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C232 – The Lord of Magical Beasts

In the dense forest, Lo Ya and Lo Bing were like two little insects crawling on the leaves, wriggling forward bit by bit.

After working hard for an hour, they finally arrived at the top of the big tree.

Looking down, they saw that the entire land was separated into two parts.

In the boundless forest to the west side, there were many groups of small black dots chasing large dinosaurs.

The density of those black dots was not high, but they were scattered in the vast forest, which made it seem a little scary.

On the east side, there was still the familiar dinosaur life area.

In the distance, there were groups of giant yellow lions living.

Each of them was four meters long and two meters tall, like terrifying giant beasts.

“There seems to be a dangerous large group over there.”

Lo Ya also heard the roars from the front line and specially went up the tree to investigate.

The swarm had not expanded for a day.

Instead, it was working hard to digest the food it had previously absorbed and following the gene obtained not long ago to undergo a small evolution.

The reason Lo Ya waited for all the insects to finish evolution before attacking was also because she was cautious.

Assuming that each individual only increased by one Strength, the overall improvement would also be huge.

“Lo Ya, there seems to be more than one large group.

There are a lot of wild beasts over there.”

Not only lions, there were also common grey wolf groups.

However, compared to wild ones, their sizes were too large.

“For this kind of wild beast to occupy such a large territory in the dinosaur era, it is very likely that its strength is above the Silver Level.

The scale of the current swarm is also not small.

It should be able to withstand such a battle, right”

“Yes, yes.” Lo Bing nodded her head repeatedly.

There was a strong wind blowing at the top of the tree.

Lo Ya gave an order to the people below.

Then, the insects in small groups started to approach.

In order to deal with the enemies in the distance, Lo Ya gathered up to 100,000 Sickle Insect.

Unlike when she faced the Wavelet Mantises, she could easily start a large-scale war and did not have to worry about losing.

Indeed, even if she lost, she would be able to replenish it very quickly.

If she really eliminated the battle of attrition, creatures like the Lion Wolves would definitely not be able to defeat this place.

After about an hour, the 100,000 bug army had already finished assembling.

During this period of time, there had already been a small-scale conflict between the two sides.

At the beginning, these lions were isolated in small numbers and were attacked by the swarm of insects.

It was a horrible sight to behold.

Later on, the other side discovered that something was wrong, and sent out a few teams made up of lions.

They started a direct confrontation with the swarm of insects, and the combat power between the two sides was very close.

But perhaps due to the numerical advantage, the bug group always suppressed the other side.

The result of the battle was understandable in Lo Ya’s eyes.

The one meter long scythe of the Sickle Insect was not a joke.

The opposite lion seemed to have grasped a type of Magic that could strengthen itself, and it could instantly raise its combat strength to a very high level.

And the effect of the bug swarm’s berserk state was far inferior to the opposite party.

Hence, when faced with the lion that was supported by the Magic, Their own combat strength seemed to be slightly inferior.

Both parties had fought many times.

Lo Ya had also seen even more Magic from the lion swarm, such as the Flame Spray and Rolling Impact.

This scene suddenly gave her the feeling of playing with a pet fairy.

“Go on, Sickle Insect, use Slice.

Not good, the enemy used Fire Jet Spray, the Sickle Insect quickly jumped up… Puah Puah Puah, what am I thinking” Lo Ya shook her head.

Lo Bing who was at the side licked her fingers doubtfully and suddenly let out a “Wah sound.

She opened her sparkling eyes and said, Sickle Insect, jump up.”


All the Sickle Insect in the battle jumped into the sky and was then killed by the lion in midair.


Lo Ya’s chestnuts fell down instantly.

“Don’t give such a stupid command.”

Fortunately, there were only a few insects in the battle.

Otherwise, they would have suffered a huge loss.

Lo Bing held her head and looked at the battle below with teary eyes.

The 100,000 insects assembled in a relatively scattered manner.

Lo Ya ordered the charge against the large number of magical beasts.

The 10 Brain Insect had connected to the battlefield and were carefully directing the battle.

Roars of madness erupted from the end of the battlefield and echoed for dozens of kilometers.

The entire land seemed to be covered by a black tide, surging into the river, pressing forward with indomitable will.


Because the speed was too fast, many lions did not even have time to react before they were knocked down by the black figure that jumped out from the pile of grass.

Countless fireballs exploded during this period of time, wantonly attacking the bugs that were charging over from afar.

However, the lions that knew the Magic only occupied half of them.

Most of them used the strengthening of individuals.

They crazily clashed with the frenzied Sickle Insect.

The battle between the two sides had already surpassed the melee between humans and human weapons.

The terrifying lions behind them all stood up and launched counter-charges against the swarm of insects.

The battle between the two creatures quickly expanded.

Broken limbs and disgusting brain matter splattered everywhere in the sky.

“So crazy.”

Lo Ya could hear a deafening howl even from a few hundred meters away.

The tree she was on was the tallest in the vicinity.

Her eyes looked down on the entire battlefield.

The Eye of Truth activated its effect and passed through an area of more than 20 kilometers.

It landed on a distant mountain range.

Then, there was a 15 meter tall one there.

It had bright red fur, and its face was like a red mask.

It raised its head and let out a terrifying roar.

The roar was terrifying even though it was dozens of miles away.

“What’s that”

Lo Ya pressed Lo Bing to her back and then she also lied down.

This distance was very easy for the Eye of Truth but it was not impossible for the other side to discover her.

Following the roar of the monster, the wolf pack next door also entered combat mode and rushed towards the swarm.

The Sickle Insect pack that was charging from behind split into two divisions to deal with the grey wolf.

Looking at the battle, the average strength of the grey wolf pack was at the Silver Level, and they had mastered the Wind Blade.

Although the Wind Blade had a certain degree of lethality, it did not cause much damage to the vital parts of the Sickle Insect.

Judging from the battle, the enemy seemed to have no idea what to do when they faced the bugs that were protected by the spikes.

In fact, there was no advantage when it came to comparing strength with the Sickle Insect.

What truly protected them were the solid insect shell and the terrifying spike on their heads.

And a weapon like a sickle was also stronger in terms of length and lethality than a simple claw.

In this battle, most of the lions were cut to death by the sickle, while the minority were killed by the thorn.

As for the enemy’s pile of Sickle Insect damage, it was mainly focused on the claw slapping and the mouth biting.

The battle continued to expand, and after a period of time, Lo Ya realized that she had lost more than 20,000 insects, and the enemy had lost even more.

She was forced to tighten the front line.

“Stop attacking.”

Seeing that the number of enemies did not decrease, Lo Ya gave up on letting the insects chase and let them retreat with food in their mouths.

From the back, they tried to transfer 100,000 bug swarms over.

What they needed to do next was to defeat the enemy with a battle of attrition.

But at this moment, the terrifying red-furred monster suddenly let out a human voice, “Which damn Devil Beast Lord dares to invade my Lion King Feiao’s territory”


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