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C234 – A Small Parasite

“Lightning storm! Lightning storm! Lightning storm!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

What appeared in the midst of the lions was a disastrous scene.

Countless terrifying tornadoes brought with them lightning and wind, creating disasters in the innocent lives.

It was like a scene from hell, or perhaps the God of Storm had brought great terror to the world.

Lion King Ao Fei quickly noticed this place.

He sensed the extraordinary aura within and was about to go over to negotiate, but to his shock, he discovered that the number of storms was not quite right.

It was a bit too much.

A skill that could be called a Fourth Grade skill was thrown out like it was free.

Within a radius of several kilometers, countless dark clouds that connected to the clouds rolled up the leaves and broken branches.

They carried a terrifying power that felt like the end of the world as they moved about among the magical beasts.

Many giant lions danced in the sky.

Lo Ya waved a wooden stick in her hand, using it to help control the movements of the tornados.

Later, she felt that she could exercise the ability of the Cold Water Domain, so the huge waves that carried a terrifying impact also appeared on the ground one after another.

The flood like waves were swept into the sky, turning into ice cubes, accompanied by the continuous movement of the lightning tornado.

Ao Fei, who was running towards his target for a distance, stopped.

He felt Lo Ya’s power.

“She’s an extraordinary expert, and not just any ordinary one.”

The Fourth Grade Magic was completely different in the hands of a Space Level or an extraordinary expert.

The speed and power unleashed by an extraordinary expert was also extraordinary.

However, Lo Ya no longer seemed to be an ordinary expert.

The frequency at which she released the _ was too high.

[Thunderstorm has been raised to level 2.]


As time passed, the power increased by more than double.

Instantly, a new storm appeared.

The lightning was like a thick pillar of light, shining under the clouds and surging within the storm.

Lo Ya’s eyes had already noticed Ao Fei who was three kilometers away.

With a tap of the wooden stick, the terrifying storm clouds immediately flew towards the opposite side.

“Where are you from, Devil Beast Lord Why did you attack my territory” Ao Fei calmed his heart and tried his best to find an opponent that he did not know where.

“Why can’t I find it Could it be that it’s invisible”

He knew that the release of the Magic required its owner to stand nearby, but he could not find a true spellcaster in this terrifying scene.

He could only feel a rich extraordinary aura surging on the ground.

“Who is it Could it be an expert who can truly hide his existence”

Thinking of the combat strength of the swarm, Aufei realized the severity of the problem.

He tried his best to search for it on the distant land.

Lo Ya tried to let the other party see him, so she waved her hand.

“Alright, it’s all my fault that I’m too young.

I feel like a flea from a few kilometers away…” She regretfully discovered this fact.

The storm was getting closer and closer, and Afei realized that this was a sustainable killing ability.

The thunderstorm was already terrifying enough, and now it was mixed with a large amount of ice that had turned into cold water.

A considerable portion of the ice had turned into sharp awls, and the power of each strike was equivalent to a Tier 2 Magic.

Tens of thousands of ice awls danced in the lightning.

The wind was sometimes hot, sometimes cold.

This scene caused Ao Fei to have no choice but to take it seriously.

He opened his mouth and spat out a fireball that was several meters in diameter.

When the fireball approached a tornado, it instantly exploded, breaking through the tornado with terrifying flames and waves of air.

All the creatures within a hundred meter radius were ignited by the high temperature.

Further away, they were burnt black by the high temperature.

From this, Lo Ya could tell that the skill was a true Fourth Grade ability.

Ao Fei did not dare to use his body to defend against Lo Ya’s attack.

Seeing the tornadoes getting closer and closer, he prepared to flee into the distance.

Lo Ya knew that she could not catch up to the other party, so she did not chase after him forcefully.

Instead, she used the spiritual power to continuously train her abilities.

After tossing and turning over 30 bottles of potions, the lightning storm finally rose to level 3, and the Cold Water Domain officially reached level 5.

“A Fifth Grade skill should be able to create a great deterrent to extraordinary experts.”

Lo Ya rode on the back of the Sickle Insect and began to order the swarm behind her to launch an all-out attack.

As the storm disappeared, the black tide instantly passed through the chaos on the ground.

It either devoured the charred corpses on the ground or charged towards the enemies in the distance without hesitation.

In order to completely destroy this magical beast tribe, Lo Ya began to mobilize more troops from the rear.

In addition, many newborn young Sickle Insect were also maturing, so this consumption was completely controllable to Insect Girl Clan.

Ao Fei turned his head to look at the unfavorable situation, and was forced to order his subordinates to escape together with him.

Unlike Lo Ya’s insect swarm, its demon beast tribe did not reproduce at such a fast speed.

It could be said that it was completely unable to withstand the consumption of its insects.

But it was different on the other side.

She was not afraid of any great loss because there were still many tails waiting to be born and a large amount of food to be consumed at home.

When Lo Ya finished consuming the army that was attacking at the moment, another group of insects came over.

After Ao Fei’s army was chased for a distance, Lo Ya made the swarm give up on chasing and continued to spread out to hunt the large and medium-sized dinosaurs in the vicinity.

Expansion needed to be done step by step.

When there were more of them and their overall strength was stronger, they would definitely have more confidence in attacking.

She reorganized the legion corps and established the bug legion corps.

Almost three hundred thousand legions formed a legion corps, and four legion corps condensed into one legion corps.

Lo Ya could imagine that in the future, with the scale of this legion corps, the countless Insect Sea would be like a devil that devoured the heaven and earth, devouring all visible enemies along the way.

No matter how strong the empire was, it was absolutely unable to resist the Insect Girl Clan’s army that had practically unlimited reproduction.

“Huhu, thinking about it carefully, it is really scary.

The more there are, the faster they reproduce.

If there are unlimited resources, they can really control the entire planet in a short period of time.”

Lo Ya had to admit that it was indeed so.

In these two days, the Sickle Insect had captured a lot of genes.

Not long after, it obtained a new evolution and produced a new type of bug.

[Poison Parasite: A special kind of parasite that looks similar to Insect Girl.

It uses the nutrients in the target’s body to maintain its life force.] Parasites can self-destruct at any time to produce toxic substances and can transmit through the air through shooting spores.

Reproduction of each insect consumes a small amount of food.]

A small poisonous parasite grew out of the evolved Sickle Insect.

Lo Ya had it send its target to the front.

After careful observation, she found a Little Insect Girl that was about the size of a mite crawling on the sickle.

From time to time, it happily wagged its tail and rushed towards the small piece of meat.

Lo Ya blinked her eyes.

“Little Little Insect Girl”

She looked exactly the same, even her outer appearance was similar.

However, it was indeed a poisonous parasite.

If they could not find a parasitic object, even if they provided rich food, they would die very quickly.


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