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C22 – The Blessing of the Supreme Being in the World

Lo Ya also clearly remembered that [Physical Reflex] was a passive skill she obtained when she flipped a card.

Compared to normal skills, it had an advantage of causing 5% damage to any attacker, disregarding their strength.

Even in the Magical World, this kind of skill could be considered a very rare Divine Skill.

In fact, it would be considered a overpowered skill in some games too.

‘If [Physical Reflex] is a unique skill of the Crystal Dragon God, does it mean that I can also draw a special ability possessed by other Gods by flipping cards’

As she wandered deep in her thoughts, time continued to flow.

Though, she didn’t forget her current condition: a level-55 Crystal Dragon was staring at her while communicating as if she was its own kin.

From this, one thing was clear.

This Crystal Dragon had mistakenly thought that Lo Ya had received the blessing of a certain God due to her skill.

She hesitated to use her spirit to communicate with this Transcendent Creature, but after a moment of silence, the huge Dragon suddenly sighed and flapped its wings to hover in the mid-air.

“Everyone has their own destiny.

Meeting you today might also be the Dragon God’s will.

This world is enveloped by darkness and chaos, and I hope that you can survive through this hardships and repay the Dragon God’s kindness one day.”

It once again returned under the tree, turning into its former crystal form, and lied there motionless.

Lo Ya secretly gestured Little Insect Girls who were hiding and prepared to take a long detour to leave this place.

However, the body of the slumbering Crystal Dragon suddenly shone with a blinding multicolored light.

Surrounded by this gleaming halo, there were many items including a large shiny golden box.

“Is it… dead”

Lo Ya noticed that the health bar above its head had already disappeared.

For a moment she just couldn’t believe that the Crystal Dragon with mighty strength actually lost its life just like that.

“That’s impossible, right”

The feelings of doubt and surprise hit her like a Tsunami.

The reminder chirped in the next second, and seemed to confirm this unbelievable fact.

[Congratulations, you have received 5,200 experience points.

Due to the level restriction, the extra experience points have been given to other individuals.]

[Your level has increased to 10, all attributes 5]

Not only her, but other Insect Girls had also received a small amount of experience points.

It was certain that the Crystal Dragon had already died.

Somehow Lo Ya felt that its death had something to do with her.

If she didn’t have the blessing, perhaps the Crystal Dragon could have been alive for a few more days.

“Guys, wait for me to go and pick up the items.”

Lo Ya was really looking forward to the rewards obtained from the death of a level-55 creature.

She quickly moved beside the corpse and picked up the items in front of her.

[You have obtained Transcendent Life Crystal.]

[Transcendent Life Crystal: After one consumes it, it increases the upper limit of Life Points by 100 and provides the Transcendental Aura.]

[You have obtained Crystal Oath Pendant.]

[Crystal Oath Pendant: it is able to summon a crystal creature for battle.

The summoned creature’s level is the same as the summoner’s with the highest level being 30, and it lasts for 10 minutes.]

[You have opened the Golden Treasure Chest.]

[Congratulations, you have received the random strengthening of Components.]

[Random ability enhancement: Your Spiritual Communication Receptors have been strengthened.]

[You have killed an enemy beyond level 50; you have received 1,000 Evolution Points.]

“There doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

Indeed, the more one looked forward to something, the more disappointed one might get.

Lo Ya was a little disappointed with the rewards.

She wriggled beside the corpse and bit the crystal hard, almost breaking her teeth in the process.

“Sure enough, I can’t bite it, but at least it gave me the ability, so eating the corpse seems a bit disrespectful.”

Lo Ya thought for a while and decided to give up.

The sky was almost dark, shining with twilight.

In the next few hours, Insect Girls dug out a tree hole and temporarily lived in it.

Lo Ya looked through the window at the edge of the tree, and peered at the sun looming by the end of horizon.

In the evening, there were too many lives struggling in this chaotic world.

As darkness descended, it gradually came to an end.

Lo Ya sighed and turned to look at the other Insect Girls, finding that everyone had already fallen asleep.

Lo Ya left the house and came out to inhale the fresh air, trying to get out of the bad mood.

She wondered if the Spiritual Communication receptors had been strengthened, but she actually caught a lot of sounds.

Soon, Lo Ya noticed a swarm of insects under her feet.

At first, she thought that they were the adult white insects, but after carefully observing them for a long time, she discovered that it was a group of ordinary ants.

She tried to touch one of the ants with the Spiritual Power.

However, in the next moment, her vision blurred, and she suddenly found herself in another place.

“This is… possession”

Puzzled, she lifted the insect limb in front of her vision and waved it.

She felt as if it was her own limb, and the feeling of personal control was extraordinarily amazing.

It seemed as if the element of a different kind had been implanted into her brain.

If she was willing, she could even control this ant to communicate with its companions.

“This doesn’t seem like an ordinary ant.”

Different from the ants on Earth, it had two sharp sickles and wings on its back.

Although it could not fly, they could greatly increase its agility.

While it was very small, this ant seemed to have an astonishing combat strength.

She stayed frozen in her place for a moment, and soon heard the conversation between the ants nearby.

“The sky is blocked, barring everyone’s vision.

A God has actually blessed us with her presence”


These strange ants actually crawled down in a certain direction.

Lo Ya controlled the ant’s body to look over there but only saw a “high wall” that pierced through the clouds.

From her point of view, the wall eclipsed the heavens.

Even the end of the wall wasn’t visible and it practically blocked the entire view.

“Eh… this seems to be my tail.”

After confirming the direction, Lo Ya quickly noticed the facts.

She controlled the ant’s body to climb a few steps in that direction and an even bigger ant crawled to her side.

“It’s going to rain soon.

If a God appears at this time, could it be a sign of disaster”

“God, what God” Lo Ya asked it.

The ant turned its head and a strange emotion flashed in its pitch-black eyes.

“Have you lost your memory A God is an unfathomable existence.

She doesn’t grace us with her presence without an extraordinary reason.”

Lo Ya saw something called faith in this ant’s eyes.

However, it seemed to be different from the faith of humans, there was reverence and almost fanaticism mixed within those emotions.

She wanted to find out more about it, so she took the initiative to ask, “Have you met a God before What did she do”

As soon as her voice fell, the ant in front of her actually made a strange squeak.

“Have you forgotten about the God’s grace Foolish fellow, you must apologize to the Queen.”


It was actually showing anger, but, this emotion quickly disappeared under the order that rang out from the other direction, and all ants were called to join in the attack against the enemy.


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