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C244 – Wounding the Allies

Although Lo Ya had sent an ordinary army into the great forest on the east side, it did not mean that she did not want to start a war with the human empire earlier.

For this plan, Lo Ya was prepared to plan a large-scale naval war.

She would completely destroy more than half of the enemy’s ships and throw at least fifty thousand insects into the target country.

The scale of the navy was actually very large now.

There were 90 first-class ships.

However, Lo Ya knew the actual combat strength of this kind of ship.

Hence, 1st class warships only formed a flexible independent fleet to intercept and attack the Empire’s overseas merchant ships.

As for the main navy, Lo Ya currently had 30 2nd class warships.

15 3rd class warships, 2 4th class warships, and 1 5th class warship.

The goal of the Insect Girl Clan 1st fleet, which consisted of 48 ships, was to have a decisive battle with the enemy.

They had a feeling that they would suffer heavy losses, so they kept producing level 2 and above ships.

This would result in a large consumption of food, and a decrease in the reproduction rate of land insects.

However, to Lo Ya, there were still tens of thousands of insects every day.

On the 10th day of Empire of Insect Girl, Lo Ya sent a human diplomat to the Yir Kingdom to request assistance in the following battles.

King Yir did not think Insect Girl could defeat the empire.

It was only when he saw the fleet of 48 ships appear on the sea and saw a large number of shockingly powerful Launcher Insect that he could barely understand Lo Ya’s confidence.

Thus, the king and his ministers had an emergency discussion and finally decided to send out the main fleet to assist.

For this war, the Yir Kingdom’s navy department sent out all ships other than the Iron-armored Ship division.

In addition, they also modified the larger ships and dismantled many side cannons.

They also installed the land cannons with a range of more than two kilometers.

Due to the lack of technical skills, they were forced to reduce the iron plate armor on the side and equipped it on the deck to support the heavy cannon body and the firing force.

Finally, with the cooperation of the various countries, a support fleet of 80 ships was formed.

This enormous support fleet could be said to be the limit of the various countries’ sea Strength.

Among them, only 40 ships under 40 meters were not equipped with long-range cannons.

The other 40 ships had mostly reached the level 3 standard of Insect Girl Clan (including level 3) and had been modified.

They were equipped with at least two or more long-range cannons, and the strongest flagship, Barran.

There were even nine main armament.

Finally, the 128 ships slowly left the ocean and split into three parts close to each other, slowly moving toward the Empire.

In order to cooperate with this naval battle, the 18 1st class interception ships that were scattered across the vast ocean all had 5 Wind God Winged Insect each.

They took turns to leave the deck and flew towards the Empire’s territory.

They tried to find the warships that might exist on the surface of the sea.

As a result, they saw a vast and boundless continent.

“That’s the territory of the Empire”

It was unbelievably clean and magnificent, although they only saw a city along the enemy’s coastline.

The orderly planning surprised Lo Ya.

There were many sailing ships docked at the port, and some of the more advanced ships were not driven by sails.

Furthermore… They were equipped with Magic cannons.

When the Wind God Winged Insect saw this scene and prepared to leave, a powerhouse on a ship released a bolt of lightning towards the sky, killing the Wind God Winged Insect from hundreds of meters away.

“Transcendental powerhouse”

His clothes were the common white uniform of the Empire’s navy.

From the star badge on his shoulder, one could tell that he was a high-ranking general.

“Even in the army, there are Extraordinaries”

Lo Ya did not think that such a powerhouse could not destroy a large warship, let alone a mage.

The power of thunder and lightning should not be so strong against the hull, but the lethality towards life was not that simple.

After killing the Wind God Winged Insect, the general directly took the fleet and left the shore.

“This seems to be the Empire’s 4th fleet.

If every fleet has a super class elite, then it would be really a trap.

This seems to be the Empire’s 4th fleet.

If every fleet has a super class elite, then it would be really a trap.”

Lo Ya knew that the alliance did not have the determination to fight the empire.

Every time they met an enemy, they would be beaten until they ran away.

In this direct confrontation, they actually hoped that the Insect Girl Clan would have a direct confrontation.

Their fleet hid in a relatively safe position and ran away when they saw something wrong.

They were really helpless.

Lo Ya personally sat on the ship and considered if she should think of a way to get rid of the enemy general.

“Undead Insect, tell the Yir Kingdom fleet to use their wings to fight the enemy and make it convenient for them to surround and fight later.”

Lo Ya ordered the Undead Insect to pass the order to her allies.

She felt that since her own fleet had the advantage, it would be best to expand the attack area and surround the enemy.

When Commander Rick, who was one kilometer away, received the news, he sneered.

“Why would our fleet listen to a little girl who is still wet behind the ears Let her challenge the empire herself.”

King Yir had asked him to conserve his strength, so he was naturally unwilling to do something like sending himself to his death.

A few minutes later, Lo Ya saw that the other party had not made a move, so she simply ordered the squadron to turn the bow of the ship.

“Everyone, get ready.

Cannon the friendly ships until they are obedient.”

The bugs immediately carried out the order.

The Launcher Insect’s huge body slowly turned, aiming the muzzle at the ship beside it.

On the friendly warship, a few sailors looked at Insect Girl’s fleet in shock.

“Look, what are they doing Wait, why are they pointing their cannons at us”

“Not good!”

Bang, bang, bang ~

The Bullet Insect and the Launcher Insect opened fire almost at the same time.

Due to the close distance and the large scale of the fire, hundreds of cannonballs landed on the 48 ships at the same time.

In an instant, the 20 ships that were caught in the fire suffered a fatal blow.

Seven of them were sunk on the spot.

The situation of the remaining ships was not too good either.

Two of them were quickly killed.

“Pfft, what are they doing” Commander Yir was stunned on the spot, and with a swoosh, he stood up straight.

“They’re simply crazy!”

His subordinates also felt a chill run down their spines.

“Could it be that the Empire of Insect Girl has rebelled”

“Damn it, why are they firing at us”

In the chaos, the Undead Insect started waving its flag and sending a signal to its allies: carry out our orders, or else the bombardment will continue.

Lo Ya’s completely unexpected actions really made these allies helpless.

“Damn it, that crazy woman.” The commander gnashed his teeth.

Seeing that the Insect Girl Clan did not hesitate to launch the second round, he could only order everyone, “Carry out the order, surround the formation!”

After Commander Yir gave the order, the Insect Girl Clan stopped firing.

The effect was better than anything else.

“If you don’t listen to me, you will get beaten up.” Lo Ya was very satisfied with this performance.

“There are too many people who deserve a beating nowadays.

I have to let you idiots know that if you don’t want to be united, your allies will not hesitate to change the muzzle of the cannon.”

The Insect Girl Clan was already at the front and still wanted to protect themselves, so they had to obediently pay the price.


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