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C239 – Metal Carapace

“Attention, enemy ships appear on the right, the White Parrot and the Black Parrot intercept, the other ships prepare to retreat”

The Imperial Navy Commander calmly issued an order, and the monocular in his hand constantly observed the entire battlefield.

It could be seen that after Lo Ya’s fleet delayed, more than 20 warships of the alliance were able to reinforce the battlefield in time.

The numerical advantage made the imperial navy feel even more pressure, because of the previous cannon fire.

A few ships were obviously damaged.

Especially when the distance between the two sides was shortened to a few hundred meters, the large number of grenades fired by the Bullet Insect caused great damage to the soldiers on the ships.

“General, Blue is leaking from the bullets.”

The messenger sent the latest report over and turned his head to look.

He found that another ship dozens of meters away was leaning to the right.

Many crew members jumped down from the ship.

Then, they swam to a small lifeboat and prepared to board the nearby ship.


With a loud sound, the deck under the commander’s feet shook, and thick smoke rose from the right side of the ship.

Screams came from below.

He frowned.

He quickly took a few steps forward and found that the side of the ship was broken.

“Retreat! Turn around!”

He turned around to give another order, then looked at the Alliance fleet coming from afar to assist, and the commander was forced to give up the mission.

“General, the message has been sent to our country.

The 3rd fleet will receive us.”

Another female officer came to his side and handed over a piece of paper.

He casually glanced at it and nodded.

“This battle at least let us know the enemy’s situation.

It seems that the Military Department is right to add iron sheets to the upper deck.

Otherwise, there would be no one to stand here anymore.”

“Of course, once the Iron-armored Ship is popularized, those backward natives will not be able to threaten us.” The female officer smiled.

Lo Ya looked at the enemies that were quickly leaving and pondered for a while before letting the damaged fleet chase after them.

On the other side, on the Insect Girl Clan’s cargo ship that was rushing over, 100 Wind God Winged Insect took off and quickly approached the enemy’s sky.

Because she knew that the Empire’s navy’s upper deck was covered with a layer of iron, Lo Ya did not have much expectations for the results of the bombing.

She only hoped to destroy the weapons that they placed on the upper deck.

Very soon, these flying dragons approached the enemy’s ship at a low altitude.

Almost every ship responded to the attack.

Powerful Magic shot out from the ship’s hull.

Some were ice cubes, some were electric currents, and some were fireballs.

Their power was not weak at all.

“Are there Magic Masters on all ships”

Seeing the five Wind God Winged Insect being shot down, Lo Ya’s mouth twitched.

The commander of the enemy ship waved his long sword and slashed at the sky.

A glaring blade of light flew dozens of meters into the sky and cut a bug in half.

Blood spurted out from the fracture like a fountain.

It landed on the deck and the sea.

“I didn’t expect it to be a Space Level warrior.”

The quality of the soldiers in the empire was incomparable to other forces.

Many so-called warriors were thrown into this country.

They could only be a captain or even an ordinary soldier.

The soldiers in the navy were the best of the best.

Most of them had the strength of Gold Level and above.

A large amount of Explosive Beetle was thrown down, and then a deafening explosion was heard from the top of the deck.

Because there were many of them and their power was great, even the iron deck could not withstand the continuous bombardment, and some areas were quickly damaged.

In addition, some areas had already been seriously injured by the Launcher Insect, so the result of the battle was much better than expected.

“The era of aircraft carriers.” Lo Ya was very satisfied.

The shortcoming was that the power of the bomb was too low.

The damage of this kind of explosion to the Iron-armored Ship was very limited.

The current development of Insect Girl Clan could be said to be very uncoordinated.

The combat strength of the army was constantly expanding, and it could easily wipe out most countries.

Apart from the increase in numbers, the navy could not do anything else.

While she was silently observing, a few soldiers on the ship held a few things that looked like iron bars and aimed them at the sky.

Bang! Bang!

A continuous stream of smoke came out from the tip of the iron rod.

Then, a Wind God Winged Insect almost fell down from the sky as if it had received a heavy blow.

Fortunately, it flapped its wings again very quickly.

With a few bowl-sized injuries, it continued flying to other places.

This scene was seen by Lo Ya and it shocked her to the point where she jumped on the spot.


It seemed to be a spear and its power was not weak.

It could be seen that the enemy was loading a type of long metal… bullet, its firing speed was slower than the 98K in his previous life, but its power did not seem to be bad.

Otherwise, it would not be able to pierce through the current Wind God Winged Insect.

“In the future, won’t we have a decisive battle with a group of modern armies”

Lo Ya felt that the current Empire was really close to the level of industrial revolution, and it was still rapidly improving.

If the Iron-armored Ship technology was mature, it meant that the powerful battleship of a battle would soon appear in the world.

In addition to the catalysis of the Magic, perhaps reaching the level of World War II would only be a matter of time.

100 Wind God Winged Insect dropped over 5000 Explosive Beetle, and the main attack was the enemy flagship and the three ships around it.

The effect was very good.

Even the Space Level commander did not expect the explosion to be so powerful.

He was injured on the spot by the shock wave.

He was glad that the degree of condensation of his combat power was high.

Seeing the Wind God Winged Insect on the opposite side leave, he turned around and ordered the low level warriors to enter the safe cabin.

He and some of the strong warriors stood on the top of the ship.

Not long after, the second wave of explosions began.

This time, Lo Ya allowed the Wind God Winged Insect to fly at a height of 200 meters.

It was actually very difficult to hit the target at this distance, and it was also affected by the wind direction.

But in order to reduce the loss, this was also something that could not be helped.

The cost of each Wind God Winged Insect was equivalent to a lot of Sickle Insect.

The previous wave was equivalent to over a hundred Sickle Insect being killed, but the damage to the enemy ship was limited.

In Lo Ya’s view, this cost-effective ratio was too low.

This was the effect of using a grenade to bomb a warship.

“If only I knew how to make TNT.”

Lo Ya thought helplessly.

Unexpectedly, while observing the battle, the new upgrade of evolution suddenly appeared in her mind.

[Sickle Insect obtains beneficial genes.

It can produce metal shells and increase strength.

This evolution has been used on all crustacean insects.]

[Battleship Insect has been strengthened greatly.]

Lo Ya’s eyes immediately lit up.

The real Armored Battleship Insect had appeared.

But she quickly knew that the cost of a pure metal Battleship Insect was very high.

It required a large amount of iron element materials, and the consumption of food had also increased by a level.

Lo Ya ordered the swarm to search the territory for a while, and very quickly found iron in the ore at the end of the mountain range.

So a large number of mining bugs were born.

After they dug out the ore, they began to distribute it to all kinds of bugs to eat.

Among them, the Battleship Insect that gave priority to “eating” needed the most.


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