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C221 – Going to the Watertown

The next day, Lo Ya brought little Chiang Ya to a first-class Battleship Insect and prepared to go out to sea.

The reason they chose a first-class ship was because they were the fastest, reaching 15.5 knots.

Moreover, it was not necessary to go into battle, so it was not easy to be targeted by the enemy.

As a flagship, it was the safest.

Because this time it was a direct war, so the military force they sent out was very strong.

Among them, one of the Level-4 ships on the second deck had 60 cannons installed, and 30 on the left and right.

There were also 10 Bullet Insect and 3 Launcher Insect.

The total weight of each cannon was 15 tons, plus 120 skeleton crew members.

It was almost full.

The two level 3 warships on the second floor were equipped with 40 cannons each.

There were also 5 of them in each of the cannonballs, 1 Launcher Insect, and 10 tons of cannonballs in total.

The level 2 ships did not have so many cannons, so Lo Ya gave them 20 Bullet Insect, 5 Launcher Insect, and 20 skeleton crew members.

The shells weighed 8 tons.

As for the level 1 ships, apart from one Launcher Insect and 2 Bullet Insect, they only boarded 20 skeleton crew members.

Such a large fleet was mainly used for naval warfare.

And following them was a shockingly large cargo ship.

These cargo ships had a total of 30 ships, and a total of 5000 Sickle Insect and a large group of beetles were used as landing forces.

There were almost no battles on that day, and 5,000 insects took up the various islands along with the artillery fire.

A few of the garrisons on the island immediately surrendered.

Although doing so directly provoked Tero, who owned these islands, and another small coastal country called Moli, Lo Ya did not care at all.

Because those two countries did not have the courage to challenge the unified Hojo Kingdom.

What they did not know was that a civil war had already consumed almost all the regular troops of the entire kingdom.

Currently, the temporary main force of the human army was less than 60 thousand, of which 20 thousand were the branches of the public security forces all over the country.

Even if they knew, it didn’t matter, because the existence of the swarm would make the two countries not dare to act rashly.

After that day, 5000 Sickle Insect were scattered to 12 relatively large islands, and they were completely settled down.

After that, at the southernmost island near the ocean… Over 1000 insects dug out a simple harbor that was used for mooring that night.

For this, Lo Ya also recalled the Phantom Ship and prepared to let it… guard this large area of the sea.

No merchant ships and… military ships were allowed to land in the insect swarm control area.

At about the same time, it was the 2nd month and 8th day of the 1st year of the Beijo Empire.


At that time, Lo Ya and Chiang Ya, Little Insect Girl, started to ride the warship and headed towards the three targeted islands 1800 kilometers south of the island.

Among the three islands, the largest one covered an area of 50,000 square kilometers.

It was called Emico Island, and its area was comparable to a province.

It was a very famous Magic Water City.

The other two islands were around 2,000 square kilometers, and they were also part of Emico City’s territory.

The map marked these two places as neutral.

There was a long chain of islands to the south that extended for several hundred kilometers.

It was an island that was close to half of the Hojo Kingdom.

In fact, because the area drawn on the map was not large, there was only this small area.

The destination of this voyage was very far, and the sea along the way was also very empty.

There were no islands.

Lying on the railing of the ship together, the two Little Insect Girl could enjoy the comfortable sea breeze.

“Lo Ya, the human empire should be not far away, right”

Chiang Ya suddenly turned her head and asked this kind of question.


” Lo Ya supported her chin, “But it is said that it is very far away.

When Crystal Dragon God took me to the sky, I did not carefully look at the outline of the entire world.

But with our speed of development, we should be able to unify all places very quickly.

“Including the Empire”

“[Of course.]” Lo Ya nodded heavily.

How long had the Insect Girl Clan been developing At this rate, no one would be able to stop their expansion.

“What should we do after unifying the world”

“Of course, we should fly to the universe.” Lo Ya pointed to the top of her head and said, “There are countless stars like our world, countless worlds that we yearn for.”

“Wow.” Chiang Ya looked at the sky with anticipation.

The two Little Insect Girl were only 35 centimeters tall on the ship, but they fantasized that their eyes passed through the endless space and landed on the deep and silent universe and the huge star.

After a while, Chiang Ya suddenly rubbed Lo Ya’s body.



“Alright then, then.”

Thus, he hugged her and enjoyed the scenery together.


The Battleship Insect was trying its best to move forward.

Although the speed was 15 knots, it was much slower because it was dragging an ordinary wooden boat.

The entire process took 55 hours.

Although it was very long, as Insect Girl, she did not know what boredom was.

Chiang Ya could blink her eyes at the ocean and look at it with interest for the whole day.

“Lo Ya, it seems like we are about to arrive.”

After an unknown period of time, Chiang Ya suddenly pointed to a big island in the distance and shouted.

Lo Ya looked at the map and found that it was indeed the case.

When they were close to 15 kilometers away, they had already seen other merchant ships.

Those ships did not have very strong protection and were obviously not used for battle.

When Insect Girl’s huge fleet approached, the people on the merchant ships were all shocked.

“Not good, turn around quickly.”

It was obvious that they were coming for land.

The pirates might not be so, so the captain immediately gave the order to turn back.

Lo Ya did not care about what these people thought at all, and instead focused all of her attention on the island.

The island was filled with charm, the sacred city, and countless sharp towers that towered into the sky.

The height could be more than a hundred meters.

Most of the buildings were built with light blue Magic stones, and under some of the huge buildings that looked like palaces… There was actually a fountain that gushed into the clouds.

The rainbow light was engraved between the fountains, as if a colorful bridge had been built between the buildings.

It felt like the Island of Dreams.

Lo Ya also noticed the large number of ships by the sea.

Many of them were bigger than the iron ship she had seen before.

Of course, most of them were small boats with no special features.

There were not many warships with cannons, but there were many ships in their eyes.

Soldiers in silver and black armor were moving things to some of the warships.

It was unknown what they were doing.

“Lo Ya, it seems that she is very powerful.

Do you want to start a war”

Lo Ya frowned and hesitated.

In fact, in terms of fighting ability, it was possible to win all the ships on the opposite side, but the price was too great.

“Let me calculate.

There are still 10 ships in the territory that will be fully grown in 3 days.

If they are born directly, then in 5 days, there will be 20.”

The cost of the ships was too high.

With the current price, The cost of ships from level 1 to 5 was 150, 300, 500, 900 and 1,500 (units: Sickle Insect), and eating dirt could only offset the nutrition of 150 Sickle Insect.

Assuming that a large number of ships above level 2 were lost in a war, it was actually a huge loss.

“Forget it, we’ll have to fight sooner or later.

The cost of this ship right now isn’t very high either.

Let’s fight a good battle record first.” Lo Ya made up her mind.


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