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C204 – The End.

Two days later, in the blood orchid territory.

“Do you think the enemy has more than one type of insect” When he suddenly heard this news, the archduke stood up from his chair with a swoosh.

“Yes.” The butler nodded helplessly.

“These were all learned from the defeated soldiers at the front lines.

They were attacked from the sky and the ground at the same time.

Then the entire army collapsed in a very short time.

Tens of thousands of people died in pursuit, and those who managed to escape were all lucky “

The duke supported his chin with his hands and sat back down.

After a moment of silence, he quickly stood up and ran to the military camp.

Although most of the regular army had been sent out, the ones that were defeated were mostly the armies of other nobles, so he did not seem too worried.

At that moment, there were many Sickle Insect in front of him who were obediently eating the food on the ground, and the hundreds of people around them were helping to distribute and transport the food.

This made the archduke feel a little at ease for some baffling reason.

“Our army hasn’t encountered the enemy yet” He asked.

“I’m afraid it will soon” The butler said, “After that battle, the enemy took down five or six cities in a row.

After that, they gathered their forces and headed straight for our main force.

If nothing unexpected happens, the decisive battle will start in the next two days.”

“I know.

If it really doesn’t work, then we’ll just use these bugs.”

The duke really couldn’t think of any way to deal with the rebel army.

He simply ordered the entire city to set up defenses and retreat all the residents of the surrounding villages into the city.

Fighting in the wild was definitely impossible.

The best way was to defend the city and use the terrain to block others.

“If the rebel army really has the ability to attack me, then we have no hope.”

In the Duke’s subconscious mind, he believed that the victor of the war would be a noble who had an overall advantage.

Of course, he did not expect that in a port city 200 kilometers away, hundreds of Sickle Insect suddenly rushed down from three warships and killed more than 100 guards in the city in a short 10 minutes.

After winning the battle, these Sickle Insect did not leave.

Instead, they began to reproduce on the spot.

Then, through digging, they buried the young insects underground.

They then launched a surprise attack on the surrounding cities, eating raw food along the way, and burying eggs along the way.

The second batch of Noble Army, who were rushing to prepare for the final battle, didn’t know about this at all.

When they arrived near King City, In fact, it had already been a day.

The hundreds of bugs that landed had already lost more than half of their numbers under the encirclement of the guards from all over the place.

Only less than 50 remained.

However, during this period of time, there had been at least two times the number of bug tails that had appeared.

Moreover, they only needed to wait for another day.

After eating a large amount of plants and small animals, these tails would be able to eat a large amount of plants and animals.

Completely mature.

This was the plan of guerilla warfare that Lo Ya had suddenly thought of.

At the current stage, there was still no way to complete a large-scale landing, but this kind of three to four hundred insects landing battle was very easy.

Most of the ordinary people did not have the ability to deal with the Sickle Insect.

In the face of high mobility killing and robbing, it was already very good for them to be able to keep their lives.

Furthermore, under the long-range command of the Brain Insect, these insects would not only charge forward, they would also ambush underground and launch sneak attacks.

As long as they showed the will to resist, they would not be able to escape the fate of becoming food.

The next day, the thousands of Sickle Insect raised in the Blood Orchid Lord’s camp also erupted with “uprising.”

At the same time, they attacked and killed the people who fed them.

After sweeping through half of the Lord’s Manor, they charged into the city in groups of three or five, fighting and killing along the streets and alleys.

These bugs were not only eating, they were also constantly growing.

As long as they had a tail, they would find a place to bury it or hide it, waiting for it to be born.

After the Duke found out about this, he was furious, and ordered the tens of thousands of troops in the city to surround and kill the bugs.

Even the security team and some of the civilians took out their weapons to guard against the bugs’ sneak attack in the city.

This main city with a population of more than 100,000 people was relatively large.

It was not easy to kill the bugs that did evil.

To these Sickle Insect, this city was a huge food warehouse.

From the bread and rice flour that was hidden in the homes of the commoners to the various livestock and magical beasts that were raised.

Then to the humans themselves, they were all contributing to the Sickle Insect’s stomach.

In any case, after the incident, the duke was very anxious.

He had personally witnessed the reproductive abilities of these insects, so he had completely reinforced the military camp.

He even sent over a thousand people to watch, but who knew that these insects would still be able to escape.

What happened next was no different from a disaster.

After struggling for a day, there were still attacks happening everywhere in the city.

The Duke had no choice but to send all the weapons in the mansion to the civilians.

He had everyone destroy the insects together and protect his wife and children.

Now that he thought back to the time when he bought the magic beast cubs, he felt a deep regret.

“I was blinded by desire.”

Looking at his own city now, it was simply a complete mess.

It was just that he could not understand why the Sickle Insect would explode at the same time.

Was it because someone was commanding it, or was it that they had rebelled

Was this done by the girl who sold him her tail back then

He thought that things wouldn’t get any worse.

Who knew that the next day, the butler hurriedly told him that the main force of the army had all been defeated.

Yes, after the first batch of nearly 100,000 soldiers was defeated by the Insect Girl Clan, the Duke’s own legion was also destroyed in the same way.

In the second round of battle, Lo Ya did not even use the air force to bombard them.

Instead, she relied purely on the charge of the small beetle Sea and ordinary insects to surround the enemy in all directions.

All kinds of underground sneak attacks made the human soldiers in the encirclement unable to resist at all.

In less than half a day, Lo Ya used the absolute Strength to completely annihilate this group of soldiers.

Although they had lost as much as fifty thousand insects in two days, as well as over a hundred Charge Insects and over four hundred Wolf Cavalry, they had also lost their lives.

However, it had caused the noble forces of Hojo Kingdom to lose their last Strength.

The two battles had failed in such a short period of time, and it immediately caused panic in the entire empire.

Many of the nobles felt that their reactions were fast.

Many people had just heard that the rebel army had conquered the north a few days ago.

Without saying a word, they organized an army to suppress it, but in the end, it had only been a short while.

They were almost beaten up in front of their own house.

At this time, they just couldn’t escape even if they wanted to.

Some of the nobles in the territory who stayed in the territory faced the bug swarm that was wreaking havoc everywhere and didn’t dare to go out on their own.

The entire country was now completely shrouded in the shadow of the rebel army.

The magnificent northern capital was now a completely isolated city.

Eighty thousand people were defending the city.

The officials were anxious and helpless.


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