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C253 – Suppression

“Luckily the insects are scattered.”

Lo Ya realized that the enemy’s cannons were also damaged to a certain extent.

They were similar to grenades and did not have strong armor penetration power.

However, it could be understood that the army in this era did not have tanks.

Grenades were the best way to kill and injure infantry.

Lo Ya was not in a hurry because a artillery battalion had already rushed over.

This wave of reinforcements did not bring along a higher cost Launcher Insect, but there were quite a lot of Bullet Insect.

Lo Ya’s original plan was to have 2000 Sickle Insect plus 30 Bullet Insect, but now, as the scale of the Bullet Insect increased, each artillery regiment had been changed to four camps, and each battalion had 30 cannons.

In other words, a single artillery formation would have 2000 Sickle Insect and 120 Bullet Insect.

Currently, the range of the Bullet Insect had already reached 1 km.

It was like a long-ranged cannon, and its power had also increased due to the evolution of the Launcher Insect.

The power of the current cannonball was already higher than the 50mm cannon during World War II.

The fastest battalion that had arrived in less than 5 minutes had completed their deployment, and they began firing into the interior of the enemy.

The current firing speed had reached 12 rounds per second.

Of course, this could only be done with the help of the Sickle Insect.

After these cannonballs drew a simple parabola in the sky, they let out a roar within the enemy’s crowd.

In reality, even the soldiers of the empire could not withstand the terror of close range explosions.

However, armor and combat power really saved them.

Originally, a single cannon shot in the concentrated area could kill a large number of them, but now, they could only kill five or six.

Lo Ya was very satisfied with this battle result.

Thinking about how low the cost of cannonballs was, 30 cannonballs were equivalent to one Sickle Insect.

In other words, using the little nutrition of a Sickle Insect to exchange for hundreds of casualties in the empire.

What was even more terrifying was that although the accuracy of the Bullet Insect was not high, the firing speed was too fast.

Hence, with the combined strength of 30 cannonballs, they could fire 360 cannonballs in a minute.

Fortunately, the artillery battalion carried a lot of cannonballs with them.

Otherwise, they would not be able to hold on for long.

Facing such a situation, the Legion General of the Second Legion frowned deeply.

“Even bugs can fire cannonballs Let the artillery attack the enemy’s cannons.”

Although he said that, he did not expect that the Insect Girl Clan’s Bullet Insect were much more flexible than the Empire’s donkey and people’s trailer cannons.

Not long after, 10 Bullet Insect circled to the side of the battlefield and aimed their cannons at them.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

After a burst of thick smoke, the cannonballs flew out and disappeared into the night sky.

In the middle of the night, a series of explosions could be heard in the distance.

The light from the crystal explosion made the night even brighter.

Several soldiers who were controlling the cannons were blown away on the spot.

A single Bullet Insect shell could not destroy the cannons, but once there were more of them, they would not be able to withstand it.

Lo Ya let this wave of attack continue for more than ten seconds until the enemy’s artillery was dead and the cannon destroyed the six gates.

Only then did she let the Bullet Insect retreat.

The battle between the two sides had entered an unfair state.

The legion commander ordered the army to retreat.

Similar to the Roman Turtle Shell Formation, when retreating quickly, they could still maintain a similar formation.

However, the Strength of the bug swarm was too large, and they continuously broke through the gaps.

The corpses along the way proved that this battle consumed a lot of energy.

The battle lasted until daytime.

A cavalry unit of the 1st legion of the expedition army rushed over and crashed into the formation of the Sickle Insect from the side.

Lo Ya immediately ordered a portion of the insect swarm to change direction and collide with this wave of cavalry.

Unfortunately, the size of the Sickle Insect could not collide with the cavalry of the empire.

The cavalry unit of more than a thousand people was armed to the teeth.

Whether it was the warhorses or the people, they were all covered in metal armor.

Under the operation of combat power, the bug horde suffered heavy casualties.

Lo Ya’s backup quickly arrived and used the same method to launch a side attack on the cavalry.

The cavalry battalion commander roared as he fought with the insects.

He was like a hero, but also like a sharp knife, moving back and forth among the insects.

The scale of the loss increased again and again.

Because Lo Ya’s reinforcements had already reached 15,000 bugs, the First Legion that came to reinforce them had some hesitation.

“Commander, all our ships have been destroyed.

The coast has been sealed.

We can’t retreat.”

The intelligence of the scouts made the two legions feel despair.

“For the goddess, fight to the end!”

Under such circumstances, the commanders had decided to fight with all their might.

The soldiers all mustered up their courage, brandished their swords and sabers, and swore to fight the ferocious and terrifying bugs to the death.

This battle continued all the way until that night.

When the last person died in the hands of the bugs, Lo Ya was inexplicably in a trance.

“This group of people are too good at fighting, right”

If they really fought to the end, they could be considered heroes no matter which country they left behind.

The loss of the swarm was as high as 130,000 insects, and this was even with the support of artillery.

It could be seen that combat power was very harmful to the insects of the biological civilization.

Lo Ya let the insects devour on the spot, and in the next few hours, they produced their tails one after another.

By the next day, the number of tails had reached 160,000.

If the consumption of the artillery was offset, she earned 2000 in total.

The more powerful one was, the more concentrated the energy in one’s body would be, which resulted in an increase in nutrition.

But now, the insects were also extraordinary, so the consumption was much greater.

It could be seen that the battle with the Empire might not be profitable, and it might even be a loss.

Unless the swarm absolutely crushed the enemy on the war Strength, otherwise, after a war, the amount of flesh and blood they could recover might not be enough.

“But it’s alright, as long as we don’t lose anything.”

Lo Ya was not disappointed.

One Fresnel Forest was already filled with countless delicacies.

Currently, a million insects was only the beginning.

In the future, the battle with Empire would most likely be fought in units of legion corps, so there was no need to worry about small numbers.

After the war on the island ended, countless people of Ba Yike cheered.

However, the upper echelons of this country had just received information that the ship of the Yir Kingdom had been stolen by Empire of Insect Girl, and none of the crew members had returned.

What was going on

In any case, Lo Ya would not give them an answer, and no one knew if the news was true or false.

Now, the swarm’s performance was normal.

Although it had shrunk in size, it was still comparable to a Strength.

While the upper echelons were feeling deeply uneasy, Lo Ya’s fleet started to send the swarm to different factions on the archipelago in batches.

Most of the small islands only needed a few hundred insects to easily conquer, and a small portion needed a few thousand.

In less than two days, more than 50 islands became Lo Ya’s territory.

King Yir knew that it was bad.

Sure enough, Insect Girl Clan was the same as the Empire.

They were not friends at all.

No… they were even more terrifying because the war armies of this country were all magic beasts.

By the time he wanted to seek help from other countries, the sea had already been sealed off.

The only thing that could still be contacted was their only neighbor in the south – Hanel.

King Els was furious, he didn’t think he was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Thus, he directly sent out the Iron-armored Ship team within the kingdom.

Their flagship was also the only warship in the kingdom of Yir that was fully armored, and it was a 4000 ton warship.


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