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C257 – Land Battle

“Captain, there’s a big ship heading our way.

That monster… That monster is even bigger than our Iron-armored Ship.” The soldier who hurriedly ran to the bottom of the cannon shouted while panting.

When the captain heard the voice, he hurriedly walked to the observatory beside him and discovered that there was indeed a huge battleship at the end of his line of sight.

Around these warships, there were other densely packed ships.

They were much smaller in size, and most of them were sailing ships.

However, this scene was still spectacular and unbelievable.

All of a sudden, the ships on the other side all flashed with blinding light, and then something flew into the sky with a long trail of flames behind it.

Those black dots were flying at an extremely high speed in the sky, and the smoke behind them could be seen a long trail.

“Not good!”

Although he had never seen a rocket before, the captain still knew about this.

“Everyone, hide behind the turret.”

Without any hesitation, the captain took the lead and jumped behind the platform, hoping to rely on the thick wall to block the attack.

Not long after, a deafening sound was heard along with a violent earthquake.

Fire and dust covered everything.

The turret behind seemed to have an extremely terrifying explosion, and the surrounding scene looked like the end of the world.

In the general’s vision, the command post building 300 meters away was instantly enveloped by thick smoke with a loud sound.

The tall wall collapsed, and flames rushed out of the smoke.

The surrounding people did not have time to escape before they were swallowed by the smoke.

The two people who were close were even thrown to the ground by the air currents, their bodies full of wounds.

“Damn it.”

What is that thing Why can it attack from so far away

Rocket bombs were a weapon that had already surpassed the era.

For these soldiers who mainly used cold weapons, it was completely unimaginable.

This was equivalent to using World War II weapons to fight against the human soldiers of the late Middle Ages.

Although the individual combat strength of these soldiers was extraordinary, they were helpless in the face of absolute technological suppression.

The rocket launcher bombarded the offshore defense base one after another.

After two short rounds, the navy ship began to approach.

Because the giant hull was unable to land on this small port, the ships that were close to the coast were all relatively small ships.

Without the obstruction of long-range weapons, this process was extremely easy.

Dozens of ships quickly boarded the shore, and Sickle Insect after Sickle Insect jumped off the hull one after another.

When they fell into the water or directly ran up the stairs to land, the bugs did not do anything in an orderly manner.

The moment they entered the port, they split up and rushed into the huge city.

The city was surrounded by 12m tall city walls, and the port was northeast of the center of the city.

Therefore, the bugs’ attack directly bypassed the heavily guarded city walls and entered the enemy’s land.

It was not that the army of Yer Country was unprepared.

From the moment the insects attacked, The loud sound of the cannon had alarmed the garrison.

When the swarm entered the port area, there were already four super long spear phalanxes and three sword-shield infantry phalanxes.

The soldiers at the front were all holding super long spears with iron spearheads in their hands.

They were 4.2 meters long.

They were all soldiers at the Bronze Level and above.

The dense weapons formed an airtight net, completely blocking the other side of the street.

These soldiers nervously looked at the corner a hundred meters away.

At a certain moment, a dark bug suddenly jumped out from the side, and with a drift, it turned around and rushed towards these soldiers.

Its speed was too fast, reaching an astonishing 60 kilometers per hour.

Such an impact force was comparable to a car.

When the soldiers in the gun array roared, with a bang, the Sickle Insect was like a tank, directly stabbing into the spear, and crashing into the soldiers in front of them with a terrifying inertia.

The shocking force stopped the soldiers in front of them in their tracks.

Sticky blood sprayed out from their broken limbs.

It was this collision that caused a dent to appear in the square formation.

At least ten people were knocked out two meters, and not a single person survived in the area where the first three rows were hit.

And because the Sickle Insect was pierced by several long spears, it instantly lost its life.

The first collision was extremely bloody, but this was only the beginning of the crisis.

Before these warriors could recover from the previous collision, and before they could even recover their formation, another two Sickle Insect appeared at the end of the street.

The civilians standing on both sides of the houses covered their mouths, their expressions completely lifeless.

They simply did not understand what kind of monster had suddenly appeared this time.

“Hold on, don’t let these monsters break through the defense line!”

The commander standing at the front right of the formation raised his head and roared.

He didn’t expect this at all.

The resistance mission this time would be so difficult.

The tight protection of the super long spear formation could even easily defend against warriors a few ranks higher, and that bug had killed so many people in an instant.

It was simply a heavy cavalry.

Two Sickle Insect, one in front and one behind, rushed over from ten meters away.

Horrifying footsteps rang out from the ground, accompanied by the sound of the ground trembling.

The first insect directly crashed into the area that had just been attacked.

The few people who were standing guard here were covered in injuries.

The soldiers who had yet to recover from their shock were instantly smashed into pieces, and a few cracking sounds could be heard.

Their entire bodies had deviated from their original position.


The Sickle Insect was pierced through by the spear, but it also charged out of the spear formation and appeared behind the soldiers.

Facing the injuries, it turned its head and its sickle mercilessly stabbed into the bodies of the last row of soldiers.

At the same time, the second Sickle Insect also crashed into the other side of the spear array.

Because the position was not right, it was stabbed quite miserably.

Fortunately, its flexible reaction prevented it from being stabbed in its vitals.

It continued to fight the enemy for half a minute.

The three bugs at the front and back had almost caused the entire spear array to lose its ability to block.

There were still quite a number of warriors left.

At close range, they could only pull out the daggers at their waists.

However, the weapons were too short.

Even if they used their combat power, it would be very difficult to face these one meter long sickle bugs.

Only a dozen or so people were left on the front line.

The remaining two Sickle Insect were barely killed.

At this time, new bugs appeared at the end of the street.

There were three of them in this wave.

The scattered attack of the insects completely displayed their individual qualities.

Their performance was extremely shocking.

For the insects that the fleet transported on such a large scale, this city could be said to be defenceless.

What was even more terrifying was that as a few Wind God Winged Insect flew into the sky, the Launcher Insect and Bullet Insect on the ship immediately had a position.

They began to aim the cannon muzzle at the army that was gathering.

Following a series of soaring exhaust flames, the rocket was the first to descend.


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