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C261 – Small-Scale TEST

Due to the heavy weight of the sunken ship, it was not very convenient to pick up the Battleship Insect.

Fortunately, they still had legs.

With the help of a large number of Undead Insect, they were finally able to crawl at an ant-like speed as they slowly approached the shore.

Lo Ya had already begun to fuse the remaining metal ship and planned to create the final large battleship.

Taking advantage of the Empire’s navy suffering heavy injuries at this stage, Lo Ya had already formulated an invasion plan.

Because they had to face the most powerful country in this world, the first wave of boarding battles in Insect Girl Clan was only to probe and take root.

After sending tens of thousands of troops up, they would leave a lot of tail in the depths of the earth.

Once they became adults, they would not immediately participate in the war.

Instead, they would prepare for a large-scale land landing war in the future.

In actual fact, the ships had returned home for a day, and before they were fully recovered, they had already set off with 200 wooden ships.

The voyage time was six days.

Lo Ya chose to disembark at a deserted forest.

The Empire did not have any navy in the nearby areas.

Although they had discovered the fleet early on, they could not send the troops to the landing site in time, so the swarm almost did not stop them from boarding this land.

A total of 25,000 insects that were full immediately went 10 kilometers deep into the land after landing.

They gave birth to their tails and buried them dozens of meters deep into the ground.

After doing all of this, they forged a scene and the army turned to fight on land.

However, less than three minutes after the attack began, over a hundred airships appeared in the sky.

They started to bombard the insects on the ground.

Currently, the basic attributes of the Sickle Insect had reached 60, which was equivalent to a Diamond Level expert in the afternoon.

There were also several hundred of them who were equipped with the newest type of small firearms from the Insect Girl Clan.

Originally, she wanted to test their combat strength, but in the face of the dive bombing from the air force, Lo Ya was forced to let these bugs enter into a completely scattered formation.

She began to attack in all directions with small teams as units.

However, in less than two hours, the Empire’s main army had already set up a defensive line.

Most of the soldiers were indeed equipped with a type of rifle weapon, and its firing speed could reach more than 10 shots per minute.

A small portion of them were equipped with machine guns powered by crystallized energy, and they fired metal weapons at high speed.

The swarm was very fast, but in the face of the long-range shooting blockade, Diamond Level’s body was immediately wounded like tofu.

The empire had a 20-man team.

Each team had a machine gun and 19 ordinary guns, and there was an improved cannon support at the back.

The shells that fell from time to time could blast the bugs into pieces.

Although the bugs also used guns to fight back, their numbers were too small.

The only thing they could do was break through the fire blockade and quickly enter close combat mode.

Unlike the war mode in his previous life, the crazy insects indeed charged to the front of the Empire’s soldiers in a very short period of time.

Some of them were forced to raise the swords beside them and engage in close combat with the insects.

But now, the average Silver to Gold Level soldiers were completely unable to block the bugs’ strength.

The scattered defensive lines were basically broken through by the Sickle Insect squad.

At this moment, the Sickle Insect were continuously diving down and bombarding the sky while advancing towards the empire’s interior.

Twenty thousand insects was not much, but it was also quite a lot.

If they stood together, they would naturally be densely packed.

Lo Ya was sure that her own rifles could also kill the enemy, so the Sickle Insect who had long-range weapons used their own advantages.

Sometimes they would use long-range weapons to meet the enemy, and sometimes they would use the terrain to get close to the enemy and slash down with a sickle.

On the first day, the swarm penetrated 30 kilometers of the territory, killed more than 1000 soldiers, and 2000 civilians who were inclined to resist died.

Because the bug units were very scattered, and their movements were flexible.

So the effect of the air attack was very weak.

In addition, the fleet that left the shore had taken off a lot of Wind God Winged Insect, which indirectly stopped the Air Force from moving.

Hence, the ground attack of the swarm had a very good effect.

Along the way, some of the bugs would choose a hidden place to dig a hole and hide inside.

They would also carry a large amount of food with them to hide.

A large number of Nourishing Insect also began to devour the soil.

They would provide the swarm with the basic nutrients to investigate the enemy.

The Empire’s capital quickly found out about this matter.

The Emperor was furious and directly sent six legions to suppress the threat.

This matter was quickly broadcasted to the entire country through the Magic.

The invasion that had been brewing seemed to have been forcefully brought forward.

In a short week, the Empire’s capital held a large parade of 300,000 people.

Next, the four Nicole Class new Iron-armored Ship parked at the shipyard bypassed the inspection process and went out to sea.

The Emperor gave a passionate speech on the battlefield.

“Today, it was those enemies who woke up the sleeping giant dragon.

The three million regular army of the Empire will officially pick up their weapons and use their power to destroy the enemy’s courage.”

Countless people shouted.

Because of the invasion of their territory, the citizens of the Empire who always had a sense of superiority shouted to conquer all enemies who dared to offend them.

The Empire’s 200 second-generation airships were also put into use.

They had the absolute Strength that could crush Wind God Winged Insect.

Currently, Insect Girl Clan had the advantage in the sea, and the empire had an air force advantage.

The battle on the ground had not officially begun, but Insect Girl Clan was still in the enemy’s territory.

Therefore, there was no need to say who had the advantage.

Currently, Insect Girl’s territory already included an archipelago, a continent, and a vast forest.

In addition, a large portion of the Yi Er Kingdom had already been occupied, so it could be said to be a lot.

All of the human occupied regions were desperately encouraging the construction of transport ships.

As long as they could transport Sickle Insect, Regardless of the size of the ships, they were all encouraging the construction.

And the result of this was also astonishing.

On average, the investment of more than 10 meters per day was about 5 ships.

And large ships that were over a hundred meters in length could basically be built one per week.

So far, there were 2000 ships that were more than 10 meters in total, and most of them were seized from the war.

With so many ships that could transport about 300,000 insects at the same time, these ships would transfer around 1,000,000 troops to Ba Yi Ke Island through several trips, and then use them for landing battles.

After monitoring the Empire’s latest fleet coming out in full force, Lo Ya could only send out the battleship that was barely healed.

Fortunately, during this period of time, 2000 tons of small battleships were also being produced.

This gave her the ability to buy time and use up a certain amount of the enemy’s capital.

In order to achieve the goal of launching the invasion before June, Lo Ya had already begun her final preparations.


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