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C219 – Development within A Month

Countless light elements instantly gathered in Lo Ya’s hands and finally turned into a terrifying ray of light that pierced through the sky like a blind eye.

“Roar ~ ~ ~”

The roar of pain from the Overlord Dragon resounded through the mountains and rivers.

The beam of light lasted for about three seconds before fading away.

And on the body of the colossal dragon in front of him, a charred hole directly appeared, penetrating to the other side.

The forest a hundred meters away was set ablaze due to the high temperature.

“Oh, it won’t cause a fire, right”

The light in her hand was not too thick, only 20 centimeters, but this kind of power really shocked Lo Ya.

Violent Dragon fell to the ground.

After struggling for a while, he completely died.

Lo Ya hurriedly went up to eat meat with the Sickle Insect.

[Evolution points 42]

[Obtained Components: Violent Dragon Teeth]

[Components obtained: Violent Dragon’s Muscles]

[Obtained Components: Violent Dragon’s Bone]

After slowly eating it, not only did the Evolution points appear, but a series of Violent Dragon’s Components also appeared.

Due to the huge difference in genes, the Sickle Insect also quickly obtained some good stuff.

[Obtained beneficial gene.

The Sickle Insect obtained a large enhancement.

This gene has been used by all races (including Insect Girl).]

[The appearance of the charging bug has changed.

It has been fused with the gene fragment of the rat woman.

Received a major strengthening.]

“Rat woman”

Lo Ya felt the strengthening of her Vitality and Strength, and at the same time, she was confused about the changes of the Charge Bug.

Rat women were commonly known as watermelons.

One of them had a piece of shell on its back.

It was a super small shell-like creature that could curl up into a ball when in danger.

This was because when Sickle Insect ate, it would often obtain some useless Components or genes.

Therefore, Lo Ya also did not remember when the insects had tasted the rat woman.

But since it could be used, then it could not be any better.

After sharing the entire swarm of insects, the first to evolve was still the Sickle Insect.

Compared to before, the Sickle Insect’s size increased once again, reaching a shocking 1.5 meter height.

All attributes They had obtained an explosive increase of 20 points! Of course, this would result in the energy required to produce one increase by several times.

However, compared to the profit, this bit of consumption did not matter to Lo Ya.

As for the other large and medium-sized insects such as the Black Wolf Beast, the increase was large.

Only those with the attributes of the Magic and the Spirit had a relatively small evolution.

The Strength’s attributes had reached 15 points, and its damage in all aspects was comparable to a Black Iron Level (body size remained unchanged).

This was the type of _ that had the same size as a _.

Lo Ya was very satisfied with the enhancement.

Finally, it was the Rushing Bug.

Its body slowly grew to five meters long.

It was two meters wide, and the structure of its body was also changing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The direct benefit of this change was that the defensive power had increased by a large margin.

When the heavy body and the larger area of contact collided, It was far greater than before.

The lower half of its limbs seemed to be able to stretch to both sides like sharp blades and spears.

Attack the enemy.

“So much more domineering.”

The weakness was still very obvious, it was that the food consumption was too much.

The Shooting Reproductive Insect’s size also began to increase, and the sphere was thrown out to a distance of 2,000 meters.

Furthermore, It’s a mechanism similar to a missile launch.

The Launcher Insect and Bullet Insect did not have any changes.

It was just that the melee combat ability of the main body had a huge improvement (It was useless).

In general, the enhancement of a Violent Dragon for Insect Girl was very exaggerated.

Lo Ya and the hundreds of insects ate for half a day and finally finished off the meat here.

After that… After that… In two days, the swarm did not reproduce.

Instead, they used a large amount of nutrients from plants and animals to evolve.

Finally, all the individuals were adjusted to the highest level.

Only now did Lo Ya know, even if it was the Insect Girl Clan’s energy utilization rate.

When it came to strengthening the individual, they would have to pay a price.

The stronger the individual, the more nutritional value one needed to give birth to one would correspondingly increase.

However, it is very clear that becoming stronger will also allow one to have better hunting abilities, reduce losses, and greatly increase one’s war abilities.

Back then, it was not easy to kill… the dangerous poisonous snake that died.

Now, they only needed to send a small amount of Sickle Insect to easily kill it.

To Lo Ya, it would be better to send a small number of elite soldiers than a large group of cannon fodder.

Even the low-cost bugs like the small beetle that could be mass produced also needed to constantly increase their combat strength.

Next, Lo Ya continued to hunt down every large carnivorous dinosaur in the control area before starting to focus on the surrounding area.

The tactic was still the same as before.

She relied on a large number of beetles to attack primitive small creatures, while the Sickle Insect was used to deal with large and medium-sized dinosaurs.

If she encountered any that she could not defeat, the Explosive Beetle would serve her.

Small carnivorous dinosaurs like the Mutated Dragons could only obediently avoid when they saw the swarm.

As the army advanced, the Wavelet Mantises that had retreated back then entered their field of vision once again.

Although their scale was much smaller than before, there were still tens of thousands of them.

However, this time, when faced with the evolved swarm, all the soldiers collapsed at once.

No matter how strong or weak they were, they could not face the Insect Sea.

Because it was too easy to expand, Lo Ya began to kill the near-death creatures back then.

This time, her goal was to raise it to level 49.

Because there were too many enemies that needed to be killed, Lo Ya simply called over all the adults in the family, Insect Girl, to level up.

Little Insect Girl, who was born early like Chiang Ya and Lo Yin, had already grown up at this time.

What was left was to wait for the chrysalis to turn into chrysalis.

Even Lo Ya herself also had some signs of chrysalis.

Lo Ya did not understand what the success rate of chrysalis was because the new Little Insect Girl’s chrysalis was very successful.

But they did not like to fly in the sky.

In the end, it was due to natural fear towards birds.

The source of this fear was actually the white worm gene, but Lo Ya did not know how to change this kind of thing.

In the following month, the Insect Girl Clan had been expanding outside.

The vast area from the territory to the other side of the Great Rift was gradually being controlled by the Insect Girl Clan.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in cost due to the Great Evolution, the scale of the main insect swarm did not increase explosively as expected.

So far, the total number was only 320,000.

Alright, actually, it was still a lot.

After all, in just a month’s time, the combat strength of these 300,000 bugs far exceeded that of a month ago.

More importantly, during this period of time, because the high-level insects had not been sent to the battlefield, they had maintained a very high number.

Among them, the Wolf Cavalry had 12,000 of them, forming a very large main force of heavy cavalry army.

Their size was already that of a giant beast among wolves, and when they collided with human heavy cavalry, they were not inferior at all.

As for the Shooting Reproductive Insect, it was increased to 30.

18 of them were used to produce small beetle, while 12 were used to produce Explosive Beetle.


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