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C209 – Confrontation on the Sea

Twenty fire dragons roared and instantly blew the three horned hawks in the sky into the sea.

Under Lo Ya’s command, the three Level 2 Battleship Insect advanced at full speed.

They directly drove towards the three ships on the opposite side.

The rest of the Undead Insect on the ship entered their posts and began to load crystal cannonballs on the deck.

The ships on the opposite side were very tall and long, about forty to fifty meters long.

They were close to the Galen galleon.

Lo Ya was not afraid of such a battle.

Instead, she wanted to use this battle to test her own strength.

Ten kilometers away, the man who was looking at the Battleship Insect with a monocular suddenly found three small dots falling in the fire.

He cursed in his heart, turned his head and said to the blue-robed man beside him, “Apologies, Lord Bishop, our Horned Eagle Knight was killed before he even landed on the other party’s ship.”

“Hm Didn’t you say those Horned Eagle Knights were very strong” The blue-robed man stood with his hands behind his back.

It was impossible to tell how nervous he was.

“I’m sorry, we can only fight in this situation right now.

Those small boats shouldn’t be too strong.

As long as we defeat them, we’ll be able to log into the Feinen Continent very quickly.”

“Mm, hurry up.”

The sailboat started to accelerate.

The humans on the boat began to move the round solid shells.

These shells looked different from the exposed crystal ores.

They were wrapped in a black shell, and the main material inside was the low-cost primitive gunpowder.

“Artillery, get ready.

The enemy fleet is approaching.

Prepare to load the ammunition.”

“Turn left of the ship.

Don’t collide with the enemy.

Prepare to fire on the right!”

The commanders on the ship kept shouting, and the soldiers quickly opened the covers on the side, revealing the black cannons.

There were a lot of them.

One side had two floors, and there were more than 40 of them.

Compared to Lo Ya’s level 2 ship, the hull here was probably at the level of level 3 and a half.

Even so, the sailors on the ship still nervously swallowed their saliva.

Although this naval battle was a strong fight against the weak, it was actually very dangerous.

The so-called Iron-armored Ship was only a wooden ship wrapped in a thin layer of iron.

It was not completely armored.

It was very easy to penetrate it with a powerful artillery shell.

“Damn it, if I was born a few decades earlier, I would have been able to use solid bombs to bombard it.

What are the things sent by the empire now They are becoming more and more terrifying.”

Some of the crew members couldn’t help but vomit when they loaded the artillery shells.

Yes, the cannonballs from a few decades ago were the same kind of shells that were blown up by a small amount of black gunpowder.

The main power was the collision of kinetic energy.

As for now, as long as the cannonballs entered the hull, It’s a casualty.

This was also the reason why the iron ship appeared.

Unfortunately, the iron sheet was getting thicker, and the power of the cannons was also increasing.

Many countries were forced to keep up with the pace of learning in order to deal with the invasion of the Empire’s maritime authority, and they worked hard to make the ship more “durable.”

The warships of both sides slowly closed the distance of one kilometer.

The human commanders on the other side had already used binoculars to see the situation on the ship: Skeletons with blue flames burning in their eyes.

“Damn it, what is this thing Mowen, tell the soldiers not to look at the other side.”

Worried that the crew members would lose their will to fight, the captain gave such an order.

The flagship would not rush up for the time being, because there were important people on board, so the two ships in front were mainly the other two.

When the distance between the two sides shortened to 400 meters, the two ships gradually became parallel, and a large pile of black bugs suddenly shot out from the opposite ship.

“Not good.”

Suddenly discovering that those things flew over a hundred meters, the captain immediately shouted: “Left full rudder, pay attention to dodging.”

It was too late, these bugs were spreading very quickly in the air.

Although the wind was a bit off, there were still seven or eight that fell onto the deck.

After a series of explosions, a few people were sent flying a few meters away.

The shrapnel was like a kid’s bullet, causing a lot of soldiers who were unprepared to take a fatal blow.

“Damn it, speed up and stand parallel to the enemy.

Prepare to shoot!”

The boat sailed, and Lo Ya, who was standing on it, suddenly had a strange expression on her face.

Because the distance between the two ships seemed to be more than 100 meters, but it was more than 150 meters.

This distance was too far for them to hit the other side.

Just as she was thinking this, the first parallel ship suddenly fired a cannonball.

Bang, bang, bang ~

Balls flew out from the side of the cabin, filling the air with thick smoke.

The bullet quickly crossed more than a hundred meters and hit the Rank 1 Battleship Insect.

Lo Ya spat out a mouthful of water and quickly ordered the Battleship Insect to speed up and dodge.

The side of the ship was smashed into a depression and some small cracks appeared.

The cannonballs that jumped into the water exploded, creating several meters tall waves.

The opposite ship did not cheer, but quickly filled up the ammunition and prepared for the next round of firing.

The same scene also appeared on the side of Ship No.

2 and Ship No.


Fortunately, Ship No.

2 was slightly closer to the enemy.

It was 120 meters away, and this distance could barely hit the lower part of the enemy’s hull.

Both sides fired their ammunition almost at the same time.

After the smoke in the air interweaved, the skeletons on the ship were shocked.

The humans on the other side also felt the same way.

The pure power of the explosion seemed to be even stronger on the Insect Girl Clan’s side.

After all, the cannonballs here were carefully selected middle grade and above crystals.

A single explosion could kill a large number of people.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

The distance was too far and the angle was not right, causing all the bullets to fly away from the sailboat.

“Close the distance, within 30 meters, fire at each other.” Lo Ya felt a little depressed.

Even her mobility was only half a section higher than the other side.

This way, when she turned around and controlled the distance, it would be very disadvantageous to her own side.

At this time, the captain on the other side was still not clear about the situation of this battle.

Because the first round of cannon fire did not seem to cause any substantial damage, the distance between the two sides began to close.

The captain wanted to control the distance of 100 meters, but Lo Ya directly asked for a distance of 30 meters.

In the end, she saw the Battleship Insect rushing over recklessly.

“Damn it, raise the main sail and turn the ship around!”

The commanders on the ship watched helplessly as the Battleship Insect drove over, and its flexibility was so strong that they ran all over the place, constantly urging the crew to speed up.

When the distance was close enough, the Battleship Insect began to turn, revealing the muzzle of the cannon on one side.

Because of its small size, there were no double-layered cannons on the second-grade ship, only the first-layer cannons on the deck.

The cannon’s height was just enough to hit the lower layer of the opponent’s ship, causing it to explode inside the cabin.

Lo Ya nervously watched the two sides adjust the hull to maintain parallel.

Then, without her command, the skeletons ignited the cannon.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a series of thick smoke, the cannonballs tore through the air and hit the sailboat.

They also used an extremely strong impact force to blast open the iron sheet.

Almost at the same time, the humans on the sailboat also began firing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sides of both sides of the ship were shattered.

Because the upper deck cannon of the ship changed its firing angle after unlocking the front side of the ship, they all hit the back of the Battleship Insect.

The skeletons were all blown away, and several cannons were destroyed.

However, comparatively speaking, the ship was in a worse state.

There was clearly a bigger ship, but because of the more powerful explosion, it suffered heavy losses.


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