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C230 – The Forces Provided By Lo Ya

It was indeed a gathering of several countries where they discussed politics, military, economics.

Most of the power was very concentrated, and those who attended were the representatives of their countries.

There were also ordinary Diamond Level experts by their side, and a few large countries even had Space Level experts following them.

Some of the people in power could make certain decisions for their countries on the spot.

Therefore, this gathering was more like a transaction between individuals using their country as their property.

King Yir’s narration showed the changes in the empire in recent years.

That powerful country had experienced a world-shocking change in the past few decades.

This kind of change started with the maturation of iron ship, Magic driving technology, and the increase in the power of cannon fire weapons.

And now, they could even build flexible weapons.

Airships that could fly in the sky.

All signs indicated that the war mode in the next few years might enter the mode of World War One or World War Two in his previous life.

The research on Magic Mechanics had a rapid breakthrough, and ordinary people could start to use powerful weapons.

And the sea of extraordinary experts had become deterrent Strength.

If this revolution was successful, the entire world could fall into the hands of the Empire.

“I didn’t expect the Empire to really be a great country where politics and religion are united.”

Lo Ya thought that Magic Goddess’s original body was living in the capital palace of the Empire.

If the swarm invaded too much, then how would this high and mighty goddess view Insect Girl, this species

“I hope that just like Crystal Dragon God, Magic Goddess will not interfere with the world.”

But humans were the family of the goddess and they felt that the result would not be good.

Lo Ya wagged her tail and heard King Yir’s words, “Next, we need all of you to show your strength without holding back.

Because the current Empire is no longer the country that can stop expansion by relying on the alliance back then.

After the arrival of the goddess, the entire world was covered by her domain.

Even us who are far away from the empire were weakened by the Magic.

Thus, even if it is an individual’s strength, the empire is far stronger than us.

It is said that even without cultivating, the adults of the empire generally possess the combat strength of Black Iron Level and above.”

Lo Ya pinched her face, so Magic Goddess was actually covering up for her own country

“Your Majesty, I think we can do our best to support the upcoming war.

However, the economic Strength in Winell is weak and lacks the industrial foundation.

The daily production of steel is no more than 50 thousand tons.”

“I will sell technology, the most advanced shipbuilding technology.

You can use resources to exchange for the construction of iron ships and above.

Even the Empire does not have the most advanced warships.

Thus, in the next two years, our current warships will still have value for naval warfare.” King Els revealed the core purpose of this meeting.

He wanted to use technology and finished warships to exchange for resources from various countries, and each country would use the equipment they bought or produced to join this war.

Lo Ya supported her chin with her hands, knowing that the Battleship Insect still needed to be upgraded before it could keep up with the changes in the future.

And once the powerful Launcher Insect faced the Iron-armored Ship, it would lose its deterrence.

Not long after, a piece of paper was sent to each representative.

It requested each representative to write down the military forces of their respective countries that were willing to support the alliance and the contributions that they were willing to make next.

This was an action based on the current situation.

Later on, they would sign even more complicated and more jumping contracts.

“I’m afraid many people want to keep it in secret, right”

Lo Ya did not believe that these countries were selfless.

If the Empire was really that powerful, then the pitiful Ocean Alliance would definitely fail in the end.

The Empire itself had an independent small continent, which was close to half of the size of a large continent.

The total area of the small continent was less than two times the size of the West Finne Continent (close), and the area of the large continent.

It was three times the size of the small continent.

Thus, the total area of the Empire’s territory was 3.5 times the size of the West Feinne Continent.

This was the information provided by the higher-ups.

Of course, the small continent was a place that the Empire colonized a hundred years ago, and in these hundred years, it was completely converted into its own territory.

Its industrial foundation was much weaker compared to the real mainland.

However, the terrifying thing was that even the much weaker colony had all the Strength that was close to the Alliance.

“Isn’t there still a few dozen countries on the northeastern continent of the Empire that are threatened by the Empire If they join the united front, then… It’s not like there’s no hope for this war.” The man on Lo Ya’s left said to her with a smile.

“I hope so.”

So what was the map of this world like Why did he not see the map of this world Why was there only a partial map

Forget it, the size of the world can be estimated.

The southern part of the Empire’s continent is the southernmost part of the world, and the northern part of the central continent of Finel is the northernmost part.

The world that was surrounded by the waterfall was almost round, so it could be calculated its size.

Lo Ya considered what she could take out, as if in terms of industrialization.

She could only rely on the north road.

The artillery construction technology in the North Charax Spasinu was almost zero, and that was only a relatively backward traditional agricultural feudal country.

Now, they relied on large amounts of money to obtain the technology of Trio, but when it developed to a certain extent, It would probably be too late.

Lo Ya finally wrote: 150,000 magical beast legions and 20,000 soldiers’ volunteer army.

The navy will provide 40 iron ships equipped with cannons.

If one obtained an occupied area, they would need the most food, or the most primitive part of the forest.

After handing over the papers, King Yir briefly looked at the information provided by the various countries and could not help but frown.

“Looks like it’s more petty than I thought, but this time it’s normal.”

Lo Ya agreed with this kind of concealing her strength.

Actually, the swarm was also concealing their strength.

Even if the current Strength was completely revealed, it would be different in a few days.

Until the king saw Lo Ya’s piece of paper.

“Magic beast army”

He looked up at Lo Ya and naturally thought of the scene of the Sickle Insect invading the city, as well as the fact that it was a magical beast species.

But why did the magic beast forces have human soldiers Could it be that this magic beast species not only controlled Emico Island, but also unified many territories in the Finel Continent

Or could it be said that it was completely filled up according to the population of the City of Water

Lo Ya turned her head to look at her.

The king lowered his head and once again examined the words on it.

Yes, it was not wrong.

“Is Emico really willing to provide so many magic beasts”

“Yes, their average strength is definitely enough to fight the Empire’s soldiers head on, provided that they are not equipped with any weapons that are beyond the standard.”

After saying this, Lo Ya subconsciously covered her mouth.

Not good, why does it feel like this is a Flagstaff


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