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C205 – Final Conversation

There’s no suspense at this point in the war.

The rebel army began to take over the cities one by one.

When the soldiers entered the occupied cities, they saw groups of small beetle.

Some of the Sickle Insect would bring along beetles to patrol together, bringing great panic to the citizens hiding in their homes.

In two days, Luya sent over a thousand people to take over the territory of a few nobles.

Many of them were ordinary people who lacked management ability.

If not for the intimidation of the insect swarm, It was estimated that the places they took over were a mess.

Lo Ya made the best use of her time and sent 50 thousand insects to attack the already messy territory of the Blood Orchid.

She also forced the Duke’s army into the academy.

Facing the black insect tide, thousands of guards and close to a thousand strong instructors and students resisted with great difficulty.

Many children were scared to the point of crying, and the adults’ faces were pale, afraid of being attacked by the insects outside.

Actually, logically speaking, as long as the people in the academy surrender, The insects will stop attacking.

But under the Duke’s deception, everyone treated the bugs as magic beasts who only knew how to eat people without any pity.

They did not dare to give up resistance.

On the white bridge that entered the academy, rows of gunmen were continuously forced back by the increasingly crazy swarm of bugs.

When faced with the suppression of numbers from Magic Masters, the effects were also very weak.

After fighting for an entire hour, Lo Ya saw that the losses were a little too great and personally rushed to the scene to make the Brain Insect stop attacking.

Activating the illusion and illusion abilities, she slowly walked out of the swarm of insects in front of everyone and cast her gaze on a female mentor.

“Long time no see.”

Lo Ya waved her hand and acted as if they were very familiar with each other.

The instructor was stunned for a few seconds, then he quickly remembered that this girl was the one who showed her the fusion of Ice and Fire Magic, and also said that her level was low.

“I thought that the great Duke and his friends would resist to the end, but in the end, he hid in the academy alone”

Lo Ya did not wait for the female instructor to say anything, and continued to walk forward as if there was no one else around.

Her beautiful face made many of the boys’ hearts palpitate, but most of them were afraid of this girl.

He walked to the front of the crowd, and the soldiers in front of him unconsciously moved aside, as if there was an invisible pressure enveloping them.

“Is it the effect of the divine attribute”

Lo Ya knew that because she ate god’s hair, she had a lot of divine attribute.

This made her, who was already very beautiful, full of special attraction.

The divine attribute itself could also have a certain transformation effect on the appearance, so the current her was not an ordinary attractive person.

Passing through the crowd, her gaze fell on a young girl sitting by a flower bed in the distance.

Lo Ya directly walked over, “Linse, long time no see.”

Linse lifted her head in surprise, “You are… Lo Ya”

Yes, exactly the same as what she saw at that time.

She turned her head to look at the surrounding people and found that they were all looking at this stunning girl standing in front of her with a strange gaze.

At that moment, the Duke who just happened to walk down from the building next to her saw the two girls and immediately ran over.

“Why are you here”

His voice was questioning.

“I’m your daughter’s dormitory mate.” Lo Ya reached out and touched Linse’s head, “After selling those magic beasts to you, did you take good care of them Did you insist on touching every larva that was born”

The archduke’s expression changed slightly.

The fact that the girl before him could make the swarm stop attacking and then walk in swaggeringly proved one thing.

“You’re from the rebel army”

“Yes.” Lo Ya curled her lips.

“The new leader of the Resistance Army was chosen by me.

Her name is Luya.

If you can live to that day, you should be able to see her ascend to the throne and become the king of this country… No, it should be the emperor.”

After saying this, she turned around and sat beside Linse.

“This should be your biological daughter, right”

A few Wind God Winged Insect landed on the academy’s plaza.

Many of the instructors could see how terrifying they were.

With the strength of a Silver Level, it would be a massacre if it was thrown among the students.

“What do you want to do”

The duke was very worried that Lo Ya would hurt her daughter, but Little Insect Girl did not seem to have such intentions.

She simply admired the surrounding environment and suddenly smiled.

“I know why the world pursued power and money.

With these things, You can order from above.

And without these, you will be ordered and looked down upon.”

Lo Ya was talking about the Duke.

In fact, even in the ancient times of Earth, this archduke could be considered a wise king.

His territory was the richest in Hojo Kingdom, and most of the people lived well.

Although the pressure was greater, at least he could eat, wear, and warm.

This could also understand why the rebel army originated in the north, and not in the territory of the archduke.

If they could see the hope of life, who would be willing to resist

“Duke, if I give your entire family and private army a chance to live, And the price is for you to work for me, are you willing” Lo Ya looked at this fellow who was about to enter old age with a smile, and her voice was very gentle.

The duke’s eyes flashed.

“I don’t know your real identity.

You said that the leader of the rebel army was chosen by you.

Does this mean that the real controller of the civilian army is your merchant family who raises magic beasts “

It was not the duke’s fault for thinking this way.

After all, Lo Ya had cheated him of the Sickle Insect at a high price in the beginning.

But Lo Ya shook her head and said, “Do you think it would be that simple Which human has the means to command so many magic beasts Moreover, these are insects.

You should have seen termites, ants, and bees, these insects”

The duke’s expression changed slightly.

“Insect queen”

“Yes, yes.” Lo Ya stood up on the spot.

“Anyway, Duke, you do as you see fit.”

For some reason, Lo Ya’s voice was somewhat cold.

He did not forget the situation when he sent out a few experts to chase after Lo Ya.

In the end, none of those people came back.

It was very obvious that they were taken care of by Lo Ya.

There was hatred between the two parties.

Under Lo Ya’s smiling expression, how real and how fake was it If there was such a powerful Strength, why did he run to say such words

With doubt, he looked at Lo Ya who took a few steps up the Wind God Winged Insect’s wings and flew towards the sky.

The duke’s mood became more and more complicated.

“Father, what is going on with Lo Ya What happened between you and her” Lin Se looked at her father in confusion.

During this period of time, she had been staying in school, so she was completely unaware of what had happened outside.

“Hojo Kingdom has been destroyed.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to become a duke either.” He sighed and gently patted his daughter’s head, “But I will let you live.”


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