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C248 – Breed the Slime

After struggling in the swimming pool for an hour, Lo Ya carried the little loli out of the castle.

There were many creatures that were brought back by Sickle Insect in the outside world to be slaughtered.

They were all used for Little Insect Girl to practice hunting.

Although there were many types of insects, as masters, these little cuties could not lose their wildness.

Otherwise, when they truly encountered danger, they would not have any ability to resist.

While hunting, a certain little Little Insect Girl suddenly dropped a box.

“It’s a gold chest.”

Lo Ya immediately wriggled her tail to the side and helped open it.

[Opening Golden Treasure Chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained a pet: Blue Slime (Corrosive Mucus).]

“Eh, another Slime.”

One! Sparkling jelly jumped out of the box.

“Wow! Slime! Slime!”

In an instant, the surrounding Little Insect Girl let go of the food in her hands.

She drooled and rushed over with bright eyes.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Lo Ya stretched out her finger and flicked them away one by one, “You are not allowed to eat.”

When Lo Ya ate that Slime back then, it was already enough to make Lo Ya regret it.

Such a high nutritional value delicious food should not be wasted.

It was best to reproduce a little more before eating it.

Furthermore, this Slime had the words’ corrosive mucus’ behind it.

It did not seem very safe.

A group of Little Insect Girl greedily observed this little thing.

The crystal Slime jelly bounced a few times on the spot, and then it seemed to have sensed the predator’s breath.

It instantly shrank into a ball and trembled non-stop.

Lo Ya did not know what the Slime ate, so she bit off a piece of beast meat and threw it to its side.

In a few seconds, the Slime trembled and swallowed the entire piece of meat into the mucus inside.

Then, under Lo Ya’s shocked gaze, the piece of meat dissolved bit by bit and disappeared without a trace, while the blue Slime’s body enlarged by a small circle.

“Great, quickly bring the meat over.”

There were many dead creatures’ corpses in the surroundings, and they were all transported over.

The Sickle Insect began to take turns feeding the Slime.

The food they gave at the beginning was too big.

The Slime could not swallow it, and it looked very painful.

After taking it out, it actually made its size a little smaller.

Hence, Lo Ya asked the Sickle Insect to send the smaller ones up.

Following that, the Slime continued to expand its size through devouring.

Its level also increased from level 1 to level 5 very quickly.

“So big.”

Looking at the half meter tall jelly-like fruit, Lo Ya swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

At this time, she could feed animals that were several times bigger than Slime.

When she digested another grey wolf, this Slime suddenly began to split.

One minute, two minutes, four minutes… It was only when it was divided into 32 portions that it could barely be considered to have stopped.


Little Little Insect Girl and the rest looked on eagerly, waiting for Lo Ya to give them to eat.

“Alright, let’s eat half first.”

Lo Ya thought so and let the Sickle Insect try it first.

As a result, the metal in the sharp blade began to melt at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Eh, can it melt metal Is it the effect of corrosive mucus”

Lo Ya let the Sickle Insect take a bite, but its mouth began to corrode.

It looked like the situation was not good.

After swallowing it, she did not obtain any genes for the time being, so Lo Ya let the Sickle Insect take a few more bites.

The life points on its head began to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When she finished half of the Slime, Lo Ya finally received a prompt for a new gene.

[Received corrosive solution gene.

Missing compatibility with Sickle Insect.

Automatically producing a new species.]

[Corrosive small beetle: A blue and translucent small beetle.

It can explode and produce a large amount of corrosive solution.

It is extremely destructive to metal and has a strong corrosive effect on the body.

It can be mass-produced by tossing flourishing ball.

The cost is two times that of Explosive Beetle.]

[Corrosive Spit Bug: A 2m long jet bug that looks like a cobra.

It has fused with the gene of high-pressure water spray fish.] [Corrosive Spit Bug: A 2m long jet bug that looks like a cobra and has fused with the gene of high-pressure water spray fish.] It can spray the corrosive solution to 300 meters away.

At close range, the corrosive solution is similar to a water knife under high pressure.

It could be used for cutting.

The cost of each Sickle Insect was 60 Sickle Insect.]

[Wind God Winged Insect obtains spray corrosive liquid.

The bullet’s ability could be used in air and ground attacks.]

[Little Insect Girl’s ability to shoot venom has been strengthened, increasing the corrosiveness of the poison.]

[All insects have gained basic resistance to corrosion.]

“Wow, this is great!”

This evolution was really amazing.

Lo Ya happily rolled on the ground.

“Lo Ya is like a child.” Lo Xin who was wriggling over from afar said.

“Oh, really” Lo Ya quickly sat up straight and said seriously, “I don’t care anymore.

I will test the new insects first.”

On one side, they continued to feed the blue Slime.

On the other side, there were already Corrosive small beetle and Corrosive Shooting Insects that began to produce.

Corrosive small beetle needed to be produced from the Shooting Reproductive Insect that was dozens of kilometers away.

It needed some time to come over.

The production time of the Shooting Insects was about the same as Sickle Insect, so the only thing that could be tested now was the Wind God Winged Insect’s ability.

After eating a small amount of food, a Wind God Winged Insect’s Venom Spray device completed its evolution and started to land beside Lo Ya.

It opened its mouth and aimed at a tree in the distance.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

In an instant, the speed of the shot was extremely exaggerated.

It was probably a blue seed.

The bullets were like machine guns, shooting into the distance.

The range on the ground was only 100 meters, and the close range penetration was very strong.

However, it was only barely close to the level of a handgun.

The main thing was the corrosive ability of the target.

The tree in the distance started to melt at a visible rate, and soon, a deep hole appeared.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Lo Ya was satisfied.

The Wind God Winged Insect began to evolve.

Thousands of them consumed a lot of food.

Fortunately, for the current Insect Girl Clan, * Hong Long…… * Currently, the breeding grounds that were built in various places could provide hundreds of times the amount of food.

Furthermore, Lo Ya was still considering the bigger breeding grounds.

Specially raising creatures that were fast in reproduction and had a sufficient amount of meat.

During Lo Ya’s test, the number of blue Slime had already multiplied to 64.

Lo Ya ordered half of them to reproduce, while the other 32 stayed behind to share with the eager little Little Insect Girl.

In order to prevent danger, Lo Ya first took a bite.


Close to 50 Evolution points and the taste was as delicious as jelly.

It was hard for her to forget.

“Everyone, begin.”

“Wow! Oh.”

The cuties immediately rushed over.

Each of them picked up a Slime and gulped it down like jelly.

They felt that their little tails were getting fatter.

The Slime seemed to be able to maximize the utilization of food’s energy.

It was clearly just 30 Evolution points meat, but after being digested by them, it turned into 50 Evolution points meat.

It simply did not make sense.

“Could it be that the energy within has been stimulated”

Lo Ya thought this way.

She felt that the Slime’s breeding plan was a very good way to replenish food.

Moreover, this kind of creature’s reproduction speed was fast.

It should be able to catch up with the speed of the insects’ expansion.


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