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C237 – Two New Bugs

On the west side of the West Finel Continent, on the southernmost island occupied by swarms of insects, a fleet of four cargo ships and three second-class ships sailed on the water.

Every five kilometers, there would be two squads of Undead Insect that would jump into the sea with a small amount of Sickle Insect.

Their goal was to capture stronger aquatic creatures underwater.

Lo Ya prepared to throw 1000 insects into the vast sea, letting the Undead Insect and Sickle Insect cooperate with the various strange creatures under the sea to fight.

Of course, under the water, the combat strength of these terrestrial insects would be greatly reduced.

Especially the Sickle Insect, it needed to float on the surface from time to time to replenish oxygen.

From the west coast to the south ocean, a few areas under the sea soon fell into battle.

The Sickle Insect not only preyed on the underwater species, but it could also devour plankton, so as to maximize the nutrition and genes.

Not long after, Lo Ya received a notification of the birth of a new bug.

[Electric Shock Octopus: An underwater creature, an octopus with 8 electric tentacles.

It can release strong electric currents, and it has the ability to capture genes and food.

In addition, the Electric Shock Octopus can also spray poisonous black ink.

It could block the enemy’s line of sight and help it escape.

It only needed to consume 20 Sickle Insect worth of nutrients.


This was a special type of underwater combat creature, similar to the Sickle Insect on land.

However, compared to the former, this monster was five times bigger.

It was simply a small sea monster.

With this kind of creature, Lo Ya could rest assured and order the Sickle Insect and Undead Insect to return to the shore.

The conquest of the sea would depend on Brother Zhang Yu.

Lo Ya vigorously released powerful underwater soldiers to fight for more genes.

After that… Yes.

In just two days, another new type of bug was born, which made Lo Ya extremely happy.

[Nourishing Insect: A small bug that has been eating non-stop since birth.

It converts all kinds of matter into energy to store in its own body.

It is a scavenger on the battlefield and does not have any offensive abilities.

The insect was not more than 0.5 centimeters long when it was born, and it looked like a spider.

It could move forward at high speed through the jet tail airflow.

After eating, its body would become bigger (and its appearance would change), and it could be used as food for other insects.

Each Sickle Insect’s nutrition could be used to produce 100 Nourishing Insect.]

This was a special type of insect that had both the dog food effect and the scout function.

It is a newly born small and fast spider creature that can’t be easily discovered even though it can’t form a net.

Furthermore, it was especially good at climbing and could enter and exit all sorts of places.

And once it ate too much, it would become a monster with the demonic nature of mysteriousness.

It looked like a wriggling mass of meat that was completely composed of fat and protein, able to change its appearance.

It is a complete mollusk.

The Nourishing Insect that had become bigger tasted very good and was nutritious.

If one could overcome the impact of its appearance, it would definitely be a super delicacy suitable for the Insect Girl Clan.

After a few small sized Nourishing Insect appeared, Lo Ya immediately ordered them to eat.

As a result, the small spider started to eat the surrounding branches and grass.

Later on, it didn’t even let go of the soil on the ground, as long as it had something to do with living things.

Under Lo Ya’s gaze, this thing began to slowly increase in size.

At first, it was still in the form of a spider, but after a few minutes, it had become several times bigger.

Its lower half was swollen like a soft ball.

Half an hour later, the ball had already expanded to the size of a fist.

Its head had already disappeared, but there were many mouthparts on the side of its body.

Some of them were like sucking tubes for food, while others were like enlarged version of caterpillars.

Countless soft mouths were formed above him, wrapping and devouring food at all times.

If one had to describe their current appearance, it would be the Hundred Transformations Monster.

The type that could change its form at will.

“It’s a bit disgusting.” Lo Ya commented.

This thing’s eating speed would increase along with its size.

With the help of the Spiritual Link, Lo Ya knew that this thing could reach up to one ton in weight.

Yes, a ton of nutritional substance.

It could be imagined how many insects this thing could feed until they grew.

Because the cost was low, Lo Ya immediately ordered the production of ten thousand.

Among them, one thousand were used to feed and store food.

The remaining nine thousand did not eat and were sent directly to the entire continent to get information.

Because of the appearance of these insects, a portion of the small beetle that collected intelligence no longer needed to carry out missions.

Compared to those huge insects that were 35 centimeters long, the Nourishing Insect that had never eaten before was a truly excellent scout.

Even if it was in front of the enemy, it would not be noticed.

“The Nourishing Insect doesn’t seem to have much strength, but its outer shell is strong enough to withstand a huge impact.

It is indeed a good bug.”

This way, there would be professional scouting and naval combat soldiers.

Lo Ya felt that the current Insect Girl Clan at least had no shortcomings.

What was next was to increase the combat strength of the navy ships.

The Battleship Insect had as many as ten thousand life points, and it had increased many times.

In addition, the sturdiness of all aspects was excellent to the extreme.

If she wanted to increase it further, she had to find a life form above the Diamond Level.

Relatively speaking, this kind of life form was relatively rare.

Even if he found it, he might not necessarily be able to obtain the required genes.

Before officially obtaining it, Lo Ya would not force it.

Now, she placed her hopes on more Evolution points so that she could light up the remaining few choices on the mysterious side of the big tree.

Perhaps through that method, she could also give up on the overall physical body of the bug swarm to increase by a large margin.

Perhaps there was a hidden hope of walking towards the universe within.

Indeed, just relying on the genes on land, wanting to leave this planet would be too difficult.

Following the birth of over a hundred Electric Shock Octopus in the sea, Insect Girl Clan could be considered to have a certain underwater combat ability.

It was just that these monsters were currently unable to attack the ship, so the mission Lo Ya gave them was to constantly find powerful sea monsters and kill them.

Considering the current number of octopuses, they would not kill too many strong opponents.

Their main range of activity was also close to the water by the shore.

In addition, the new fleet that was built in the past ten days also left the port at the border of the territory on time.

They began to drive Lo Ya towards the City of Water.

This new squadron did not have any ordinary side cannons.

They were all carrying Launcher Insect and Bullet Insect.

They had a total of 50 ships, of which 30 were first-grade, 10 were second-grade, and 10 were third-grade.

It could be seen that Lo Ya had consciously built more third-grade ships.

This was due to the consideration of fighting with the Empire.

Ordinary boats might not be able to hold on for long.

Although King Yir said that the Empire had two powerful Iron-armored Ship, there was no way to prove that this information was correct.

If the production over there was stronger than imagined, they could build five or six in one go.

Then the situation that the Anti-Empire Alliance would face would become even more difficult.

Lo Ya did not mind being a good ally.

In short, before she grew up, she would need to borrow the human Strength.

This was not something that was embarrassing.


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