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C206 – Lo Ya’s Views

A week later, the rebel army completely took control of all the land in Hojo Kingdom, leaving only the solid fortress of the capital still standing.

Hojo Kingdom had already existed in name only.

In order to consolidate her power and increase the control of the regime, Lo Ya used her Strength to carry out a huge purge in the upper echelons of the rebel army, killing almost everyone who dared to oppose Luya.

That young girl was finally pushed to the throne, and the Hojo Kingdom was also renamed as the North Charax Empire.

Although the matter was settled like this, most of the civilians and the surviving nobles in this kingdom did not know Luya’s name, and the discussion about this queen was only limited to:

“Ah, the Emperor is actually a woman”

“Who is that girl Why is she the highest ranking member of the rebel army”

“Isn’t the leader of the rebel army always a man”

Regarding the matter of a young girl becoming the emperor, the reactions within the kingdom were actually quite intense.

Because for so many years, the upper echelons of this country were all controlled by men.

Individual martial power and status had always been higher than men.

Now that a woman has suddenly changed, in many people’s minds, Actually, it was very unconventional, and also violated the rules that had been passed down by their ancestors.

But no one really dared to jump out and oppose it.

The main reason was, of course, the strength displayed by the swarm.

This world was very realistic.

The Strength that you displayed was strong, and your status was high.

As long as there was an absolute Strength, even if you wanted a dog to be the ruler of the country, others would not be able to do anything about it.

The first high-level meeting of the Beijo Empire was about to begin at the Blood Orchid Grand High Duke’s Public House.

Luya, who was nervous, sat in her seat.

Both of her hands were clutching her skirt, and her face was pale.

Yes, she wore the royal robe (actually a princess dress) that Lo Ya had asked someone to make in a hurry.

She used a lot of shiny gems to make this beautiful girl even more beautiful.

Lo Ya walked to the side and admired it from top to bottom, then nodded fiercely, “Very beautiful.

At least under the appearance, no one can find fault with it.”

“Luo… Lo Lo Lo Ya, am I really the emperor” Her mind was still dizzy and she could not believe it.

What had happened in the past few months At first, he was just an ordinary civilian.

How did he become the person with the highest status in this country in the blink of an eye

Luya did not have a high awareness and only had a general understanding of all of this.

But this did not mean that she was stupid.

She deeply knew.

Her power was completely taken over.

The Empire’s upper echelons (former rebel army upper echelons) did not listen to her words, but Lo Ya.

If she was not there, then the position of the Emperor would probably be taken away immediately.

Because many people were still unconvinced in their hearts.

Although she said so, there was a large group of people that Luya did not recognize in the meeting that was about to be held.

The rebel army’s talent reserves were very poor.

Many of the managers of this country were chosen from below, and there were even some that were left behind by the nobles of the kingdom.

Looking at the time, Lo Ya felt that the meeting was about to begin, so she went to a dark corner and quietly looked at the situation below.

Not long after, a large group of officials walked in from outside the hall.

There was no general, nor was there Roto.

Many of the high ranking officials that Luya respected in the past were no longer there.

She looked at the few familiar faces, as well as the excited and strange expressions of the familiar faces.

She felt a little depressed.

Among the people below, there was also one who looked very happy.

Luya knew that the young man had always liked her.

Perhaps it was because she had sat on the throne.

Perhaps it was because her status had increased.

In short, he was one of the few people who laughed happily.

“Everyone’s here, right Then the first meeting of the Empire, officially begins” Standing at the side, an old prime minister who was said to be very reliable spoke up.

“Her Majesty the Queen wants to take advantage of this meeting to let everyone push out some policies.

Of course, the most important thing is to completely abolish the Empire’s feudal system.

Promote the next country’s administrative system”

The people below already knew this, so they didn’t express any objections.

“First of all, on the country’s food, tax according to the ratio, 80% of the food must be submitted.”

The people below were shocked.

“Sir, isn’t 80% too much” The one who asked was an old noble.

Although the productivity of the Magic in this era was high, 80% was to starve people to death.

“I haven’t finished.” The prime minister coldly snorted, “Out of these 80% of food, a portion will be supplied to the army.

It will ensure that the army will be able to eat their fill every day.

The extra portion will be returned to the farmers according to the ratio during the purchase.”

After the Prime Minister finished speaking, the people below fell silent.

But some people could see that this policy seemed to be very reliable, but it was actually very profitable.

“Sir Prime Minister, if the army used up 80% of their grain, wouldn’t everyone starve to death”

The Prime Minister was at a loss for words, because this was related to the interests of the people.

Once the people were not full, the country would be unstable.

Lo Ya walked out from the shadows and said, “If you want to eat, then join the army.

The Queen will take you to other countries to snatch food.

We don’t have enough food ourselves.

Are we going to take it from our own country It doesn’t exist.

We will only make others not full.

Use other people’s rice to feed our stomachs.

Why should our own family starve to death “

Lo Ya did not say anything else.

That was… She would take a lot of oil from the food to feed her insects.

When everyone was not full, she would use the food salary to attract everyone to join the army.

At the same time, she would increase the social status of the soldiers, build military factories, let them farm and produce weapons such as cannons.

Slowly turn the farmers into professional soldiers.

People, and soldiers were also farmers, which meant that they would gradually turn into the professional model of the Qin Dynasty.

The Sentencing of Sentencing could be solved by relying on insects, so there was no need to worry about civilians escaping for food.

Lo Ya would not consider the consequences of such a problem, nor would she care about whether it was reasonable or not.

What she needed was more troops, as well as a tool to cover up the truth of the ‘Magical Creature invasion’ in the Beidou Empire.

In the end, she was just Little Insect Girl, who was wholeheartedly creating a better environment for the little ones.

One day, this planet would no longer be of any threat, and mankind would no longer be of any threat or use.

Lo Ya did not mind letting everyone live happily.

But now, it was very obvious that it would not work.

After Lo Ya finished speaking, the people below all nodded.

It was not like they would starve the people to death if they had the money.

Who wouldn’t support it Even some of the lower class rebel army officials wouldn’t be able to find such a habit of giving priority to the army.

Because many of the surrounding countries were eyeing the North Charax Empire covetously, and this wasn’t the time for peace.

If the soldiers did not have enough food to eat, when the country was destroyed, the people would not be as simple as starving.

In the past, when the nobles were detained, they were even more ruthless (not including the Grand Duke of Blood Orchid).

Lo Ya’s means had actually touched the bottom line of many nobles.

If it was in the past, if the civilians dared to ask the nobles to do so, That bloody suppression was absolutely unavoidable.

Yes, at that time, many people’s lives were truly difficult.

Capturing strong men to fill the army and forcing them to train to the Black Iron Level, instead of waiting for them to join the current mode.

After everyone finished discussing, many people below suddenly started whispering to Lo Ya’s existence.

“Oh right, who is that girl Why haven’t I seen her before”

“The Empress is very beautiful.

I just don’t understand who that person beside her is.”

When some of the senior members of the rebel army and aristocrats heard this, they desperately winked.

Because they knew that this girl who spoke so easily was the real boss behind the scene of the North Pole Empire.


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