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C254 – Stratagem

Although they didn’t use wood, this ship was still far from the Empire’s first generation of warships.

First of all, the speed wasn’t up to standard, because the Magic technology wasn’t up to standard.

The Yir Kingdom used steam propulsion, but unfortunately… There was no coal in this world, so they could only rely on the Magic flames to evaporate the liquid water.

This produced a sufficient amount of gas that was used to propel the oar and piston.

Its power was obviously lacking.

Perhaps, compared to the steam civilization, the biggest advantage of this Iron-armored Ship was that it was environmental friendly.

However, when faced with the swarm, environmental protection was useless.

Moreover, this ship did not have the enchantment art of the empire, so it was unable to draw Magic patterns on the surface of the hull.

The final result of applying the defense of a Space Level or above Magic was… Before the ship even set sail, it had already been torn apart by the Corrosive Beetle, leaving more than a dozen big holes.

When the king found out about this situation, he almost fainted.

Not to mention that such a ship had sunk, even if it was repaired, it would still take a few months to start.

The Insect Girl Clan had completely locked them up on the island.

Lo Ya was not in a hurry to invade the Yi Er Kingdom.

Instead, she spent five days.

She completely controlled the entire archipelago and sent 10,000 insects to attack another country that was about the size of the northwest side of the island.

All of this took less than ten days.

Ten days, for a long war, was just a snap of the fingers.

During this period of time, the empire had reorganized the Iron-armored Ship team and planned to set sail to reclaim the rights to control the sea.

In order to coordinate with the entire strategy, the 1st and 5th squadrons came to help.

Lo Ya was not afraid of ordinary iron skin squadrons at all.

Even the empire itself did not rely on these old ships.

Hence, the 700,000 Corrosive Beetle produced during this period of time were all thrown into the sea by the Wind God Winged Insect, forming a terrifying net in the vast sea.

Although this moving net was not very dense, it successfully blocked the Empire from the south of the sea.

In order to deal with the blockage of the swarm and obtain information, the Empire’s officials urgently issued the ‘Airship War Act’, immediately sending the airships that were still waiting for verification into actual combat.

In the previous war, the Wind God Winged Insect Legion had already encountered an airship once.

However, that battle only lasted for a very short half a minute before the other side chose to retreat.

The specific reason was unknown, but Lo Ya had seen the combat power of the airship.

Apart from the relatively slow speed, the other aspects were really not much different from the planes on Earth.

In order to obtain information about the empire and carry out long-term wars, the Insect Girl Clan held an emergency meeting.

The people attending the meeting included Lo Xin, Lo Yu, Lo Lo, Lo Bing and a large group of big Little Insect Girl.

“Quiet! Quiet!” Facing the large group of little things who were twitching and pretending to be dead, Lo Ya angrily clapped her hands and shouted at everyone, “It is not class! Not class!”

“Ah, it’s not class.

I’m alive.”

The little ones sat up one by one, waiting for Lo Ya to speak.

Lo Ya,… “”

So they could not hope for these little things to be of any help.

“Anyway, this time, I hope that everyone can discuss the strategy to deal with the Empire together.”

After Lo Ya said this, she received a period of silence.

A pair of big black eyes blinked and looked at her foolishly.

“Alright, the meeting is adjourned.”

Lo Ya chased them away in disappointment.

There were no conditions for the Insect Girl Clan to hold a meeting.

The only people who could participate in the discussion were Lo Xin and Chiang Ya, who was particularly outstanding in this aspect.

The Brain Insect was still only a tactical commander at the moment.

It was very useless in terms of strategy.

The overall strategic planning still had to rely on Insect Girl.

“Strategy to deal with the Empire.”

Lo Xin thought for a long time and provided Lo Ya with a plan.

“As long as the parasites are thrown into the other side’s country, it will be fine.

After a few decades of reproduction, there will be that kind of bug on humans.

Everyone self-destruct together…”

“Accept.” Lo Ya finally felt relieved.

It was really wonderful that little Lo Xin could think of this method.

Although Lo Ya had thought of it a long time ago, she did not have the chance to realize it previously.

On the other hand, it was also because the little parasite was too cute and could not bear to part with it.

If he wanted to self-destruct, he would just specially detonate those that had almost reached the end of their lifespan.

After Chiang Ya heard Lo Xin’s words, she used her tail to pat the ground twice.

Her eyes were wide open as she said, “Then we can also send the Nourishing Insect to the enemy’s land.

The Nourishing Insect can conduct investigations.”


Lo Ya also expressed her gratitude towards Chiang Ya.

These two were just smart insects.

“Oh.” Lo Lo, who had been eavesdropping from more than ten meters away, also came up with a good idea and immediately wriggled up.

” I know.

We can stay inside the cannon barrel.

Then, with a bang, it was launched into the enemy’s territory.

Lo Ya, you must use my method.

Lo Ya flicked her finger and sent her flying.

“Then let’s do it now.”

No matter how advanced the tactics were, they could not be counted on.

Lo Ya herself was not a strategist and had very low utilization rate of the bug swarm.

The method of sending two types of bugs was not too difficult.

At present, she could only rely on the sea full of Corrosive Beetle.

On the long coastline, there would always be bugs that could break through the enemy’s blockade.

This plan was implemented on the same day.

Large groups of small insects were sent to the western region of the Empire the next morning.

And the independent continent in the eastern part of the Empire would also be delivered on the second day.

Over 2,000 small beetle landed in different regions and began to throw tens of thousands of Nourishing Insect onto the ground.

After that, they began to search for small animals and threw out little parasitic Insect Girl.

At the same time, they let the prepared little Little Insect Girl shoot out air spores to prepare for large-scale reproduction on the ground.

After doing all this, the swarm immediately returned to the sea.

On January 5th, the Nourishing Insect successfully infiltrated the empire’s capital.

It was an unbelievable holy city.

A thousand meters tall Holy Tower was built in the center of the magnificent city, surrounded by countless hundreds of meters tall buildings.

But the modern buildings on Earth were different, these giant buildings covered a large area.

At the entrance of the city, there was a huge door that was 120 meters tall, and the top of the door was like a lid.

Almost a hundred meters of land was covered in shadows.

“Magic Goddess lives in this city.”

Lo Ya actually smelled the smell of divine attribute from this city.

A thousand meters tall tower was simply not like the technology of this country.

Because it was too spectacular, it could be seen hundreds of kilometers away.

“Did the aliens help build it” Lo Ya, who shared the vision, could not help but mutter.

When the Nourishing Insect mixed into the military base next to the city, they saw a large number of airships.

When they passed by the door of a certain house, they happened to hear two gentlemen wearing hats discussing.

“The airship war bill has just been passed and is about to be launched into the air war.

Is the front line in such a rush to use it I think the airship will need to be mass produced and equipped in the future, but I don’t know when it will be used for civilian use.”

“Forget it, we don’t have a share I heard that the navy is facing a lot of difficulties, this is not the first time.”

“Could it be that those barbaric natives have gotten enlightened”


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