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C238 – The Ships from the Empire

After Lo Ya left the territory on a boat, a fleet of unknown people attacked a small fleet from the City of Water.

The fleet that was attacked was not strong, only three 1st class ships.

All of them carried a Launcher Insect and a few Bullet Insect.

Their mission was to investigate the enemy’s situation.

They did not think that they would directly engage in a battle with the enemy.

Because of the disadvantage in numbers, tonnage, and speed, this battle quickly turned into a chase and escape.

The Launcher Insect relied on its advantage in range to continuously fire, continuously firing powerful cannonballs at the target’s hull.

Accompanied by a series of explosions, one of the pursuing ships quickly suffered a serious blow.

Lo Ya, who shared her field of vision, could only barely see the enemy’s situation.

The flag’s pattern was completely black, and the pattern was not very clear.

If the main body was here, she could use the Eye of Truth to identify the enemy’s situation.

However, after the battle continued for 10 minutes, Lo Ya suddenly discovered a silver flag on the enemy’s flagship.

“The Church… Could it be a ship from the Empire”

Although it was not an Iron-armored Ship, it was much sturdier than an ordinary iron ship.

The ten minutes of cannon fire did not sink a single ship on the opposite side.

It could be seen that the strength of the enemy’s ship exceeded his imagination.

As the two parties chased and fled, the distance between them had already closed to a kilometer.

Then, Lo Ya had an ominous premonition in her heart.


As she expected, a thick smoke was released from the flagship opposite her.

After a few seconds, a few meters tall wave burst out from the surface of the water five meters away from a Battleship Insect.

“Such a long range This is the installation of land warfare cannons onto the ship.”

Lo Ya’s expression changed slightly.

She knew that the reason why the navy ships of ordinary countries did not have cannons.

The reason was that the size of the ship was too big and the recoil was too strong.

Ordinary ships could not withstand a single cannon shot.

Even a relatively sturdy iron ship would not be able to withstand the consequences of the cannon.

However, at this moment, these three first-grade ships had clearly suffered a serious threat from the other side.

The enemy had a higher speed and a stronger defensive power, infinitely reducing the gap between the two sides.

Without a doubt, Lo Ya could not hope for a level 1 navy ship to play any role.

Because the number of Launcher Insect on it was too small, under the circumstances of firing 4 rounds per minute.

After 10 minutes, they only fired 120 times in total.

And these 120 cannonballs did not all hit.

Even if they hit, it would not necessarily cause fatal damage, so it had not sunk a single one of them in such a long time.

Both sides began to exchange blows and fire non-stop.

In less than two minutes, a Battleship Insect was ruthlessly struck.

The Battleship Insect that was hit was severely injured on the spot.

Its two eyes began to circle.

The Launcher Insect above was instantly blasted into a bloody mess by the powerful impact.

Half of the deck was even directly shattered.

A large number of similar wooden insect shell flew out.

The difference was too great.

Lo Ya did not know how to describe this battle.

Until now, they had not destroyed one of the opponents, so she was not sure if the Launcher Insect had the ability to defeat the opponent.

Following that, both sides interacted with each other.

Lo Ya found that the ship at the front of the enemy was attacked again and began to retreat, allowing the other warships to stand at the front.

This scene made her slightly raise her confidence.

This proved that the Launcher Insect’s bombardment had already caused great damage to the other side.

Otherwise, they would not have allowed the ship to retreat.

What was certain now was that the Launcher Insect’s long-range attack still needed to be increased.

Up until now, it had hit the other side at least 20 times, but only thick smoke could be seen coming out of the ship.

Lo Ya wanted to test the waters and let her fleet bet everything.

After more than ten minutes, the distance between the two sides had closed to 500 meters.

The three ships on their side had finally sunk under the continuous attacks, and at least three ships on the opposite side had suffered heavy losses.

It was hard to say who had the upper hand.

The commander standing on the opposite ship used a telescope to look at the empty sea around them and frowned slightly.

“We are improving, and the enemy is also improving.

As expected, we cannot underestimate the enemy.

Before the Iron-armored Ship officially enters the battlefield, we need to use the modified ships as soon as possible.

We need to obtain the advantage in the sea as soon as possible.”

“General, if the enemy’s ships are about the same size as ours, I’m afraid the outcome of the battle will be very ugly.

After all, the enemy’s shooting range is much further than ours.” The adjutant said in a low voice.

“Yes, we have to be careful.” The general nodded.

Although they said so, the dozen or so warships didn’t seem to be careful at all.

Instead, they headed straight for the Alliance’s destination, the archipelago where the City of Water was located.

The aggressive fleet had actually entered the anti-Empire Alliance’s alert zone, but the naval warfare in this era was obviously not as developed as the exploration technology in his previous life.

Only when they were very close to the archipelago did the navy of two small countries discover the target.

After learning that the enemy was approaching, the king of the small countries immediately used a piece of paper to inform his allies.

He asked for the navy of each country to move out.

Lo Ya mobilized a fleet of 10 1st class warships and 5 2nd class warships to assist the main forces of other countries in fighting the enemy.

However, their movements were too slow.

Only when the Empire’s fleet was close to 30 kilometers away from the shore did a few small ships rush over and engage in battle with the enemy.

Such efficiency really made Lo Ya speechless.

“The reactions of these allies are really slow.”

The Electric Shock Octopus that Lo Ya sent out hid nearby and witnessed the scene of the Empire’s navy slaughtering their allies’ warships.

One of the cannons had a range of more than one kilometer, while the other was still using the primitive cannons.

In just a few minutes after the battle started, the Empire’s ships had sunk the five sailing ships that had come to intercept them.

After that, they aggressively attacked the land.

Lo Ya saw that something was wrong and was forced to let her 15 Battleship Insect go into battle.

Although this was the coast controlled by allies, But in reality, Lo Ya’s island was still more than 700 kilometers away from here.

Although she had quite a few navy troops, she did not dare to devote all of them to this place.

This was also to prevent the Empire’s more powerful fleets from launching sneak attacks from other directions.

Relying on the advantage of the Launcher Insect’s shooting range, the battle did not start for long.

The enemy flagship received a continuous barrage of cannonballs.

The distance between the two sides was pulled in by the enemy in just a few minutes.

Finally, at the coast 8 kilometers away from the shore.

The two fleets launched 40 minutes of mutual fire.

The artillery fire continued without stopping.

Lo Ya could only watch helplessly as her Battleship Insect sank one after another.

Of course, the enemy was also very miserable.

At first, they could let the injured warships hide behind them, but after dozens of minutes, they were no longer able to resist the cannon fire.


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