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C213 – Strong Battle!

But Lo Ya also knew that the close combat ability of the poisonous insects was very weak.

Even after many evolutions, the Strength only had a pitiful 15 points.

12 points of life points was not even as good as Little Insect Girl’s endurance.

The only thing that she could rely on was the 55 points of Magic’s attributes.

It was actually the continuous damage of the poison.

Although it was very powerful, it was mainly in terms of sustainability.

Once this kind of insect was thrown onto the warship, some experts only needed to quickly throw it into the sea, then the lethality of the poison would no longer be displayed.

Thus, when using the poisonous insect, they had to throw a small number of protective insects.

“The cost of a level 1 warship is close to 0, as long as we eat dirt.

The cost of a Second Grade ship was equivalent to 150 Sickle Insect, 1.5 times the cost of the Venomous Worms.

In addition to the loss of a crew member in a battle, if we calculate carefully… It doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference.”

The specific effects of the poison spray were unclear.

Lo Ya still had two other divisions that surrounded the capital of the old kingdom in the north.

Although the Sutton told Lo Ya not to continue attacking humans, they had taken care of the remaining forces in the occupied territories.

It should not be a problem, right

“Hu, let’s launch an all-out attack on the capital city army first.

Let’s test the power of the poisonous insects.”

During this period of time, they had already barely managed to produce a group of Launcher Insect soldiers.

Lo Ya was ready to move over.

Sending another 50,000 Sickle Insect and 200 Wind God Winged Insect should be enough.

Because the land and sea air force all needed bombs, Lo Ya added a few more Shooting Reproductive Insect, making 720,000 Explosive Beetle produced every day (half of the small beetle production).

80% of the Northern Charax Empire’s catapults were taken by Lo Ya.

The trebuchets used by this country were mainly heavy trebuchets.

The average weight of each one was more than three tons.

There were very few machines that had reached 10 tons and had been strengthened by Magic.

They could smash 100 kg of catapults a kilometer away.

The accuracy rate was very tragic.

Usually, it could deviate a few dozen meters, but when used to bombard the city walls or simply throw out a large number of beetles, the effect was comparable to aerial bombing.

In this attack on the capital, Lo Ya’s forces only occupied 60% of the total.

Another 40,000 soldiers came from the old aristocratic forces of the rebel army.

A total of 100 thousand soldiers planned to rely on advanced siege weapons and long-term war of attrition to take down the century-old city.

Roughly two days later, Lo Ya met with the newly formed Legion General of the Free Legion Corps.

Amongst the people that followed the army, there was actually almost half of the ministers of the entire country, including the Military Minister.

These people came here to witness the destruction of this century-old strong country.

The history of the great old kingdom of Houjou was also heading towards its end in this incomparably desperate battle to defend the city.

“General, this battle is not easy to fight.

Let me count… There are 20 stone throwing towers on the north wall of the capital, and they seem to have a longer range than our stone throwing equipment.

Most importantly, behind their walls are a large number of archers, firemen, and rolling wooden soldiers.

The number of mage divisions is also not small.” The intelligence officer standing next to the camp took out the information from his subordinates and asked the legion commander with a worried expression.

It was obvious that most of the officials did not want to attack.

Instead, they wanted to slowly use up all the grain in the capital to force the other side to surrender.

“Why didn’t you say that the Chief Magister beside the king is an extraordinary powerhouse” The commander patted his forehead and pointed at his soldiers.

“The Eagle of the North, the pride of the Magic Masters.

All they control are large-scale Magic of mass destruction.

Rumor has it that among the Transcendents, he is also a strategic existence.

If we soldiers stand together, any two Magic can kill… six to seven hundred people.”

The intelligence director:…” “

“The intelligence director was speechless.

See, this is reality.

Surrounding the city isn’t safe either.

Now, there’s the Strength of the Insect Girl Clan.

As long as we can bear the loss, this country will soon fall into our hands.

If we surround the city without fighting, who knows what kind of accident will happen”

As they spoke, the main army of the swarm appeared on the horizon.

About seven to eight minutes later, the armies of both sides gathered.

Insect Girl and Lo Ya turned into normal human appearance and rode the Black Wolf Beast to the front of the ministers.

“So handsome.”

When the young son of the intelligence minister saw the majestic black wolf and then looked at the petite girl on the black wolf’s back, he could not help but feel somewhat moved.

It was a boy’s nature to like beautiful girls and handsome mounts.

Lo Ya did not have a particularly repulsive feeling.

Rather, it would be better to say that being able to be called beautiful was something to be happy about.

Actually, Lo Ya also knew that her current appearance was very handsome.

The black wolf beneath her was more than a meter tall.

Its length was even more than three to four meters.

Their evolution was proportionate to the Sickle Insect, and their weight would always be five times that of the Sickle Insect.

A while ago, after the Sickle Insect’s height reached one meter, its weight had reached 120 kilograms.

Therefore, the weight of this Black Wolf Beast was basically more than half a ton.

To be able to maintain a high speed dash even after half a ton of weight was simply a nightmare for powerhouses.

“This time, I’ve brought an army of 60,000 soldiers with me.

I’m preparing to use 100,000 Explosive Beetle for this attack.”

Lo Ya clapped her hands.

In the distance, hundreds of Undead Insect pulled huge catapults and along with long rolling logs, moved over.

Their speed was very slow, but the power of that thing was indeed satisfactory.

“Thank you, Lord Lo Ya.

As long as this war is won, this country will be completely free.”

A man who once fought in the upper echelons of the anti-resistance army bowed to Lo Ya.

No matter what, the reign of the evil nobles had indeed ended.

No matter what Lo Ya’s goal was, the result was good.

Many of the higher echelons who had only seen Lo Ya once that day started whispering in the distance.

Most likely, they were discussing her identity again.

When the swarm started to move to the capital city and Lo Ya left, they asked one after another, “Who is that girl Is the swarm from her family”

“What do you think When she was in the upper echelons of the anti-resistance army, Luya was just an ordinary scout.

If not for her, this war might still be going on with great difficulty.

The north would not become a centralized country.

As for her identity… I can only tell you that what you saw might not be true.

” The commander who replied felt a little proud when he said this.

How many people in this world knew that Lo Ya’s true identity was Little Insect Girl Obviously, this would be an interesting piece of news spread by the higher-ups.

“Alright.” While they were happy, the Legion General would not forget the proper business.

He shouted to the officers who were waiting for orders, “Set up the construction equipment and work with the bug swarm to take down the city wall.”

“Yes!” All the soldiers were full of confidence.


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