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C229 – Magical Industrial Revolution

Lo Ya stood on the high balcony of the palace and looked down at the harbor in the distance.

Countless ships were docked on the shore, and Lo Ya herself was on a dock, not letting anyone see her powerful navy.

Not long after, the voice of the staff came from behind.

“The meeting will begin in ten minutes.

All representatives, please take your seats.”

Alright, I feel like I’m attending a meeting in my previous life.

Lo Ya turned around and went to a chair and jumped down with a swoosh.

In the eyes of the surrounding people, this beautiful young girl, who was only 16 or 17 years old, quietly sat in front of a plaque with the words Emico Island written on it.

She quietly observed her surroundings.

A gentle breeze blew from outside.

Her long hair floated in the air.

Looking out from the four meter tall door, she could coincidentally see the white clouds in the sky.

What a good weather, Lo Ya thought.

Many of the people present knew each other.

Some were the leaders of the forces, and some were diplomats.

They gathered in twos and threes, talking and laughing, giving people the impression that they were having an informal gathering.

Lo Ya listened to the content of the conversation for a while and realized that they were mostly talking about trivial matters in life.

Until ten minutes later, the official meeting began.

There were a lot of fruits in front of the table, but no one ate them, so Lo Ya could only bear with it and prepare to buy some after the meeting.

“Why are you all so polite No one eats the fruits even when they are placed on top.”

Lo Ya’s mind was thinking about this matter.

After two to three minutes, a man with half a head of white hair sat down beside her.

“You are… the representative of Emico Island” He suddenly found it hard to believe.

Instead, he thought that it was just an ordinary girl occupying this position.

Lo Ya nodded her head.

“Yes, it is me.”


It seemed that this man did not know that the owner of Emico Island had changed.

The people present still had a better understanding of that place.

Emico Island was located on the northernmost side of an archipelago.

In fact, there were quite a few relatively smaller islands in the south.

Some of the island masters occupied large territories, so their status was higher than Emico.

However, the reputation and commercial status of Water City could not be compared with other places.

In the conversation, Lo Ya found that some people had already considered signing a trade agreement with Water City.

With a crisp ring, the meeting officially began.

Lo Ya yawned and looked at the more than 30 people who were already seated.

Only then did she understand that the overall scale of the alliance was much larger than she had imagined.

Of course, these countries were really small countries.

The largest one was only barely close to the area of North Pole.

The rest of them were not comparable to a province from his previous life.

The king of the Yir Kingdom sat at the head of the throne, on a long table.

Most of the people sitting were men of the same age, and the youngest was close to 30 years old.

Only Lo Ya was very special.

She looked to be in her teens.

And she was a beautiful girl.

“I am very honored to have this meeting.

Out of the 37 forces invited, 30 of them have arrived.

One of them, Emico Island just changed its master a few days ago, so no one knows who it is.”

The king stretched out his hand to signal, and everyone’s gaze was focused on Lo Ya.

She very naturally nodded slightly towards everyone as a form of return.

“Why would Emico Island change its ruler I heard that the Island Master doesn’t have a daughter”

A diplomat from a certain island voiced his doubt.

Lo Ya knew that this fellow’s territory was in the southern region of the island where Emico was located.

The distance between the two was very close, less than 200 kilometers.

“I am the new master.

The island of Emico has already been occupied by my army, and my own territory is in the Feinen Continent.”

Lo Ya did not care at all and told the truth.

Many people present felt a chill in their hearts.

Emico had more than ten iron armored ships, and they were captured so quickly.

Could it be that this girl’s strength was more powerful than they had imagined

Moreover, when did that backward place, West Feinen, begin to interfere in the matters here

“Alright, our main objective this time is to unite.

To deal with the Empire that is pressuring us from the south.

I’m sure you all know that the Empire has produced two ships with a displacement of up to 10,000 tons.

A super warship made entirely out of iron armor, and it had also improved its cannons.

This allows their range to reach up to 12 kilometers.

It was because of these two ships that the navy of the various countries and alliances were forced to retreat back to their ports.

Currently, the neighboring countries of the Empire were not desperately researching Iron-armored Warships.

Presumably, they did not want to end up like that.”

As soon as the king said those words, the scene fell into silence.

Even Lo Ya felt a chill in her heart.

The real Iron-armored Ship had a shooting range of 12 kilometers.

This was already close to the standard of a battle.

This was only the beginning of development.

Lo Ya did not believe that the Empire could not create an even stronger fleet.

Perhaps they were preparing to use the pure Iron-armored Ship boats to slowly replace the originally backward iron ships and completely dominate the ocean.

The king seemed to have seen through everyone’s fear and slowly continued, “Fortunately, after the revolution of the Magic technology, we also tried to use pure iron to build a warship with a drainage of 4000 tons.

The only flaw at the moment is that the cannon’s power did not increase too much.

Hence, the navy department tried to use the expensive pure Magic to drive the main armament onto the ship.

It had a diameter of 10 centimeters.

Its shooting range was 8 kilometers, and it had a relatively strong penetrating power.

If we can create a bigger warship, we might be able to carry a stronger cannon.”

After saying this, everyone was completely shocked.

“Yir overcame the technical difficulties of the pure iron ships There is also a Magic powered cannon, which is probably worth at least 1000 tons of steel.

If we can only build such an expensive squadron, I’m afraid our finances won’t be able to support it.” The one who asked the question was from the southern territory of Yir, which also occupied half of the territory – Hanel.

These words were acknowledged by many countries and forces.

A small force could only raise a dozen or twenty iron ships, not even a hundred meters large ship, let alone a fully armored ship.

“So according to this point, I came up with a plan.” King Yir said unhurriedly, “Each large country will be able to build a large warship, preferably at least ten thousand tons.

As for the small ocean countries, they are going to build boats of two to three thousand tons.

Normal island forces will be in charge of building cannons and iron ships as support.

What we need to pay attention to is that we don’t only need to build cannons for the navy.

We also need cannons.

The current Empire is in full gear, and they even plan to popularize a personal weapon that can shoot small-scale metals.

Its power is enough to cause fatal damage to Gold Level and above, so we have to work together.

We need to develop that technology as soon as possible.”

Lo Ya lowered her head with a heavy heart.

Don’t tell me that it’s a firearm that shoots small metals

If that was the case, she would really be dumbfounded.

Could it be that this world is in the era of technological advancements, two industrial revolutions

Furthermore, it was the Magic version!


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