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C207 – Warning!

Lo Ya glanced at the young men and retreated to the side, waiting for the Prime Minister to continue.

Everyone basically had no right to refute.

Although they could raise their opinions and express their dissatisfaction, the reason why the Emperor was the Emperor was because he was high and mighty, incomparable.

When the prime minister faced these people’s rhetorical questions, a few words of coercive questioning directly made his subordinates wither.

“Then, it’s decided happily.”

Seeing that the meeting was about to end, Lo Ya yawned and left the scene.

There were only three to four countries in the south of Hojo Kingdom that were about the same size.

Further south would be the sea, and the human supreme empire would be on the other side of the ocean.

If Lo Ya wanted to know the real Strength of the empire, she had to understand the real situation there in advance.

A day ago, she specially sent out a bunch of small beetle in the southern country to collect a lot of information.

How should I put it… That was right, right now, it was almost the era of great sailing that was neither high nor low.

On the sea, there were many islands and continents, and many countries started to conquer other territories through the sea.

Some colonized, and some directly conquered.

Sea wars were happening everywhere.

It was rumored that the Empire had already created powerful Iron-armored Ship and had the strength to send troops to the world.

This might mean that in the near future, the entire world would be shrouded by the shadow of that powerful country on the other side.

However, even without an Empire, it did not mean that the competition would be weak.

After all, after the empire created the Iron-armored Ship, many countries imitated it.

They began to mass produce high-grade ships.

The traditional ballistae and stone bombs were gradually unable to adapt to naval warfare and were slowly eliminated.

Lo Ya’s next plan, other than conquering a few countries in the south, was to have a place in the sea.

She left the territory of northern Charax Spasinu and returned to the territory of birth.

Then, the scene in front of her stunned her.

Because a huge black dragon was lying in the territory.

“Damn it.” Lo Ya was shocked and quickly ran over.

In the end, she saw the cute little ones playing on the dragon’s back.

Dragon Knight.


Although the black dragon’s wingspan was only slightly larger than the Wind God Winged Insect’s, only around 12 meters, the level on its head was not fake at all.

It was a step away from Transcendence.

Taking into account the dragon clan’s basic attributes and mastery of the Magic, Lo Ya felt that she definitely could not beat that colossus.

However, it seemed that it was still alright.

That huge dragon did not show any malicious intent.

Instead, it enjoyed the feeling of Little Insect Girl crawling around.

Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief.

That’s right.

If Insect Girl and the others were in danger, they would definitely send a message to her.

Her happy look now was completely in vain.

She slowly wriggled to the Black Dragon’s heels, then the monster in front of her opened its golden dragon eyes and asked in a low voice, “Are you Insect Girl’s leader”

Lo Ya vigilantly stepped back a little, “Who are you”

“The Sutton sent me here.

It told you not to continue attacking humans.”

“Uh…” Although he had expected it, hearing it directly was still a bit shocking.

“In short, this is for your own good.” The black dragon slowly raised his head.

The little Little Insect Girl on his back looked down in puzzlement.

Then, when they saw Lo Ya, they all rolled down and happily pounced on her.

“Wow, Lo Ya, Lo Ya.”

“Be good, little babies.” Lo Ya spread her arms and took all these little things into her arms.

Then, she raised her head and looked at this huge monster.

The war itself was instigated by Crystal Dragon God and Lo Ya herself also wished to do so.

But Crystal Dragon God also clearly said that she should not tell anyone that “she instructed Lo Ya to attack humans,” so this kind of situation was really difficult to handle.

“If the Gods wanted me to do this kind of thing, would the Sutton mind I did not really seize the territory of the humans, but only cooperated with a portion of them.

The new country that has been established, the king is not me.

It’s human itself.

” Lo Ya explained.

“But your actions are very dangerous.

I don’t want you to bring disaster to the beast world.

The Sutton’s warning is also for your own good.” The huge dragon blinked, and a layer of white eyelids slid across its skin.

“I got it.” Lo Ya sighed.

“In that case, I will leave now.

I hope you can keep your promise.”

The black dragon flapped its wings and flew away.

In a few seconds, it disappeared from sight.

There was a loud explosion in the air.

“Oh, so strong.

I used to think this neighbor was not bad, but now I think he’s a dangerous factor.”

The situation was pressing.

Lo Ya had no choice but to decide not to start a war for a period of time and move most of the bug swarms to the Great Forest.

After that, Lo Ya carried little Little Insect Girl and the rest to a lawn and put them down.

There were no corpses around.

It was probably because the black dragon appeared friendly when it landed that Little Insect Girl did not treat it as an enemy.

Otherwise, once the battle started, his territory would have already exploded.

“Lo Xin!”

After calling Lo Xin, a few minutes later, the Small rushed back with a group of bugs.

“I will transfer most of the insects in the human territory to you.

Next, we will invade the dinosaur world.”

“Wow! Oh, meat, meat!” Lo Xin was extremely happy when she heard that they had invaded the dinosaur world.

Furthermore, Lo Ya had given her most of the command authority, which meant that she could attack any monster that she wanted to eat.

The Brain Insect in the territory would follow the army out.

More than half of the million small beetle army would be sent out at once.

This would bring a huge amount of food.

Because of the size of dinosaurs, killing one would bring them shocking benefits.

Lo Ya took out the map of the forest that she had obtained from Hojo Kingdom from the inventory, pointed at it and said, “I drew a line here.

Attention, you can only let the insects move around in this area.

That is, within 200 kilometers.”

This was the situation on the other side of the Broken Belt that the ancient humans had explored.

It was actually 1000 kilometers, but after so many years, it was hard to guarantee that there would not be any problems, so Lo Ya set this safe boundary.

“Lo Ya is not going” Lo Xin blinked her eyes and turned her head to ask.

“Yes, I need to focus on conquering the sea.” Lo Ya nodded her head and spoke with great ambition.

During this period of time, there were also a lot of Battleship Insect breeding.

The current hull only had one First Grade ship and one Second Grade ship, but four Second Grade ships were growing in succession.

Lo Ya temporarily did not plan to build a higher grade ship, but first used a low grade navy to scout the way.

As for the matter of maritime power struggle, apart from deterring and reducing the enemy’s strength, the most important thing was to fight for territory and resources.

Sometimes, she could find a reason to fight with the enemy.

At that time, apart from Battleship Insect, Insect Girl Clan would also mobilize the productivity of the Beidou Empire to develop voyage trading and navy to create a true ocean overlord.


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