They used raw materials or manpower to exchange for all the technologies and equipment that the Empire had eliminated.

It could be said that they were second only to the power of the current Empire.

But to the Insect Girl Clan’s army, this country was really too weak.

At the current stage, only the fully armed empire army was qualified to fight the Sickle Insect army head on.

These ordinary small countries would only die if they fought.

The current situation could be said that the running speed of the swarm was their attacking speed.

When the 300,000 troops attacked with their independent 10,000 bug division, they could take down dozens of cities every day.

When the Empire found out that they needed help and started to send troops down south, The bug horde had taken down nearly half of the Yali Dynasty.

These bugs had devoured an unknown amount of flesh and blood along the way, leaving behind countless insect tails.

On the surface of the sea, the ships of both sides had already exchanged fire.

The Empire’s only battleship, Nicole, had suffered heavy damage and was almost unable to go out to sea.

The ordinary ships that were occasionally built were no longer able to cause any harm to the Insect Girl Clan.

Now, Lo Ya could directly open up a landing site within the Empire’s borders and prepare for the final attack.

During this period of time, the Empire’s officials had already sent out a large amount of labor.

They had set up a tight defense line along the coast.

It was a bit like the structure of a barbed wire fortress, using the higher terrains to carry out cross-fire shooting.

It could create enough lethality.

However, as the swarm defeated the Yali Dynasty in the south, the current Empire faced the direct threat of the hinterland.

Thus, the Ocean Legion that was originally guarding the northern coast was forced to go south.

They planned to cooperate with the Storm Legion, Forest Legion, and Lightning Legion here to resist the invasion of the Insect Girl Clan.

The total number of these four legions added up to 800,000 people.

In addition, more armies were still in the area close to the ocean.

There were more than 1.8 million people in total.

They built defensive lines day and night, trying to stop the Insect Girl Clan fleet from boarding.

As for the Empire’s Eastern Continent, the total number of troops was only 500,000.

It would not be too late to clean it up once the Empire’s mainland was occupied.

Lo Ya knew that the firearms of the Empire were about to be popularized.

Don’t look at how only a few months had passed.

In terms of mass production technology, this country completely surpassed the previous world.

Maybe the Magic was this magical.

In many places, it could turn the rotten into the magical.

On June 7th, the main force of Insect Girl Clan approached the border of the empire and began to encounter the obstructions of the Empire’s Forest Legion.

The Forest Legion originally ranked at the bottom in the weapon update, but because of the rapid attack of Insect Girl Clan, they were allocated weapons and equipment in advance.

The empire seemed to have sensed that something was wrong and began to mobilize the entire nation for war.

From top to bottom, almost everyone who could work started to serve the war factory.

Many of the military factories that were still waiting for allocation started to operate, and the efficiency reached a shocking level.

“They seem to value Insect Girl Clan very much.”

They didn’t look down on the _ at all.

They used all their strength as soon as the battle started.

Perhaps it was because of the unification of politics and religion, the people of the empire did not have any complaints.

They were all very enthusiastic.

On the morning of the 7th day, at 8 AM, the main force of Insect Girl Clan attacked the 6th and 7th legions of the forest.

The two legions had a total of more than 10,000 people.

In order to attack efficiently, The swarm of insects mobilized 50 Launcher Insect, 500 Bullet Insect, and 100 Wind God Winged Dragon on the first day to attack.

Countless Explosive Beetle took advantage of the chaos and carefully moved forward in the dense forest.

Then, they took advantage of the fact that the enemy was not strong enough to launch a surprise attack.

The artillery and more than ten airships from the Empire’s side counterattacked.

The entire land was filled with battles.

Explosions raised thick smoke, destroying trees and causing the mountains to rise and fall.

Following that was a large-scale gunfight.

The Insect Girl Clan’s attack force was equipped with a large number of firearms and bugs.

Although these bugs were not cheap, they could be used as weapons for different Sickle Insect, and they could also greatly increase the range of Strength.

However, facing the enemy’s machine guns, the Sickle Insect still felt that it was incomparably strenuous.

In this attack, Lo Ya also sent out a lot of corrosive spray bugs.

Their bodies were like snakes, and it was very difficult to discover them.

During the battle, she secretly came 300 meters away from the enemy and opened her mouth to spit out a strong corrosive liquid.

In an instant, the enemy was melted into a pool of liquid.

Different from the poisonous insects, although the corrosive insects had a relatively close attack range, they would not die after using it once.

Therefore, it was very easy for them to use their advantage in the jungle terrain and continue fighting for a long time.

After the soldiers of the Empire had come into contact with the combat power of the insects, they were all terrified and did not understand what they were fighting with.


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