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C215 – The Ending.

“I’m hungry!”

The warrior who was nearly a hundred meters away from the explosion was blown away by a wave of air.

When he fell to the ground, there were already many wounds on his body.

At that moment, the flames and high temperature made him suspect that he was hallucinating.

“What is this”

His head buzzed.

He looked up again and found that the rolling smoke was spreading in all directions.

After a full minute, he discovered that there was a person standing in the center of the explosion.

That person was covered in injuries, and it was almost impossible to tell who he was.

However, the faint layer of blue light that wrapped around his body proved that he was still alive.

Cracks started to appear on the magic staff.

Then, the gemstone turned into fragments and fell to the ground like pieces of broken glass.

The man standing in the center of the explosion didn’t move.

He only raised his hand after a few minutes.

“Foolish insect!”

Vague words came out of his mouth.

Lo Ya noticed the remaining 10% of his health bar above his head and could not help but take a deep breath.

“Is it a monster”

Yes, in the instant of the explosion, he used the Magic to defend himself and blocked the explosion of a few conventional missiles.

Of course, this power was actually a bit exaggerated, because the beetle’s size was relatively large, this caused all of the impact to not be concentrated in a relatively small area.

In a kilometer ahead, there were over 400 Sickle Insect, all of which were exposed in the man’s line of sight.

Trembling, he raised his staff and chanted a rhythmic incantation in his hand.

Lo Ya quickly ordered the swarm to escape.

But it was too late.

Less than five seconds later, a 50-meter diameter tornado appeared out of thin air.

It was filled with countless glaring thunderbolts, making the whole night seem like the end of the world.

The tornado began to move forward, blowing into the outer city without any mercy.

Some of the civilians hiding in their homes cried out in fear, while the escaping bugs were like pieces of paper.

They were swept into the tornado, and then turned into ashes under the countless electrical lights.

Tens of thousands of bugs and tens of thousand attacking soldiers were forced to retreat out of the city.

The tornado’s speed was not fast, but it was like a runaway horse.

It kept moving forward for hundreds of meters before stopping.

After the exaggerated scene ended, Lo Ya realized that more than 300 Sickle Insect had died because they could not escape in time.

The number of people who died in it was also innumerable.

“Insects! Insects that have died!” The man staggered forward as he repeated these words.

His body was bleeding, and the life bar above his head was slowly shortening.

Even if there was a healing potion, it would disappear without a trace in the explosion.

Lo Ya did not want to mess around with that crazy person, and even did not have the courage to make up for it.

An extraordinary expert was too powerful.

The Magic from before was definitely Fourth Grade.

That was because her Chain Fire Dragon wasn’t even a hundredth as powerful as the opponent.

The cries and curses in the city described the tragedy of the disaster.

It wasn’t until dawn that the extraordinary expert finally stumbled to a medicinal point.

He wanted to drink the potion at the last moment.

Then, he realized that there was a poisonous bug in the store.

Ci ~ ~ ~

A suffocating, corrosive and paralyzing gas came out of the room.

The man who was already on the verge of death fell to the ground and howled in pain.

The life points continued to fall, and death was approaching.

Lo Ya felt that he could not resist anymore, so she quickly rode the Sickle Insect and ran over.

Then, she released a series of fire dragons towards her target.

After the explosion, Lo Ya’s experience points increased by over a thousand points, and she increased by two levels.

A large pile of items also dropped from where she stood.

[Obtained Transcendent Life Crystal (Minute).]

[Transcendent Life Crystal (Minute): After consumption, the upper limit of the life points will be increased by 10.

Obtained “Extraordinary Aura.”]

[Obtained Race Skill: Light Beam]

[Light Beam: A Third Grade light-type skill.

It releases a scorching Magic beam to attack the target.

It burns the surrounding area of the target.]

[Opening the Golden Treasure Chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained ‘random Components enhancement’.]

[Random ability enhancement: Your Colorless Skin has been strengthened.]

[500 Evolution points obtained.]

The Colorless Skin’s defensive power changed from 10 to 50, giving Little Insect Girl an even stronger defensive power.

Third Grade Magic – Beam of Light.

It was actually a light-attribute ability.

From the looks of it, it seemed to be mainly used to attack a single target.

Lo Ya grabbed the Extraordinary’s charred corpse with one hand and tried to bite it.

[Evolution points 40]

“So much.”

Lo Ya looked in the direction of the capital city.

She did not care about the result of the battle and chose to leave the scene.

The kingdom would unify because of this final battle.

If there were no accidents this time, they would not have to worry about the threat of the country anymore.

Lo Ya shared food with the insects outside the city and then slept.

She waited until noon before slowly waking up.

The army had already entered the king’s hall.

There was an old man standing there.

Countless members of the upper echelons entered this magnificent palace.

When they saw the magnificent scene inside, they were all deeply shocked.

“King, your end has arrived.” The military minister sneered at the man sitting on the chair.

“I didn’t expect it to end so quickly.

Even the Transcendents… Sigh, I thought I would be able to be king for a few more days.” The old man sighed, his voice filled with indescribable sorrow.

“You’ve been king for more than half your life, aren’t you satisfied” The people below were a bit angry when they heard this.

However, the king shook his head and said: “More than half of your life No, no, I’m just a puppet.

The real king had died a long time ago, ever since the nobles split up.

The Archduke of Blood Orchid planted me here.

On the surface, this country is mine, but the one who truly controls it… It’s that old thing.”

“What Don’t speak nonsense!” A few old nobles who had become officials shouted.

The old king shook his head and closed his eyes.

The scene was in complete chaos.

Many soldiers rushed in, and with many blood-stained Sickle Insect, they rummaged through the boxes and cabinets, trying to take away everything they could.

Many soldiers imposed violence on the “princess” and palace maids in the capital, countless infants and women were tortured and killed.

Coincidentally, at this moment, they passed through the outer region and brought a few Wolf Cavalry’s Lo Ya into the main hall.

It was obvious that they were disgusted by it.

“You are indeed a puppet.” Lo Ya slowly walked to the side of the ministers and raised her head to say.

“At least I know one thing.

The royal family of the north had actually been destroyed a long time ago.

After the real king died, the princess came to the mountain range at the end of the world.

With a deep sense of despair, she jumped down into the abyss with no hope at all.”

She looked around the scene, shook her head lightly, and said in a low voice: “From today onwards, all of you should forget the history of the old kingdom, right The word ‘north’ might only be recorded in the annals of history.”

“You are…” The old king did not know Lo Ya’s identity.

“Lord of the swarm.” Lo Ya coldly said these few words and left the scene with the Sickle Insect that had finished rolling up the food and gold coins.

Many of the officials who did not know the truth all had a slight change in expression.

“She is the leader of those bugs, how is that possible”

“Damn it!”

The commander bitterly smiled: “That’s right, this is the truth, the true ruler of this country is no longer us”

A few young men looked at the cute back of the young girl and had mixed feelings.

The truth was unbelievable.

Moreover, everyone had an inexplicable feeling that that old thing, the Grand Duke of Blood Orchid, was going to be in trouble.


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