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C208 – Don’t Blame Me

On the third day of the uprising army’s establishment, on December 7th of the first year of the Northern Charax Spasinu calendar, two second-grade Battleship Insect entered the water.

With this, the number of navy ships owned by the Insect Girl Clan reached four.

Lo Ya had given each of the three Grade 2 ships 18 cannons purchased from the Trio Kingdom.

In addition, each of them was equipped with a few tons of heavy catapults that were used to throw the small beetle.

As for the only grade 1 ship, it was equipped with eight cannons.

With this calculation, the main firepower of the four ships was actually 62 cannons.

The firing range of these cannons were all around 100 meters, and the catapults could throw objects weighing 20 kilograms over 300 meters away.

It could be considered a means of long-range attack.

After a few simple tests, the Battleship Insect displayed a sea battle ability that far exceeded the Hojo Kingdom’s original standards.

Hence, Lo Ya sat on the first level ship in the middle with satisfaction.

She brought Lo Yu along and ordered them to sail towards the sea.

The scene of sailing on the sea made the stupid Little Insect Girl very happy.

She excitedly laid on the deck handrail and looked into the distance.

The sea was very beautiful, very blue, with a hint of faint purple.

The sunlight shone on the surface of the water and the waves were sparkling.

Some areas with shallow water could be seen with white reefs.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, look, there is a small black dot over there.”

The little thing’s Eye of Truth had already seen something more than ten kilometers away.

Those were small boats that only dared to sail in shallow waters.

Because they were afraid of the Phantom Ship, they would escape to the side of the water together with the fog.

“Lo Yu, don’t be too excited.

In the future, our boat can still fly to the sky and into the deep night sky.

We can travel to different planets and let the warship roam the sea of stars.”

“Wow, can you see the stars” Her little tail swished about.

Lo Yu looked like a happy puppy that was pampered by its master.

“Of course.” Lo Ya hugged her and kissed her little face, “Oh, cute.”

The cute little girl happily rubbed over and stuck out her tongue to lick Lo Ya’s face.

It was a friendly gesture unique to animals!

Lo Ya was ready to show Insect Girl more about the world so that she could see the environment of human society and the sea.

Although she wanted to compete for power in the sea, wouldn’t it be better to treat this process as a happy journey

And thinking about it carefully, it didn’t seem like there were so many messy enemies biting her behind.

Why did he have to be like the transmigrators in some fantasy novels, crazily pulling hatred and fleeing all day long

Other than pursuing greater strength, Buggy also had to enjoy the happiness of life.

Perhaps because of the genes, Lo Ya was very easy to satisfy now because her fundamental goal was to live happily with Little Insect Girl and the rest forever.

Yes, even if it was really the day of the universe’s extinction, Lo Ya still had to bring the little cuties out of it (it seemed unlikely).

The boat slowly drove over from the water and brushed past the merchant ship beside it.

A sailor stood by the boat and saw the two little fellows chasing after them playfully.

He almost thought that he was hallucinating and rubbed his eyes hard.

“Lo Yu, where are we going first Oh, look at this nautical chart.”

Lo Ya took out the inaccurate nautical chart that the Charax Spasinu merchants had obtained from the space column, which only included a part of the sea.

“Emico Island.

This is the prosperous city of water.

There is a hundred-meter fountain driven by Magic.

Also, this is a mysterious forbidden zone.

It is said that the Lifesteal Ghost Pirates often appear in this region of the sea.

Countless people were lost in it… Alright, we can’t go to this place.”

The Small was lying in front of the big map.

It looked at the map from top to bottom and soon drooled.

“Ah, here.” She excitedly pointed at a place.

“Meat Mountain Island Damn, its name is Mountain of Meat, but that doesn’t mean there’s meat inside.”

“Wuwuwu.” Lo Yu’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Lo Ya exhaled and looked at the 500 gold coins in the space.

She felt that it should be enough.

Of course, this money was taken from the northern nobles.

Although the amount was large, it did not affect the entire country’s economy.

The Battleship Insect drove at full speed towards the destination.

After travelling at a speed of 15 knots for 30 hours, the warship left the southernmost tip of the continent and began to enter the boundless ocean.

There was one crucial point here, which was that the main body of the Fresnel Forest was on the east side of the rupture zone.

It belonged to another continent, the region where Little Insect Girl was born.

It was a corner of the forest that was cut out from the ancient times.

Although it was also the Finel Forest, In fact, it was located on a different continent.

Yes, the forest was very large, to the point that it was insane.

Every country had this saying: Fresnel Forest was twice the size of human habitats.

It was not clear how much it was, but Lo Ya had never calculated it.

“Lo Ya, a boat is coming from the front.” Lo Yu had been lying on the side of the boat and blowing the wind.

Every time she saw something new, she would happily call Lo Ya.

But this time, Lo Ya’s expression changed slightly.

Because there were huge warships heading this way.

“Hang the flag of Beijou-Charax Spasinu.”

Lo Ya ordered the Undead Insect behind her.

This time, it was the northern flag of the old kingdom.

There was a golden eagle holding a silver sword at the bottom of the black flag.

Lo Ya also noticed that the three ships more than ten kilometers away all had an unknown six-striped flag.

The people on the ships were all wearing white clothes.

Some of the soldiers were also wearing white armor.

“It’s an iron armored ship, could it be someone from another continent”

Without a doubt, the other side was heading towards the continent where Insect Girl lived.

Lo Ya narrowed her eyes.

When the ship drew closer, she suddenly realized that there was a flag at the back.

On the flag was a silver outline of a woman, holding a cup in her hand.

“There are people from the Church.”

What killed them was the Iron-armored Ship.

I wonder how my Undead Insect and the iron armored ship are compared to the defensive power people.

In any case, Lo Ya doesn’t have the confidence to do so.

“Turn around and go home.” She immediately made a decision.

The ship slowly turned around, but a few seconds later, three bird-like creatures suddenly took off from the opposite ship and flew towards them.

“Wow, Lo Ya, a big bird is coming.” Lo Yu fell onto the deck with a bang, her face full of fear.

“Quick, transform your legs, transform into a human, and then use the illusion.”

Lo Ya also transformed into a human and even used the illusion technique.

The three large birds approached.

They looked a little similar to the enlarged eagles, but their bodies were a little bloated.

Their bulging stomachs were like chickens, and there were knights wearing silver armor sitting on them.

Horned eagle, LV23, Gold Level, magic beast.

Horned Eagle Spear Knight, Level 33, Diamond Level, Human.

Horned Eagle Spear Knight, Level 23, Gold Level, Human.

Eagle Rider, Level 25, Gold Level, human.

“What a strong trio.”

The three Horned Eagle Knights were all at the Gold Level, between level 21 and 23, while the three humans were at the Diamond Level and Gold Level.

Those people approached Lo Ya and seemed to have seen the skeletons on the ship.

Lo Ya was afraid that something would go wrong, so she immediately used the chain fire dragon skill.

“You can’t blame me.” She helplessly spat out a sentence of bad luck and ordered the three Level 2 Battleship Insect, “Everyone, go and meet the enemy.”


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